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Page 17 (1917 - 1922)

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1917Western Pine Company relocates mill up the Granby River from Smelter Lake at Grand Forks, BC, to Lynch Creek.
1917Keremeos, BC.: present museum building moved to Lower Keremeos from “the Centre” as the jail.
1917Stewart-Calvert Company buys Spotted Lake near Osoyoos, BC.
1917Stewart-Calvert begins mining fluorspar from the Rock Candy property on the Granby River.
1917CP renames its “Cadona” station at Kitchener, B.C., “McConnel.”
1917Wardner, B.C.: CP replaces wooden Howe-truss bridge across the Kootenay with steel spans.
1917Jaffray, B.C.: New “Class ‘A’” school built?
1917I.R. 148, AB.: DIA forces referena on the sale of two blocks totalling 90,000 acres of the Kainai Reserve. Rejected in first referendum, and after much threat and coersion, accepted in a second Referendum. Sale never implemented because public inquiry revealed the extent of the coersion.
1917AB.: Old Frank Road built through the debrise field of the Frank Slide.
1917Frank, AB.: Rocky Mountains Sanatorium taken over by the federal government as the “Frank Military Hospital.”
1917CP’s Tie and Timber Branch buys King Lumber’s cut-blocks and sets up a Mill at Yahk, BC.
1917B.C.: Workman’s Compensation Act implemented.
1917AB: Crowsnest and Tent Mountain Railway incorporated.
1917Calgary, AB: Rev. John Chantler McDougall dies.
1917B.C.: Canada Copper Corporation dedicates itself to developing Copper Mountain properties.
1917Hope, BC: Kettle Valley Railway completes its 3-stall locomotive shed.
1917Pat Burns of Calgary et al take over the Coalmont Collieries near Princeton, BC.
1917B.C.: East Princeton Coal and Land Company fails.
1917B.C.: North Star Lumber Co. folds.
1917AB: Rails of the Kootenay And Alberta Railway removed and sent to the Western Front in France.
1917AB: CPR completes Sterling–Manyberries branch.
1917Cranbrook, BC: Cranbrook Sash and Door mill burns.
1917Lethbridge, AB: Orange Line of the Lethbridge Municipal Railway discontinued.
1917Lethbridge, AB: Waterworks expanded and chlorination plant installed.
1917Bellevue, AB: Coles family opens the Rex Theatre.
1917Taber, AB: Father Leonard Van Tighem dead.
1917Frank, AB: explosion levels surface plant of Franco-Canadian Collieries mine.
1917McLaren Lumber Co. timber reserves in the Allison Creek valley of southern Alberta burn.
1917AB: The Pincher Creek Cöoperative Association of the UFA helps organize the Southern Alberta Hay Growers Association to import cattle feed into south-west Alberta to avert catastrophe.
1917Corbin Coal and Coke begin outputing from mine No. 4 at Coal Mountain, BC.
1917Jan. 1Saskatchewan Provincial Police begin duties.
1917Jan. 17Victoria, BC: Eugene Sayer Topping dies.
1917Jan. 30B.C.: Joint Kettle Valley Railway/Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway station at Brookmere burns.
1917Feb. 3U.S. severs diplomatic relations with Germany.
1917Mar. 1AB: Province cancels contract with RN-WM Police; Alberta Provincial Police established under Major A.E.C. McDonnell to enforce provincial Law.
1917AprilTanglefoot, BC: Post office opens at CPR Tie and Timber’s Camp 6 on the Bull River lot.
1917Apr. 5Explosion in Coal Creek No. 3 kills 34.
1917Apr. 5An Act to amend the Provincial Election Act gives women the right to vote in B.C.
1917Apr. 6U.S. declares war on Germany.
1917Apr. 9Canadian Army’s assault on Vimy Ridge. Success, but 11,297 casualties.
1917MayRoyal Commission to Inquire into Railways and Transportation in Canada recommends that Ottawa assume control of Grand Trunk Pacific group and Canadian Northern, and amalgamate them.
1917May 1D.C. Corbin retires from the directorship of the Spokane International Railway.
1917June 16Lethbridge, AB: Federal Coals Ltd. takes over old Sheran works.
1917June 17Alberta Election: A.L. Sifton’s Liberals re-elected.
1917JulyLethbridge, AB: Fire Department acquired a LaFrance pumper.
