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Page 15 (1910 - 1913)

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1910Summer of the Big Forest Fires in western Alberta. Timber loses extensive, and the infrastructure of several mining, railroad and forestry companies destroyed. The Peter McLaren Lumber Co. in the Crowsnest Pass loses most of its reserve. Exeedingly poor crops in southern Alberta.
1910Salmo, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting bonds the newly registered HB property nearby.
1910B.C.: The Kettle River Railway registers a right-of-way in the Coquihalla valley with the federal Board of Railway Commissioners.
1910Pincher Creek, AB: St. Michael’s School opens.
1910Kipp, AB: CP raises its station. (Burned in Feb., 1982)
1910Brocket, AB: CPR station built. (perhaps 1906)
1910B.C.: Edgewood Lumber Company relocates its mill from Arrow Lakes to “Mill Pond” at Castlegar.
1910Trail, BC: W.H. Aldridge retires from the presidency of Consolidated Mining and Smelting. Pat Stewart succeeds.
1910Kimberley, BC: North Star mine closed.
1910Waldo, BC: Suspension bridge across the Kootenay River completed.
1910Burmis, AB: Post Office opens local bureau in W.A. Brown’s general store.
1910B.C.: Maud renamed “Bridesville.”
1910Burmis, AB: First year of production for Davenport Coal Co.
1910Lundbreck, AB: CP builds its depôt.
1910Lundbreck, AB: brick school house raised.
1910Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Sash and Door begins operations.
1910Lethbridge, AB: Anglicans complete St. Cyrian’s. Renamed “St. Augustine’s” in 1919.
1910Lethbridge, AB: Presbyterians complete Knox Church.
1910Lethbridge, AB: Fire Hall renovated and expanded and renamed “Municipal Public Building.
1910Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Culing Club expands facilty to four sheets.
1910Lethbridge, AB: First manned aircraft flies over the City, a hot-air balloon.
1910Lethbridge, AB: Landscaping begins in Galt Park.
1910“Manistee,” BC: School built.
1910AB: C.P. Hill sells Hillcrest Coal & Coke Co. to Montreal interests. Hillcrest Collieries, Ltd, incorporated.
1910GN’s International Navigation and Trading Company ceases operation.
1910B.C.: Forests around Moyie Lake burned.
1910Coal Mountain, BC: Corbin Coal and Coke completes its first year mining.
1910Coal Mountain, BC: Corbin C&C workers join District 18 of the United Mine Workers.
1910B.C.: CPR forms alliance with the Kettle Valley Lines of Grand Forks.
1910Trail, BC: CP builds a small roundhouse at Tadanac on smelter yards.
1910Frank, AB: Corpus Christi RC Church completed, Destroyed by high winds in 1917.
1910Natal, BC: CP erects depot.
1910Coaldale, AB: Women’s Missionary Society organized around five founders.
1910Passburg, AB.: church completed and community hall raised.
1910Cowley, AB.: CPR builds a new station. Salvaged 1971.
1910AB: West Canadian Collieries erects wash houses at all three of its operations: Lille, Blairmore, and Bellevue.
1910Blairmore, AB.: CPR raises a new station.
1910B.C.: CP’s Tie and Timber Branch sends crews onto Lot 4590 in the Bull River watershed.
1910British Columbia Copper acquires control of New Dominion Copper Company.
1910Sparwood siding, BC: Elk Valley Lumber Company builds new mill nearby.
1910Galloway, BC: Crow’s Nest Pass Lumber sets up its No. 3 sawmill.
1910CircaYale-Columbia Lumber Company acquires the Genelle brothers’ Boundary Lumber Company mill near Cascade.
1910JanuaryBlairmore, AB.: Rocky Mountain Cement begins production.
1910FebruaryCPR obtains a $6400/mile federal subsidy for 250 miles of the Princeton–Midway section of the Kettle River Railway.
1910Feb. 21Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway starts tunnel through Cascade Range west of Coalmont.
1910MarchLethbridge, AB.: City buys “Slaughter House Slough.” Becomes Henderson Lake.
1910Mar. 4B.C.: The Great Roger’s Pass avalanche kills 62 CP employees.
1910Mar. 10B.C.: Province ratifies Kettle Valley Railway construction bill.
1910Mar. 21Canadian Northern Pacific Railway incorporated to accept support of B.C. government in construction of Pacific portion of Canadian Northern’s network.
