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Page 11 (1899 - 1901)

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1899West Kootenay Power doubles the generating capacity of its No. 1 Plant at Lower Bonnington.
1899CNP Coal begins operations at Michel, BC.
1899CPR lays in a BC Southern siding to establish Yahk, BC.
1899Limestone mining begins on the Fife property near Christina Lake, BC.
1899Some 7400 Doukhobors arrive in Canada and begin settling in the District of Saskatchewan, N-WT.
1899GN working on railbed of Kaslo and Lardo-Duncan Railway. Work abandoned in 1901 when railbed complete from Lardeau to Duncan.
1899The Yellowstone claim on Sheep Creek near Salmo was registered.
1899I.R. 147B, N-WT: The Piikani begin operating a sawmill on their timber reserve in the Porcupine Hills, No. 147B.
1899B.C.: The No. 7 Mining Company, Limited, of New York, buys the No. 7 property.
1899Grand Forks, BC: Sacred Heart Church opens.
1899Pincher Creek, N-WT.: Union Bank opens a branch.
1899B.C. Election: By-election brings W.C. Wells to Victoria as MPP for the North East riding of the Kootenay Electoral District.
1899The Dominion Copper Company acquires the Brooklyn Group on Phœnix Mountain in BC.
1899B.C.: The Jewel Development Syndicate of London reorganized as Jewel Gold Mines, Limited, to work the Jewel and the Denoro Grande near Eholt.
1899B.C.: Vermilion Forks Mining and Development Company buys lot 706 upon which Princeton is built.
1899Revelstoke, B.C.: The abandoned British Columbia (formerly, Kootenay) Smelting and Trading Syndicate smelter washed away.
1899Okanagan Falls, B.C.: The sternwheeler Greenwood burns and sinks.
1899B.C.: Department of Mines created.
1899District of Alberta, N-WT.: Wm. Aldridge stakes petroleum leases on Cameron Creek.
1899District of Alberta, N-WT.: Crowsnest River bridged just up-stream from its confluence with the Oldman, near what is now Cowley, AB.
1899B.C.: The Fairview Amalgamated Gold Mining Company succeeded by the Fairview Corporation, Limited, on the Stemwinder and Morning Star properties at Fairview.
1899B.C.: The Cariboo Consolidated Gold Mining Company reorganized as the Cariboo-McKinney Gold Mining and Milling Company, Limited.
1899J.P. Graves and S.H.C. Miner form the Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power Company.
1899B.C.: CPR completes the North Star branch from Cranbrook to Kimberley.
1899B.C.: Kootenay Mining and Smelting defaults on its debts and the Bank of Montreal assumes ownership of the Bluebell and the Pilot Bay smelter.
1899B.C.: CPR completes Rossland’s first station.
1899B.C.: C.P. Hill bonds his 20 iron properties near Kitchener to the London and British Columbia Gold Fields Company, Limited.
1899Trail, B.C.: CP installs an experimental lead furnace in smelter.
1899Gooderham-Blackstock syndicate of Toronto buys two/thirds of the St. Eugene group ay Moyie, BC.
1899Moyie, B.C.: Joseph Niederstadt builds brewery.
1899Macleod, N-WT.: Macleod Telephone Co. incorporated.
1899N-WT: Mormons found Sterling.
1899N-WT: Mormons found Magrath.
1899CircaGreat Britain: The British Columbia (Rossland and Slocan) Syndicate, Limited, organized to buy up the Snowshoe Group.
1899JanuaryB.C.: Nearly 200 claims how registered in the Mark Creek area around Kimberley.
1899Jan. 1Kootenay Railway & Navigation acquired the International Navigation & Trading Co. and the Kaslo and Slocan Railway.
1899Jan. 13Canada: Having amalgamated the Winnipeg Great Northern Railway Company and the Lake Manitoba Railway and Canal Company, William Mackenzie and Donald Mann incorporate the Canadian Northern Railway (CNoR).
1899Jan. 14Fernie, B.C.: The Fernie Free Press begins publication.
1899FebruaryWA: Le Roi M&S of Spokane sells Northport smelter operations and associated assets to the Northport Mining and Smelting Company of Spokane, WA.
1899Feb. 10N-WT: Town of Lethbridge elevated to status of “chief port.”
1899Feb. 27B.C., political: An amendment to provincial Inspection of Metaliferous Mines Act, 1897, received royal assent, limiting underground miners’ hours to 8 hours per day.
1899Feb. 27Nelson, B.C.: CPR launches Ymir (70 tons). Withdrawn in 1929.
1899MarchB.C.: Fernie school board organized.
1899Mar. 1Revelstoke, B.C., incorporated as a City.
1899Mar. 4B.C.: First rail shipment of St. Eugene ore leaves Aldridge near Moyie.