1917Aug. 1Federal political: Minister of Railways, Thos. White, announces immediate nationalization of the Canadian Northern Railway.
1917Aug. 7Lethbridge, AB: First Chautauqua in Canada.
1917Aug. 9Trail, BC: Big Fire in downtown.
1917Aug. 28Bellevue, AB: Fire begins at 0755 hours in downtown.
1917Aug. 29Federal political: Military Service Act receives royal assent: imposes conscription in Canada.
1917Aug. 29Federal political: Soldier Settlement Act given assent: empowered to buy land for the settlement of returning soldiers.
1917SeptemberAB: Industrial Workers of the World radicals lead coal miners out on short strike in the Pass.
1917Sep. 17Federal: McGillivray Creek Coal and Coke incorporated.
1917Sep. 21AB: Found by contributor Ian McKenzie in his 2010/02/05 email to the author,a report in the Blairmore Enterprise of this date and again in the October 12th edition, that “...the long-awaited improved connection between BC and Alberta roadways (the route that skirted the southern edge of Crowsnest Lake, replacing the Phillipps Pass route), occurred at the Crowsnest Pass on Thanksgiving 1917. It was attended by Alberta provincial government dignitaries and driving groups from both Fernie and Coleman/Blairmore, who grouped their cars astride the Great Divide for photos.”
1917AutumnAB: The miserable harvest from a dry year in the south-west. Beginning of a drought that lasted through 1919 and didn’t really break until the early ’20s.
1917Oct. 1B.C.: Prohibition Act (1917) declared. (To June, 1921)
1917Oct. 30AB political: Charles Stewart succeeds Sifton as Liberal premier of Alberta.
1917Nov. 16Lethbridge, AB: Federal Coals Ltd. takes over old Pioneer mine.
1917Dec. 6Mont Blanc explodes in Halifax harbour: 1600 dead.
1917Dec. 7AB: Bridgend S.D. renamed “Coalhurst” S.D.
1917Dec. 17Election, federal: R.L. Borden elected Unionist prime minister of Canada. Honourable Arthur Meighen appointed Minister of the Interior and superintendent-general of Indian Affairs. Honourable J.D. Reid appointed Minister of Railways and Canals.
1918 B.C.: Soldiers’ Land Act passed.
1918AB: Workman’s Compensation Act of Alberta implemented.
1918AB: Lethbridge Coal Company begins operations between Lethbridge and Coalhurst. Worked until 1925.
1918After suffering hostility and intollerance in the USA during the Great War, Hutterites began to migrate to Alberta and Manitoba.
1918Erie, BC: Relief Gold Mining Company ceases mining the Second Relief.
1918Kimberley, BC: O.C. Thompson et al re-open the North Star mine.
1918Bull River, BC: Proper school building raised.
1918Yahk, BC: School built.
1918Hanbury, BC: Jewll Lumber Co. closes mill and focuses business on its Caithness, B.C., operation.
1918Jaffray, BC: Desrosiers’ old hotel burns.
1918AB: Parts of the coast-to-coast road graded around Lethbridge.
1918AB: Lieutenant-Colonel W.C. Bryan succeeds as commissioner of the Alberta Provincial Police.
1918Yahk, BC: CPR Hall built.
1918Federal political: Industrial Workers of the World branded a subversive organization and excluded from Canada.
1918JanuaryFederal political: Conscription implemented.
1918JanuaryBlairmore, AB: Emilio Picariello buys Alberta Hotel from Fritz Sick.
1918JanuaryLethbridge, AB: An organization for the benefit of returning veterans discussed.
1918Mar. 1B.C. political: Premier Brewster dead.
1918Mar. 6B.C. political: John Oliver selected as Liberal premier. Initiates irrigation/settlement project in South Okanagan.
1918AprilFederal political: Indian Act amended to legalize the expropriation of reserve lands.
1918Apr. 1Federal political: The interprovincial shipment of liquor prohibited (till December, 1919).
1918Apr. 1AB: Total prohibition declared.
1918Apr. 7A Sunday.
1818Apr. 7Haven, AB: Edith (Ede) Winifred Pope born at Haven, near Oyen.
1918MayMadrid, Spain: First reports of influenza.
1918May 24Federal political: Women enfranchised.
1918June 29Daniel Chase Corbin dead (1832).
1918June 30Lethbridge, AB: Mormons dedicate their church begun in 1914.