1910SpringFrank, AB: Rocky Mountains Sanatorium opens.
1910SpringB.C.: Crow’s Nest Pass Lumber commences its last log drive down the St. Mary’s River to the Kootenay.
1910Apr. 19B.C.: Bull River Electric Power Company incorporated to take over assets of the BR Electric, Light and Power Company.
1910MayWardner, BC: Province completes “government” bridge.
1910MayB.C.: Survey of the KCR right-of-way between Colvali and Golden completed.
1910May 6Edward VII of England dies. George V succeeds.
1910May 21B.C.: Anglicans complete St. Cyrian’s.McCulloch hired by Kettle River Valley Railway.
1910May 26AB political: A.L. Sifton replaces Rutherford as Liberal premier of Alberta.
1910May 27Ainsworth, BC: International Navigation and Trading Company’s Kaslo runs aground and never repaired.
1910May 29Coeur d’Alene and Pend Oreille Railway organized to extend spurs from Spokane International Railway to Bayview on Pend Oreille Lake, and to Coeur d’Alene, ID.
1910JuneJ.M. Robinson buys control of the Summerland Development Co. from T.G. Shaughnessy.
1910JuneCranbrook, BC: The Masons opened their Temple.
1910June 6AB: Town Municipality of Coleman, AB, incorporated.
1910SummerColeman, AB: McGillivray Creek Coal and Coke completes its first tipple.
1910June 21Canadian Northern Pacific Railway contracts Foley, Welch and Stewart’s subsidiary, the Northern Construction Company, to build its roadbed.
1910June 30Coalhurst, AB: Lethbridge Collieries issued a permit to initiate a coal mine at “Bridgend.”
1910July 10Merritt, BC: The Kettle River Railway begins construction south.
1910July 15B.C.: The Big Fire starts on Zincton Summit in the Slocans. Eventually wiped out much K&S trestle and bridgework.
1910July 23Okanagan Landing, BC: CPR launches Kaleden (180 tons). Retired, 1917.
1910Aug. 15Bridgend, AB: Lethbridge Collieries breaks ground for its Imperial mine.
1910Aug. 17Dominion Copper Company dissolved.
1910SeptemberCommerce, AB: Chinook Coal Company begins mining at a site 16 rail kilometres north-east of Kipp, AB. Worked till February 1924.
1910Sep. 1Lethbridge, AB: Prime Minister Laurier opens the new Galt Hospital and nurses’ residence.
1910Sep. 13Greenwood, BC: New Dominion Copper Company officially establishes its headquarters.
1910Sep. 20Lethbridge, AB: Street names abandoned in favour of numbering system.
1910Sep. 28Coleman, AB: Dr. Green, Mr. Beatty, Mr. Staples and Mr. Supple arrive from Cranbrook through the Crowsnest in an automobile. (From the September 30, 1910, edition of the Coleman Miner: reported by contributor Ian Mckenzie in an email to the author on 2010/05/03.
1910OctoberAB: Geo. Pearson begins campaign to pressure Department of the Interior to irrigate Coyote Flats.
1910OctoberBoundary Falls, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting begins shipping from the No. 7 nearby.
1910Oct. 4Midway, BC: Kettle River Valley Railway begins construction west.
1910Oct. 13B.C.: Bull River Electric Power completes its Canyon by-pass flume.
1910NovemberLethbridge, AB: “Restricted Area” created to sequester Chinese. By-law repealed 1916.
1910NovemberCrawford Bay, BC: F.J. Cody convenes first school classes.
1910NovemberFather Albert LaCombe attends the dedication of Fa. LePine’s R.C. church in Coleman, Alberta.
1910NovemberPassburg, AB: school opened.
1910Nov. 13New Frank, AB: Sacred Heart (Corpus Christi) RC Church opened.
1910Nov. 22B.C.: Cascade tunnel work suspended in favour of the original Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway alignment up the Otter and over to the Coldwater north of Coquihalla Summit.
1910DecemberPassburg, AB: first 60 of 101 Mitchell coking ovens completed at Leitch Collieries.
1910Dec. 9Bellevue, AB: 1900 hrs: 30 miners die in when explosion rocks West Canadian Collieries’ Bellevue mine.
1910Dec. 21Nelson, BC: City halts the operation of its electric tramway.
1910Dec. 24B.C.: K&S suspends operations.