1899Mar. 15Fernie, B.C.: Board of Trade organized.
1899May 16Granby Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company, Limited, announces its intent to build its smelter at Grand Forks.
1899May 19Rossland, B.C.: Four die in elevator accident in War Eagle mine.
1899AprilKimberley, B.C.: Jim Carroll opens store.
1899Apr. 29The Dominion Copper Company, Limited (DCC), incorporated in Toronto by senator G.A. Cox et al including Mackenzie, Mann and Company of Toronto.
1899JuneHedley, B.C.: M.K. Rodgers buys the Nickel Plate and other claims on Nickel Plate Mountain for Marcus Daly.
1899JuneMT: Gwendoline falls from a Great Northern flatcar and smashed in the gorge of Kootenai Falls.
1899June 3First miners’ strike at CNP Coal. Hours of work and tonnages.
1899June 12Monday: W.C. Van Horne resigns as president of CPR in favour of T.G. Shaughnessy. Van Horne continues to serve as Chairman of the Board of Directors.
1899June 13Wardner, B.C., de-certified as a Port of Entry, the offices being transferred to Fernie.
1899June 15CP finishes converting the Columbia & Western’s “Trail Creek Tramway” to standard gauge.
1899June 21Treaty 8 signed at Lesser Slave Lake by representatives of HRH Victoria and the Chipewayan, Newiyawak/Cree, Beaver and Athapascan.
1899SummerGeorge Cahill stakes the Mascot Fraction on Nickel Plate Mountain for Duncan Woods.
1899June 23Four die in blast in War Eagle mine, Rossland.
1899JulyNorthwest Elevator Association formed.
1899July 10Federal: 62-63 Victoria Chapter 93, “An Act respecting the Alberta Irrigation Company, and to change its name to the Canadian North-west Irrigation Company” receives royal assent.
1899July 12The eight hour work day for underground miners implemented province-wide in B.C.
1899July 17Rossland, B.C.: CP opens the C&W Railway station.
1899July 26Creston, B.C.: Anglicans hold first official church service.
1899Aug. 1Rossland local of the Western Federation of Miners bans contract mining.
1899Aug. 1Elko, B.C.: Postal bureau opened; Mrs. Holbrook, post mistress.
1899Aug. 3Greenwood, B.C.: Major fire in the business district.
1899Aug. 5Osoyoos, B.C.: T.J. Kruger dies at home (1829).
1899Aug. 12Cascade, B.C.: First train arrives on the C&W.
1899SeptemberFernie. B.C.: First school classes given, in Joyce’s Hall.
1899Sep. 14CPR receives from the contractors the Castlegar-Grand Forks portion of the Columbia and Western.
1899Sep. 15Joseph C. Hooker buys 400 Crown-held acres along the Bull River canyon preparatory to generating electricity.
1899Sep. 18First scheduled C&W train into Columbia (Grand Forks).
1899Sep. 23Regular passenger service extended to Columbia (Grand Forks).
1899Sep. 30Most of Cascade City burns.
1899Oct. 4London, Eng.: Nelson Electric Tramway Company incorporated by the British Electric Traction Company.
1899Oct. 7Ottawa: Royal Commission appointed to investigate railcar distribution to the Territorial farmers and the fairness inthe manner of dockage and weighing grain.
1899Oct. 10Wardner, B.C.: School closed.
1899Oct. 11First shipment of ore carried on the C&W, from City of Paris mine at White’s Camp to CP’s smelter at Trail, BC.
1899Oct. 21Greenwood, BC.: Columbia & Western Railway steel laid into the community.
1899Nov. 15“the Springs,” N-WT, renamed “Blairmore.”
1899Nov. 25Greenwood, BC.: C&W begins regular passenger service.
1899DecemberMidway, BC.: Columbia & Western Railway steel laid into the community.
1899DecemberMoyie, B.C.: James Wilkes of the Western Federation of Miners arrives to organize St. Eugene miners.
1899DecemberNelson, B.C.: The City buys the Nelson Electric Light Company.
1899Dec. 1Kimberley, B.C.: Chas. Estmere opens local postal bureau.
1899Dec. 18Rossland, B.C.: District 6 of the Western Federation of Miners formed as an intermediary between the B.C. locals and the Union executive in the U.S.A.
1899Dec. 23Nelson, B.C.: Nelson Electric Tramway begins operations.
1899Dec. 31B.C.: British Columbia Smelting and Refining Company removed from the Register of Companies.
1899EndC.S. McRae and Donald McLaren pre-empt adjacent 320 acre homesteads near the Mother Lode property in the Deadwood Creek’s valley and lay out Deadwood townsite.
1900 J.J. Hill incorporates the Washington and Great Northern Railway.
1900Nelson, B.C.: CPR launches the tug Procter (43 tons). Sold 1917.