1918July 2Lethbridge, AB: “The Great War Veterans’ Association” formally organized with a slate of officers.
1918July 9AB: Katherine Stinson flies mail from Calgary to Edmonton, the first airmail delivery in the province.
1918July 27Lethbridge, AB: Katherine Stinson lands her Curtiss “Special” on the infield of the Exhibition Grounds.
1918Sep. 9Returning troops bring the Spanish Influenza to Canada.
1918OctoberMacleod, AB, devastated by “the Spanish Flu.”
1918Oct. 15MOrrissey, BC: The last of the prisoners locally incarcerated sent to Kapuscasing, Ont.
1918Nov. 11Armistice Day: at 1100 hours the guns of WWI fall silent.
1918Nov. 26Greenwood, BC: Canada Copper Corporation shuts down the Anaconda smelter.
1918Dec. 20Six Nations Reserve, ON: League of Indians of Canada founded: F.O. Loft, president.
1919Poor Crop year on the southern Prairies.
1919Castlegar, BC: Province assumes the Doukhobors’ trans-Columbia ferry operations.
1919Spotted Lake, BC: Stewart-Calvert Company ceases operations.
1919Cascade, BC: Stewart-Calvert begins mining chromate from the Mastadon group.
1919Creston, BC: Camp Lister community established for veterans.
1919Lethbridge, AB: Baan An Tong (Good Health Medicine) building constructed.
1919Lethbridge, AB: United Mine WOrkers of America walk out of Galt mines.
1919Fernie, BC: The United Mine Workers of America’s newspaper, the District Ledger, ceased publication.
1919Greenwood, BC: CPR abandons spur to the Mother Lode mine.
1919Coleman, AB: “West Ward School” completed.
1919B.C.: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway lifts steel from Phœnix spur.
1919Princeton, BC: St. Peter’s Church opens.
1919Macleod, AB: “D” Division of the RN-WMP disbanded leaving Macleod, once the headquarters of the N-WMP, a mere outpost.
1919Bellevue, AB: Bellevue Collieries created by Carlyle & Johnson of Calgary to buy the Mohawk.
1919J.J. Warren, president of the Kettle Valley Railway, appointed president of Consolidated Mining and Smelting.
1919Warfield, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting buys property to develop a farm.
1919Coal Mountain, BC: Corbin C&C began to develop its No. 5 and No. 6 mines.
1919Kimberley, BC: Fire wiped out the North Star’s surface plant and threatens town.
1919Kimberley, BC: Bank of Montreal opens the first bank in the community.
1919B.C.: Government sawmill begins operations near Oliver.
1919Bellevue, AB: four rooms added to Bellevue School.
1919Lethbridge, AB: Nurse Maria Elizabeth Van Haarlem buys the Wimpole Hospital.
1919Lethbridge, AB: John K. Hamilton begins working the old McNab mine. Quit in 1926.
1919Lethbridge, AB: The Anglican’s St. Cyprian’s renamed “St. Augustine’s.”
1919Camp McKinney, BC: Forest fire razes the derelict community.
1919Salmo, BC: The Iron Mountain Limited completes a concentration mill on the Emerald property nearby.
1919Kettle Valley Railway pushes its Fifth Subdivision further up the Granby River to Lynch Creek.
1919Jan. 3South Okanagan Lands Project (SOLP) begins work on McIntyre Intake Dam near Oliver on Okanagan River.
1919Jan. 16Volsted Act enforced the Eighteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which prohibited the manufacture and sale of alcohol (Rescinded on December 5, 1933).
1919Jan. 30South Okanagan Irrigation Project kicked off as construction of Intake Dam at the base of McIntyre Bluff begins. Completed in 1921.
1919Jan. 30Major-general Sir Samuel Benfield Steele (Jan. 5, 1851 [1849?] dies.
1919Feb. 17Sir Wilfrid Laurier dies in Ottawa. (1841/11/20)
1919MarchWorld economy slips into Recession.
1919MarchCalgary, AB.: general meeting of western Labour organizations resolves to cut ties to Dominion Trades and Labour Congress.
1919MayWynndel, BC: Alice Broughton Mining Company closes the Alice nearby and salvages.
1919MayAB & BC: United Mine Workers of America begin a 4-month long strike against District 18 mines to protest wage reductions. Radical One Big Union personnel usurp leadership of the strike, formed OBU District 1.
1919May 3New Dominion Copper Company, Limited, head office moved to that of the Canada Copper Corporation in Allenby, B.C.