1910Dec. 15B.C.: R.H. Bohart begins a stage service between Wardner and Fort Steele.
1910Dec. 17B.C.: Kettle River Valley Railway begins up Coldwater from Merritt.
1910Dec. 25Victoria, BC: Francis Xavier Richter dies (born Prague, 1837).
1910Dec. 29B.C.: Subdivion plan for East Elko submitted to CPR.
1911Federal political: legislation changes Kettle River Valley Railway to Kettle Valley Railway.
1911B.C.: Similkameen Fruit Land Company incorporated.
1911Fernie, BC: Emilio Picariello and family arrive.
1911B.C.: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway reclaims its right-of-way in the Coquihalla valley.
1911B.C.: E&N extended to Port Alberni from Nanaimo.
1911Kimberley, BC: Methodist Church burns.
1911Marquis variety of wheat made available to Alberta farmers.
1911Waterton Lakes National Park established in southern Alberta.
1911B.C.: Marysville Road opened between Kimberley and Marysville.
1911Marysville, BC: Laura and Ben Keer establish their dairying business.
1911The Geological Survey Branch of the Department of Mines in its Report of the Commission Appointed to Investigate Turtle Mountain, Frank, Alberta recommended the immediate evacuation of the original townsite of Frank, AB.
1911Coleman, AB: Geo. Ritchie arrives as the first Forest Ranger to be posted in the Pass.
1911Crowsnest Pass, AB: W.A. Beebe attempts to rescusitate Crow’s Nest and Prairie Electric Railway Company.
1911Rossland, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting buys the Le Roi Mine. Northport Smelting and Refining’s operation at Northport shut down.
1911Hedley, BC: New Zealand Hotel burns.
1911Grand Forks, BC: Construction of City Hall begins.
1911Blairmore, AB.: West Canadian Collieries builds new powerhouse at Blairmore South mine.
1911Columbia Coal and Coke Company, Limited, begins developing its Mount Carbon property at what would become Coalmont.
1911B.C. Crow’s Nest Pass Lumber sets up its Camp 8 on the Little Bull River in south-eastern BC.
1911Spokane International/BC Southern junction moved from Curzon to Yahk, BC.
1911C.O. Rodgers partnered with D.W. Briggs of Michigan to form the Canyon City Lumber Company.
1911Creston, BC: Superior School opened.
1911Kipp, AB: T.E. Skieth buys Watsons’ store.
1911B.C.: Boswell Kootenay Lake Union formed.
1911Farmer-owned Saskatchewan Co-operative Elevator Co. formed.
1911Hillcrest, AB: Hillcrest Collieries completes new powerhouse.
1911Princeton, BC: British Columbia Copper Company begins explorations on Copper Mountain properties.
1911B.C.: Department of Public Works builds bridge across Moyie Lake narrows.
1911Fernie, BC: Holy Family Church completed.
1911Coaldale, AB: Ellison Milling and Elevator Company, Limited, buys West Coast Grain Company’s elevator.
1911Coal Creek, BC: CNP Coal opens its No. 1 East.
1911AB: Senator Peter McLaren sells his Blairmore-based lumber company to Colonel A.G. Peucheon.
1911AB: CPR completes its Aldersyde Subdivision.
1911CP found legally responsible for causing a fire which destroyed private property. Watershed case.
1911Cowley, AB: Telephone system installed in the Village.
1911Macleod, AB: “Railroad Fever” strikes.
1911Vair, AB: Community near Lethbridge comes into being.
1911Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Provincial Gaol opened.
1911Lethbridge, AB: Burns Building finished.
1911Lethbridge, AB: “Slaughter House Slough” becomes “Henderson Lake.”
1911Lethbridge, AB: United Mine WOrkers of America walk out of Galt mines.
1911Lethbridge, AB: Sewerage treatment plant opened.
1911Lethbridge, AB: Carnegie Foundation had gifts City with $25,000 to build a proper library.
1911Lethbridge, AB: Nurse Maria Elizabeth Van Haarlem moves her hospital into larger quarters.
1911WinterFernie, BC.: The heaviest snowfall until then seen isolates the City to the point of privation before relief trains were dug through the drifts.
1911Jan. 1CPR leases the paper Kootenay Central Railway for 999 years.
1911Jan. 10Jaffray, BC: Postal bureau opened in the Manistee Lumber Company mill office nearby. Peter Lund, post master.