1900Kimberley, B.C.: CPR pushes North Star Branch a couple of miles further up the Mark Creek valley to the Sullivan mine site.
1900Midway, BC.: Midway Hotel completed.
1900B.C.: Andrew Rosen settles in what is now the Jaffray area.
1900Marysville, B.C.: Al. Bales opens the Marysville Hotel.
1900East Kootenay, B.C.: Robert S. Elmsley buys 200 acres in the core of modern Jaffray for $200.
1900Blairmore, N-WT.: H.E. Lyon opens settlement’s first store.
1900Winnipeg Hotel raised in Grand Forks, BC.
1900Cowley, N-WT.: Multi-denominational Protestant church raised.
1900Samuel. W. Gebo examines coal measures at “Livingstone” siding, N-WT (now Burmis, AB). Decides not to develop a mine and joins Henry Lupin Frank in developing mine at Frank, N-WT.
1900Head tax imposed on Chinese immigrants entering Canada doubled to $100.
1900Colonel James Baker retires to England.
1900Kimberley, B.C.: School. Miss Mary Jacks.
1900B.C.: The Yellowstone mine on Sheep Creek near Salmo installs a 10-stamp mill. Mine exhausted by 1902 and mill quits.
1900M.K. Rodgers and the Marcus Daly estate incorporate the Yale Mining Company to buy up the mining claims on Nickel Plate Mountain.
1900U.S.A.: Adopts the Gold Standard Act. Price of silver plummets.
1900G.A. Cox replaced Colonel Baker as president of CNP Coal.
1900B.C.: Hedley City Townsite Company lays out Hedley townsite during the summer and fall.
1900Fairview, B.C.: Fairview Amalgamated Gold Mining Company suspends operations at the Stemwinder and the Morning Star properties. Bought up by the Gooderham-Blackstock Syndicate of Toronto which forms the New Fairview Corporation to work the mines.
1900Cranbrook, B.C.: Sisters of Providence open St. Eugene’s Hospital.
1900Midway, B.C.: B.C. Police barracks completed.
1900B.C.: B. Richard Atkins’ population estimates for communities in BC: Rossland, 8,000; Nelson, 5500; Fernie, 2500; Kaslo, 1550; Trail, 1500; Cranbrook, 1400; Ymit, 600; Ft. Steele, 425.
1900CircaChristina Lake, B.C.: Eli LaValley builds first hotel on the Lake.
1900JanuaryDistrict of Alberta, N-WT: Recruitment to man the 2nd Battalion of the Canadian Mounted Rifles.
1900Jan. 1Tuesday.
1900Jan. 1Nelson, B.C.: Official opening of new CPR Station.
1900Jan. 1Lethbridge, N-WT: N-WMP Corporal Thos. Lewis resigns as Town constable.
1900FebruaryDistrict of Alberta, N-WT: Recruitment to man Strathcona’s Horse. Sam Steele commanding.
1900Feb. 6Rossland, B.C.: Western Federation of Miners locked out of the War Eagle and Center Star mines in a dispute over contract mining.
1900Feb. 14B.C.: Bulldog tunnel opened at Farron Hill; C&W complete.
1900Feb. 17B.C.: International Navigation and Trading Company launches Argenta (206 tons) at Mirror Lake Yards near Kaslo.
1900Feb. 27B.C. political: Election. C.A. Semlin dismissed and Joseph Martin installed as conservative premier of B.C. E.C. Smith replaces Baker in the South East Riding of the Kootenay Electoral District, W.C. Wells re-elected to the North East.
1900MarchMidway, B.C.: The Columbia and Western Railway builds its station.
1900Mar. 1Contractors turn over the Grand Forks-Midway portion of the Columbia and Western to the CPR.
1900Mar. 1CNP Coal announces that it would apply to Ottawa for a charter for the Kootenay Lake Railway to connect the Pass to the GN mainline at Jennings, Montana.
1900Mar. 12B.C.: Western Federation of Miners locked out of the Le Roi mine in a dispute over contact mining.
1900Mar. 20B.C.: Settlement of Kuskonook burns.
1900SpringBedlington and Nelson Railway receives B.C. charter. Begins construction immediately.
1900AprilMoyie, B.C.: The St. Eugene Consolidated Mining Company completes its concentrator at Aldridge near Moyie.
1900EasterFernie, B.C.: First R.C. church inaugurated.
1900Apr. 1Cowley, N-WT.: Post Office opens a bureau in Davidson’s store.
1900Apr. 5B.C.: R.C. Clute mediates an agreement between the Rossland miners and mine management: Union accepted contracting and Owners agreed not to discriminate against Union members.
1900MayB.C.: The Sisters of Providence announce that they will close their hospital at St. Eugene’s mission and open one in Cranbrook.