1919May 15Winnipeg, MB: Winnipeg Trades and Labour Council calls out its members in a General Strike at 1100 hours. Violently suppressed; ended June 28th.
1919May 21Wednesday.
1919May 21B.C.: Minister of Lands, T.C. Patullo, begins accepting bids for the construction of the South Okanagan Irrigation Project main canal.
1919June 1CPR inaugurates Kootenay Express, No. 11, westbound, and Kettle Valley Express, No. 12, eastbound, on its Kettle Valley Railway.
1919June 6Federal: Canadian National Railway incorporated, consolidating the Canadian Northern Railway and the Canadian Government Railways consisting of the Intercolonial Railway, the National Transcontinental Railway, the Prince Edward Island Railway, and the Hudson Ray Railway under the executive largely of the CNoR led by David Blythe Hanna, president.
1919June 18Winnipeg, MB: Eight of the strike leaders arrested.
1919June 20Grand Forks, BC: The Granby smelter begins laying off workers.
1919June 21Winnipeg, MB.: RN-WMPolice and “Specials” kill two in the “Winnipeg Riot.”
1919June 25Winnipeg, MB.:“Winnipeg General Strike” ended.
1919June 28Paris: Treaty of Versailles signed.
1919July 7Canada: Soldier Settlement Act, revised, given assent.
1919Aug. 7B.C. and AB.: Captain Ernest Charles Hoy, DFC, flies his Curtiss JN4 “Jenny” from Vancouver to Calgary in 16 hrs and 22 minutes, the first pilot to fly over the Rockies. Stopped for fuel in Vernon, Grand Forks, Cranbrook, Lethbridge before arriving in Calgary at 2055 hrs.
1919Sep. 7Canada: International Coal and Coke Company, Limited, incorporates under federal Canadian law.
1919Sep. 8Elko, B.C.: conflagration destroys a significant portion of the central business district.
1919Sep. 20Twelve Mile School house, AB: Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District organized.
1919Sep. 27The Kettle Valley Lines cease operating the paper Spokane and British Columbia Railway.
1919OctoberAB: Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District formed under Irrigation Districts Act. Engages H.B. Muckleston as chief engineer.
1919Nov. 20Federal political: Formation of RCMPolice formally announced.
1919WinterComes early with cattle-killing cold.
1919Dec. 5Calgary, AB.: A Friday. James Wesley Wilson born.
1919Dec. 9BC political: Colonel E.G. Prior commissioned as the lieutenant-governor.
1920Crop Failure on southern Prairies.
1920On the first edition of its provincial road maps, Alberta’s Department of Public Works colour-codes its auto routes. Proto Crowsnest Highway named the “Red Route.”
1920Blairmore, AB: Enrico Pozzi completes West Canadian Collieries’ office building.
1920B.C.: Union Mining and Milling Company, Limited, incorporated to mine properties on the Granby River north of Grand Forks.
1920Greenwood, BC: City contracts to buy its electricity from West Kootenay Power and Light.
1920CP leases the Kaslo and Slocan Railway, and the Nakusp and Slocan Railway, for 99 years.
1920D’A.C. Coleman, CP’s vice-president of CP’s Western Lines, replaces J.J. Warren as president of the Kettle Valley Railway.
1920B.C.: Southern Okanagan Land Project buys Southern Okanagan Land Company’s holdings on Lake Osoyoos.
1920Penticton, BC: Kettle Valley Railway lays trackage from its South Penticton yards two miles south to Skaha.
1920Yahk, BC: Superior school opened. Expanded in 1922.
1920Federal: The assets of the bankrupt Grand Trunk Pacific Railway absorbed into the Canadian National.
1920Marysville, BC: Bird bros. buy Central Hotel.
1920Kimberley, BC: Core building of the Central School complete.
1920Federal political: Post of Commissioner of Indian Affairs resurrected and Wm. Morris Graham appointed.
1920B.C.: “The Cutoff,” that portion of modern Highway 3B between Wanita Junction and Montrose, finished.
1920Riondel, BC: Canadian Metals Company upgrades machinery in the Bluebell mine.
1920Grand Forks, BC: The Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway and the Kettle Valley Railway pulls its Granby smelter spurs.
1920Okanagan Landing, BC: CPR launches Kelowna (96 tons). Withdrawn 1956.