1911Feb. 8Rock Creek, BC: Kettle Valley Railway track-laying crews westbound from Midway, BC, arrive.
1911Feb. 28Rock Creek, BC: Kettle Valley Railway trackage pushed to the crossing of the Kettle River upstream.
1911Mar. 6Elko, BC: Plan to build a Subdivion called East Elko accepted by CPR.
1911Mar. 15United Mine Workers begin 6-month walk-out in the Crowsnest. “The Big Strike.”
1911Mar. 16Fernie, BC: First session in the new Court House.
1911Mar. 25AB: Bridgend (renamed “Coalhurst” in 1917) School District No. 2394 formed.
1911SpringB.C.: Bull River Electric Power dewaters the Bull River canyon to recover gold: none.
1911SpringFederal political: In response to the “Big Strike,” Ottawa suspends duty on American coal imported into Canada.
1911AprilPhœnix Mountain, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting quits mining the Snowshoe.
1911Apr. 1Western Coal Operators Association locks out striking UMWA in the Crowsnest Pass.
1911Apr. 12Okanagan Landing, BC: CPR launches Castlegar (154 tons). Withdrawn 1925.
1911Apr. 24Nakusp, BC: CPR launches Bonnington (1700 tons). Retired 1931, dismantled 1948.
1911May 20War Eagle Consolidated Mining and Development Company dissolved.
1911May 22B.C.: Canadian Northern Pacific and the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway exchange running rights on sections of their respective trackages in south-western B.C.
1911May 27B.C.: GN sold the K&S for $25,000 to interests headed by James Anderson and John Ley Retallack of Kaslo.
1911June 21B.C.: Nelson Electric Tramway re-commences (sporadic) operation.
1911SummerB.C.: Bull River Electric Power completes its rock-crib dam on the Bull River in south-eatern BC.
1911SummerBull River, BC: CP builts the Kootenay Central Railway across the bridge.
1911SummerCoalhurst, AB: The CPR lays the “Colliery Spur” from the CNL to the Imperial mine.
1911JulyPrinceton, BC: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway completes Bromley Ridge tunnel and begins building up the Tulameen.
1911July 1Penticton, BC: Sod turned on the Kettle Valley Railway.
1911July 11R.H. Bohart claimed to have driven the first car—a 30 horse-power Everitt made by the Trudhope Motor Company of Orillia, Ontario—through the Crowsnest Pass. However, reports contributor Ian Mckenzie in an email to the author on 2010/05/03, an article in the Coleman Miner dated September 30, 1910, credits Dr. Green, Mr. Beatty, Mr. Staples and Mr. Supple with having driven an automobile from Cranbrook through the Crowsnest on their way to Alix, Alberta, arriving in Coleman on the 28th.
1911July 14Lethbridge, AB: Eugene Burton Ely, “the famous birdman,” wows the crowds in his Curtiss bi-plane. First heavier-than-air machine to fly the skies of Lethbridge.
1911July 25Grand Forks, BC: Conflagration in downtown.
1911Aug. 1Bridgend, AB: The Imperial mine begins production.
1911Aug. 3Balfour, BC: CP opens Hotel Kootenay Lake.
1911Aug. 30Burmis, AB: School district formed.
1911Sep. 2Nelson, BC: John Bradshaw torches the old Hall Mines smelter works.
1911Sep. 21Election, Federal: Robert Laird Borden elected Conservative prime minister of Canada. “Reciprocity”—free trade with the U.S.—dies with the Liberal defeat.
1911Sep. 29Brookmere, BC: Kettle Valley Railway steel arrives.
1911Sep. 29Blairmore, AB: granted patent as a Town. Gazetted October 24th, elected first council on November 1st.
1911AutumnHope, BC: Canadian Pacific Northern builds depôt.
1911Oct. 10Honourable Robert Rogers appointed Minister of the Interior and superintendent-general of Indian Affairs.
1911Oct. 10Honourable Francis Cochrane appointed Minister of Railways and Canals.
1911Oct. 10Galloway, BC: The CPR opens its “Manistee” station.
1911Nov. 10Coalmont, BC: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway arrives.
1911Nov. 18B.C.: Bull River Electric Power reincorporated as the Bull River Hydro Electric Power Company.
1911Nov. 22B.C.: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway announces the abandonment of the Cascade bore and declares its intent to revert to its original alignment up the Tulameen River.
1911Nov. 29B.C.: Kettle Valley Railway from Merritt to Brookmere declared open.