1900MayValparaiso Gold Mines Company incorporated.
1900MayN-WT.: The Beaver Indians of what is now central Alberta sign Treaty 8, the last people to do so.
1900May 4Sandon, B.C.: CBD burns.
1900May 21BC.: CPR drives the last spike in its Phœnix Subdivision.
1900JuneAgreement between GN and CP allows C&K Procter Branch trackage to cross N&FS trackage at Five-Mile Point in exchange for N&FS access to C&K station and yards in Nelson.
1900JuneSchool building completed in Fernie. In September, 100 students.
1900June 1The Post Office opens its Crow’s Nest, BC, bureau.
1900June 9B.C. political: Election.
1900June 14Federal: 63-64 Victoria Chapter 79, “An Act to incorporate the St. Mary’s River Railway Company” receives royal assent.
1900June 21B.C. political: Honourable Sir H.J. de Lothinière commissioned lieutenant-governor.
1900June 28Québec City, PQ: Standard Pyritic Smelting Company incorporated.
1900June 14B.C. political: Joseph Martin dismissed as premier by Lieutenant-governor.
1900June 14Federal: 63-64 Victoria Chapter 79, “An Act to incorporate the St. Mary’s River Railway Company” receives royal assent.
1900June 15B.C. political: James Dunsmuir installed as conservative premier.
1900JulyFederal political: Manitoba Grain Act passed.
1900July 4Lethbridge, N-WT: St. Mary’s Main Canal declared complete.
1900July 14Alberta and British Columbia Exploration Company, Limited, incorporated in Great Britain. Capitalization: £30,000. Headquarters in Kaslo.
1900July 29Carcross, Yukon Territory: Last spike driven in White Pass & Yukon Railway.
1900AugustB.C.: The Yale Mining Company contracted L.A. Clark to push a waggon road from Penticton to Nickel Plate Mountain.
1900AugustB.C.: CP completes ballasting of C&W and full service to Midway inaugurated.
1900Aug. 1Aylesworth Bowen Perry, C.M.G., appointed sixth Commissioner of the N-WMP, RN-WMP, and RCMP (to March 31, 1923).
1900Aug. 17International Navigation and Trading Company launches Kaslo (765 tons) at Mirror Lake yards, Kaslo. Sank 1910.
1900Aug. 18Nelson Electric’s dam on Cottonwood Creek collapses. Nelson, B.C.
1900Aug. 21Granby Consolidated Mining and Smelting blows in No. 1 furnace of its Grand Forks smelter.
1900Aug. 28Mi’kai’stowa (Chief Red Crow) of the Kainai drowns in St. Mary’s River in southern Alberta.
1900Aug. 29Granby Consolidated sends first shipment of Grand Forks smelter matte copper to market.
1900Aug. 31B.C.: Provincial charter for Tracy Holland’s Grand Forks and Kettle River Valley Railway granted.
1900Sep. 10 (19?)Great Britain: United Gold Fields of British Colimbia incorporated with French money. Headquarters in Nelson, B.C.
1900AutumnCreston, B.C.: B&N rails arrive.
1900AutumnMoyie, B.C.: Moyie Water Company laying pipe.
1900Oct. 11City of Phœnix incorporated.
1900Oct. 13Grand Forks, B.C.: Granby Consolidated Mining and Smelting blows in No. 2 furnace of its smelter.
1900Oct. 22Boundary Creek Mining Company, Limited, reorganizes itself into the Montreal and Boston Copper Company, Limited.
1900Oct. 31District of Alberta, N-WT: Village of Stafford incorporated.
1900Nov. 3B.C.: The Dominion Copper Company contracts to have a smelter built in the Boundary Creek region. Cancelled in 1901.
1900Nov. 5Fernie, B.C.: CP abandons its claims to the townsite.
1900Nov. 7Federal Election: Laurier re-elected as Liberal prime minister of Canada.
1900Nov. 7Federal Election: William A. Galliher (Liberal) elected for the District of Cariboo and Yale, B.C.
1900Nov. 10Federal political: Chas. Tupper steps down as leader of the federal Conservatives.
1900Nov. 12U.S.A.: Marcus Daly dies. (December 5, 1841)
1900Nov. 25B.C.: Bedlington and Nelson—Kootenay Valley Railway opened for business.
1900Nov. 28District of Alberta, N-WT: St. Mary’s River Railway opened between Stirling and Spring Coulee.
1900DecemberFrank, N-WT: H.L. Frank and S.W. Gebo begin developing their coal mine. First coal mine in the region east of the Great Divide.
1900Dec. 1Blairmore, N-WT.: postal bureau opens in Lyon’s store.
1900Dec. 6B.C.: C&K’s Procter branch declared open.
1900Dec. 11Trail, BC: Board of Trade registered.
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