1920Nakusp, BC: CPR launches Columbia (90 tons). Withdrawn 1947.
1920Yahk, BC: The B.C. Provincial Police open an office.
1920Elko, BC: New water distribution system freezes, ruptures. Not repaired.
1920Elko, BC: Entrepreneurs assess potential of Elk River Falls to generate power.
1920Burmis, AB: The James Hardin Eddy family buys W.A. Brown’s general store.
1920Sentinel, AB: On a make-shift airstrip, the first airplane to land in the Crowsnest area.
1920Contiguous motorable road from Medicine Hat, AB, to Creston, BC, completed.
1920Morrissey, BC: CNP Coal closed the Carbonado coal mine for the last time.
1920Southern Alberta: crop failure.
1920FebruaryCoalhurst, AB: School burns. Rebuilt.
1920Feb. 1The Royal North-West Mounted Police amalgamated with the Dominion Police to become the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
1920Feb. 17British Columbia and Alberta Power Company incorporated to buy up the assets of the Bull River Hydro Electric Power Company: A.E. Appleyard of Minneapolis, president; J.C. Donald of New York City, general manager.
1920Mar. 24Lethbridge, AB: John Ender Palmer and Hugh Hervey Fitzsimmons form Lethbridge Aircraft Co. Ltd.
1920May 1OBU organizer Tommy Roberts calls a general strike in the Sandon area mines. Destroyed what little was left of the industry crippled by the post-war market collapse.
1920May 3Canada Copper Corporation moves the New Dominion Copper Company’s headquarters from Greenwood to Allenby, B.C.
1920May 20Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Aircraft Co. Ltd. obtains its first airplane, a Curtiss JN-4 “Canuck.”
1920May 20AB: Lethbridge Aircraft Co. Ltd. incorporated.
1920June 5Beaver Mines, AB: Beaver Mines Women’s Institute formed.
1920July 1Section 107 of the amended Indian Act received royal assent: “qualified” Natives could be forced to accept enfranchisement. Repealed 1922
1920July 10Federal political: Borden resigns and Arthur Meagan becomes the Unionist prime minister of Canada.
1920July 10Federal political: Honourable Sir J.A. Lougheed appointed Minister of the Interior and superintendent-general of Indian Affairs.
1920July 13Lethbridge, AB: “The SkyBoes” put on a demonstration or aerial daring-do.
1920Aug. 2Sentinel, AB: Geo. Arkoff, Ausby Auloff and Tom Bassoff hold-up CPR train No. 63.
1920Aug. 7Bellevue, AB: Geo. Arkoff and Tom Bassoff cornered in the Boston Café by Alberta Provincial Police constables Jas. Frewin and F.W.E. Bailey, and RCMP Constable Ernest Usher. Bailey, Arkoff and Usher killed.
1920Aug. 11Pincher Station, AB: Tom Bassoff captured in the CPR railyards.
1920Aug. 13B.C.: Consolidated Mining and Smelting announces that D.W. Diamond has perfected a floatation method of separating ores.
1920Aug. 28Lethbridge, AB: Capt. John Ender Palmer and Lt. Harry Fitzsimmons obtain licence #35 from the Department of Transportation for their Lethbridge Aircraft Company, Limited.
1920Sep. 13AB: Provincial Irrigation Council authorizes Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District to offer $5.4 million in debentures to finance infrastructure construction.
1920Sep. 15Lethbridge, AB: Capt. John Ender Palmer awarded Commercial Pilot Certificate #64.
1920Oct. 7Princeton, BC: Kettle Valley Railway opens its spur to Copper Mountain.
1920Oct. 10Federal political: Honourable J.D. Reid appointed Minister of Railways and Canals.
1920Oct. 19B.C.: West Kootenay Power and Light Company connects Copper Mountain to its grid.
1920DecemberB.C.: Bull River Hydro Electric Power Company liquidated.
1920Dec. 1B.C. election: John Oliver and Liberals re-elected.
1920Dec. 9Canada Copper Company quits mining on Copper Mountain and concentrating at Allenby.
1920Dec. 21Princeton, BC: St. Paul’s Anglican opens.
1920Dec. 22Lethbridge, AB: Tom Bassoff hanged for the murder of APP Constable F.W.E. Bailey in Bellevue, AB, on August 7.
1920Dec. 23Princeton, BC: Princeton Coal and Land Company’s tipple burns.