1911Dec. 20AB: The Highways Act adopted.
1911Dec. 28Federal: CPR permitted to acquire Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company.
1911WinterTie and Timber Branch builds its dam and mill pond on the Bull River. Builds a mill.
1912L.W. Hill succeeds his father as chairman of the GN’s board of directors.
1912American Smelting and Refining Company shuts down and dismantles Everett smelter.
1912B.C.: Residential School at St. Eugene’s Mission completed on the St. Mary’s Reserve.
1912B.C.: The Union property staked on the Granby River north of Grand Forks.
1912Cranbrook, BC: Post Office building completed.
1912Grand Forks, BC: Courthouse in built.
1912Galloway, BC: CP raises a station?
1912Caithness, BC: Jewell Lumber Co. builds mill and school.
1912Jaffray, BC: ?CPR raises a small “Standard Western Lines Station”?
1912Elk River delta, BC: B.C. Fruit Farms begins selling five-acre plots for orchardry.
1912Beaver Mines, AB: Western Oil and Coal Consolidated Company completes its Kootenay And Alberta Railway from Kandary on the Crow’s Nest Line.
1912Hillcrest, AB: Hillcrest Collieries completes new steel tipple.
1912Bellevue, AB: Maple Leaf Coal Company expand powerhouse and build wash-house for the workers in the Mohawk Bituminous mine.
1912Lille, AB: West Canadian Collieries abandons its mine.
1912Hillcrest, AB: Hillcrest (Mission?) School completed.
1912Canadian Consolidated Coal Company, owner of the mine at Frank, AB., liquidated itself.
1912Blairmore, AB: F.M. Thompson & Co. relocated from Lille, AB.
1912The proto-Crowsnest Highway between Lethbridge, AB, and Fernie, BC, referred to as a “trunk” road.
1912Hillcrest, AB: The Anglican Parish of St. Francis organized and church built. Church closed 1954.
1912Fort Steele, BC: CP pushes the Kootenay Central Railway into town.
1912The CPR sets up its Department of Natural Resources, headquartered in Calgary.
1912Boswell, BC: School completed.
1912Eholt, BC: Fire destroys the CPR’s engine facilities.
1912Robert Rogers, Minister of the Interior, under pressure from contractors, allows southern Europeans to immigrate to work on railroads.
1912Lockhart, BC: Bob Yuill lays out townsite on Kootenay Lake for the province.
1912Yahk, BC: Yahk Hotel built.
1912Princeton, BC: the Princeton Hotel completed. Burned April, 2006.
1912Bellevue, AB: Bellevue School opened.
1912Lundbreck, AB: Galbraith Coal Company ceases operations.
1912Lundbreck, AB: Lund & Breckenridge Coal Company ceases operations.
1912Lethbridge, AB: Galt No. 7 was completed as an auxiliary access to No. 6
1912Lethbridge, AB: Hick-Sehl Building completed.
1912Bellevue, AB: St. Francis Anglican completed.
1912Bellevue, AB: Winnipeg Fuel & Supply Co. aquired the little lime-burning operation on the eastern edge of the Frank Slide debris field.
1912Princeton, BC: British Columbia Copper Company buys leases on Copper Mountain.
1912Cascade, BC: CPR replaces the great, curved, timber trestle with the present steel and concrete structure.
1912B.C.: CPR lands lose their tax-exempt status. The remaining 2.5 million acres sold to the province for $1,000,000.
1912Burmis, AB: CPR completes depot.
1912Lethbridge, AB: CPR inaugurates daily-except-Sunday return passenger services to Coutts, and to Cardston.
1912Cowley, AB: Western Canadian Polo Championship held.
1912Burmis, AB: Presbyterian Church completed.
1912Caithness, BC: CPR begins extending what would become its Waldo Subdivision southward down the Kootenay valley from the BC Southern.
1912Blairmore, AB: new Cosmopolitain Hotel completed.
1912Jewel Lake, BC: Jewel-Denoro Mines Company of Edinburgh completes its 15-stamp mill at the Jewel property near Greenwood.
1912Salmo, BC: Salmo Hotel completed.
1912JanuaryCPR creates a Department of Natural Resources, headquartered in Calgary, AB. John Stoughton Dennis dept. head.
1912Jan. 1AB: CPR officially leases Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company assets for 999 years.