1920Dec. 24B.C. political: W.C. Nichol commissioned as the lieutenant-governor.
1921Crop Failure on southern Prairies.
1921B.C.: Province switches to driving on the right hand side of the road.
1921Oliver, BC: Harry Fairweather opens the Oliver Hotel.
1921Kootenay Lake, BC: Boswell Memorial Hall completed.
1921Blairmore, AB: West Canadaian Collieries completes its Greenhill Hotel.
1921B.C.: McIntyre—“Intake”—Dam completed on Okanagan River near Oliver.
1921William Adolph Baillie-Grohman dies.
1921Bellevue, AB: Fred Wonstenholme completes the Bellevue Inn for West Canadian Collieries.
1921Bridesville, BC: Sawmill begins production.
1921Phœnix Mountain, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting shuts down the Emma mine.
1921Moyie, BC: Original concentrator at the St. Eugene mine burns.
1921AB: Dept. of Public Works completes grading proto-Crowsnest Highway around Crowsnest Lake.
1921AB: Lethbridge Coal Company laid two miles of three-foot-gauged trackage to the CNL. Ripped out around 1925 when mine shut down.
1921AB political: Special Lethbridge Northern Act passed guaranteeing both principal and interest on LNID debentures.
1921Kootenay Lake, BC: Canadian Metals Company abandons the Bluebell mine.
1921Nelson, BC: City absorbs the district of Fairview.
1921B.C.: Corbin Coal and Coke ceased open-pit operations at the “Big Showing” in the Michel Creek valley.
1921Christina Lake, BC: CPR opens up Fife Lime Quarry No. 2.
1921Coleman, AB: V.C. Dunning begins publishing The Coleman Journal.
1921Yahk, BC: Wild Fire in the local watershed.
1921Blairmore, AB: “West End School” built.
1921Northport, WA: Hercules Mining Company closes forever the smelter.
1921Moyie, BC: Porto Rico Lumber Company abandons the area for upper Salmo valley.
1921Cranbrook, BC: Cranbrook Sash and Door Company opens new mill.
1921Southern Alberta: crop failure.
1921Jan. 4Bellevue, AB: big fire downtown.
1921AprilLethbridge, AB: Two of the four remaining abandoned brothels on The Point burned.
1921MayB.C.: Boswell Farmers Institute registered under the Societies Act.
1921May 1Oliver, BC: Post Office opens.
1921May 15Victoria, BC: William Fernie dead.
1921May 24Keremeos, BC: Victory Hall in Keremeos dedicated.
1921JuneCoalmont, BC: Coalmont Collieries, Limited, completes aerial tramway from mine to railway.
1921JuneLethbridge, AB: One of the two remaining abandoned brothels on The Point burned.
1921June 7Bellevue, AB: Bellevue Collieries liquidated and assets transferred to Mohawk Bituminous Collieries.
1921June 15B.C.: Province shelves Prohibition. First government liquor board stores open.
1921June 16Commerce, AB: Ground-breaking ceremony for the Main—“Peigan”—Canal of the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District (LNID).
1921June 21 (2?)AB: LNID awards main construction contracts to Grant, Smith & Co., and McDonnell Ltd.
1921June 25Lethbridge, AB: Federal Coals Limited powerhouse burns down.
1921JulyPhœnix, BC: CPR begins removing its spur in from the Columbia and Western trackage.
1921JulyBlairmore, AB: The congregations of the Baptists, Methodists and Presbyterians in Blairmore, AB, unite under the roof of what was formerly Blairmore Baptist Church: W.T. Young, minister.
1921July 1Rossland, BC: Last Red Mountain Railway train leaves. Crews begin removing tracks on May 8, 1922.
1921July 18AB election: Herbert Greenfield’s United Farmers of Alberta (UFA) party to power in Alberta.
1921Nov. 10Lethbridge, AB: The ward of the Taylor stake transformed into an independent stake of the Mormon Church.
1921Dec. 1B.C.: The Great Northern surrenders its Princeton agency to the Kettle Valley Railway.
1921Dec. 6Federal election: William Lyon Mackenzie King and Liberals to power as a minority government.
1921Dec. 24Lethbridge, AB: Columbia Macaroni factory mauled by fire.
1921Dec. 29Federal political: Honourable Charles Stewart appointed Minister of the Interior and superintendent-general of Indian Affairs. Honourable W.C. Kennedy appointed Minister of Railways and Canals.
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