1912Feb. 13Board of Railway Commissioners approves Kettle Valley Railway’s plan to build down Coquihalla to Hope, BC.
1912Feb. 16AB: Crow’s Nest Pass Street Railway Company incorporated. Line to run between Pincher Creek and Sentinel, AB.
1912MarchBurmis, AB: Mr. Tonks begins teaching school classes in the Presbyterian church.
1912Mar. 1Bellevue, AB: Union Bank of Canada opens branch.
1912Mar. 9B.C.: Father Léon Fouquet dead (? at Mission de St. Eugene near Cranbrook).
1912Mar. 28B.C. political: McBride and Conservatives returned to power on the strength of the Pacific Great Eastern proposal.
1912Mar. 29AB: Town of Macleod re-incorporated under the laws of the Province.
1912SpringBull River, BC: CP’s Tie and Timber Branch occupies its new mill.
1912Apr. 10B.C.: Kettle Valley Railway announces its intent to build up the Tulameen River.
1912Apr. 26AB: Bridgend officially renamed “Coalhurst.”
1912MayConsolidated Mining and Smelting agrees to bankroll French’s Complex Ore Reduction Company’s construction of a one-ton-per-day experimental smelter to treat zinc’s ores at Nelson.
1912MayLethbridge, AB: 1st Avenue S. extended westward down the coulee, beneath Viaduct and down to connect with the Macleod Trail.
1912May 1B.C.: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway open between Princeton and Coalmont.
1912May 1AB: Last of the great land tracts in the Lethbridge area opened for settlement. Process began in September of 1908.
1912May 13B.C.: CPR buys the K&S and begins to rebuild it to standard gauge. Completed Nov. 13, 1913.
1912May 14Federal political: Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec given vast tracts of the N-WT.
1912May 19Fruitvale, BC: St. John the Evangelist Anglican Church hosted first service.
1912May 19Lethbridge, AB: The local branch of the Mormon church becomes a “Ward” of the Taylor Stake.
1912May 24Trail, BC: “Old” bridge opened.
1912June 6Alaska: Mt. Katami in the panhandle began erupting, its ash cloud beginning to settle on the Kootenays 4 days later.
1912June 23Merritt, BC: First passengers on the Kettle Valley Railway hauled on flatcars leave to inspect first 10 completed miles of the Kettle Valley Railway.
1912June 29Macleod, AB: The Empress Theatre opens.
1912June 30Sunday.
1912June 30Regina, SK: Tornado rips through city resulting in 28 deaths and $4.5 millions in damages.
1912July 17AB: Canadian Western Natural Gas, Light, Heat and Power Company completes its pipeline from its Bow Island field to Lethbridge.
1912Aug. 16Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Municipal Railway inaugurated.
1912Aug. 21Lethbridge, AB: Cornerstone laid for Bowman Manual Arts Training School.
1912SeptemberBull River, BC: School opens in community hall.
1912Sep. 1Coalhurst, AB: Post Office opens.
1912Sep. 2Calgary, AB: First Stampede begins its 5-day run.
1912Sep. 12B.C.: CPR leases the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway for 99 years.
1912Sep. 15Bull River, BC: Post office opened.
1912Sep. 24Nelson, BC: Walter Edwards flies his re-assembled Curtiss.
1912Oct. 10Lethbridge, AB: Bowman Manual Arts Training School opens.
1912Oct. 26Lethbridge, AB: The five days of the 7th International Dry Farming Congress begin.
1912Oct. 26Penticton, BC: The Kettle Valley Railway’s first locomotive arrives by barge: 2-6-0 Mogul. (see Dec. 20)
1912Oct. 29Federal political: Honourable W.J. Roche appointed Minister of the Interior and superintendent-general of Indian Affairs.
1912NovemberBeasley, BC: The British Columbia Copper Company agreed to buy the Queen Victoria.
1912Nov. 10Fernie, BC: Dedication of Holy Family Roman Catholic Church.
1912Nov. 13B.C.: CPR completes standard-gauging the Kaslo & Slocan trackage.
1912DecemberCoal Creek, BC.: An avalanche destroys the caprtnery and electrical shops of Crow’s Nest Pass Coal’s surface works.
1912Dec. 20Penticton, BC: First Kettle Valley Railway locomotive arrives by Lake Service. (see Oct. 26th)
1912Dec. 31Lethbridge, AB: Big police raid on the unsavory enterprises on “The Point.”
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