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for South-western Canada
Page 12 (1901 - 1903)

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1901Copper 16.5¢/lb., Silver 60¢/oz., Gold $20/oz.
1901Federal: The Geographic Board of Canada renames Crow’s Nest as “Crow Nest.”
1901Federal: Similkameen & Keremeos Railway receives charter.
1901Nelson, BC: CPR launches the tug Valhalla (153 tons). Sold in 1931.
1901Kimberley, B.C.: CPR builds station.
1901Blairmore, N-WT: RN-WMP establish a post.
1901Frank, N-WT: Knox Presbyterian Church raised, first church in “The Trough.”
1901Morrissey, BC: CPR builds a spur of the BC Southern 4 miles up to the CNP Coal mines in the Morrissey Creek valley.
1901B.C.: Dewdney Trail east from Princeton to Okanagan Valley converted to a waggon trail.
1901Rossland, BC: Central fire hall completed.
1901Ymir, BC: London and B.C. Goldfields, Limited installed an 80-stamp mill and a cyanide tailings treatment plant at Ymir mine.
1901B.C.: The British Columbia (Rossland and Slocan) Syndicate, Limited, organized the Snowshoe Gold and Copper Mines, Limited, capitalized to £250,000 to work the Snowshoe Group on Phœnix Mountain.
1901Creston, BC: First apple orchard established.
1901Wynndel, BC: The nearby Alice Group acquired by two principals in the Alberta and British Columbia Exploration Company, and the Lancaster and York Syndicate.
1901Fernie, B.C.: Albert Mutz, Fritz Sick et al re-erect the salvaged works of the Fort Steele Brewing Company.
1901B.C.: No. 7 mine begins halting production near Midway.
1901Lethbridge, N-WT: Fritz Sick builds a brewery.
1901Lethbridge, N-WT: Chinook Club founded.
1901District of Alberta, N-WT: “Hammerburg” subdivision laid out near Lethbridge.
1901Grand Forks, B.C.: Granby Consolidated installs a Gates converter in the smelter to reduce “matte” copper to 98.5% pure “blister” copper.
1901T.W. Holland receives a State of Washington charter for his Republic and Kettle River Railway.
1901Grand Forks, B.C.: Six-room school opens.
1901The Northwest Elevator Association changes name to Northwest Grain Dealers Assoc.
1901JanuaryB.C.: City of Nelson, BC, obtains a provincial licence to generate electricty on the Lower Kootenay. Immediately engaged by West Kootenay Power in court over location.
1901Jan. 20B.C.: CP completes wharfs and docks at Sunshine Bay near Procter.
1901 Jan. 22London: Queen Victoria dies. Edward VII succeeds.
1901Feb. 12District of Alberta, N-WT: John Lineham, A.P. Patrick and Geo. Leeson form The Rocky Mountain Development Company.
1901Feb. 18Monday
1901Feb. 18Greenwood, B.C.: British Columbia Copper blows in the first of the Anaconda Smelter’s furnaces.
1901Feb. 19CNP Coal recapitalized to $3.5 million: J.J. Hill now owns 30%.
1901Mar. 2George Mercer Dawson dead (1849).
1901SpringMT: J.J. Hill agrees to buy the Great Falls and Canada Railway.
1901Apr.1Hall Mines re-organized as Hall Mining and Smelting Company.
1901Apr. 24B.C.: CNP Coal receives a provincial charter for the Crows Nest Southern Railway Company.
1901MayGreat Northern Railway announces that it had acquired the Vancouver, Victoria and Eastern Railway the previous April.
1901May 1Fernie, B.C.: CNP Coal begins selling residential building lots.
1901May 8Northpost, WA.: Le Roi smelter workers out on strike.
1901May 11B.C.: Provincial charters granted for Coast-Kootenay Railway, the Vancouver & Grand Forks Railway, the Midway & Vernon Railway (J.H. Senkler, A.P. Judge, Edgar Bloomfield) and the Kootenay Central Railway Company (Robert Leslie Thomas Galbraith, J.A. Harvey, Dr. Hugh Watts, J.B. Lagley, W.R. Ross, Dr. J.H. King).
1901May 21Canada: Alien Labour Act receives royal assent in Ottawa.
1901May 21Canada: CNP Coal withdrew its federal application for the Kootenay Lake Railway.
1901May 23B.C.: T.W. Holland granted federal charter for Kettle River Valley Railway by 1 Edward VII chapter 68. Cascade, BC, to Carson, BC, and 50 miles up the Granby River valley: $1.5 million.
1901May 23Canada: 1 Edward VII chapter 8 “An Act to provide for the payment of bounties on lead refined in Canada” offers $5/ton for the year beginning July 1, 1902 and dimishing until nothing offered for the year beginning July 1, 1907. Amended and extended until 1908 by 3 Edward VII chapter 31, September 8, 1903.
1901May 23Canada: 1 Edward VII chapter 45 permits the Alberta Railway and Coal Company lease or sell any or all of its assets to the CPR.
1901May 23Kootenay Central Railway incorporated with $1 million in capitalization.
1901JuneB.C.: Fernie Miners’ Union strikes CNP Coal.
1901June 1B.C.: Village of Slocan incorporated.
1901June 10Michel, BC: Fire destroys much of the residential district.
1901June 14B.C.: City of Trail incorporated: Colonel E.S. Topping, mayor.
1901JulyB.C.: Government commissions Edgar Dewdney to find a railroad route through the Cascades.
1901JulyID: Northport M&S is re-organized as the Northport Smelting and Refining Company and incorporated. Hdqtrs: Wallace.
1901July 2District of Alberta, N-WT: Town of Cardston incororated.
1901July 10District of Alberta, N-WT: Canadian North-west Irrigation Company and Jesse Knight sign agreement o construct sugar factory at Raymond.
1901July 11Rossland, BC.: WFM Local No. 38 strike mines. Failure.
1901August“Cardiff,” BC: The Moyie Lumber Company sets up a mill on upper Moyie Lake.
1901Aug. 1B.C.: Operations on the Bedlington and Nelson north of Creston Junction (Wynndel) suspended.
1901Aug. 1Frank, N-WT.: postal office opens.
1901Aug. 1MT: The Montana and Great Northern Railway buys the Great Falls and Canada from the Alberta Railway and Coal Co.
1901Aug. 31Kettle River Valley Railway/Republic and Kettle River Railway begins construction toward Republic, Washington, from Grand Forks, BC.
1901Sep. 3District of Alberta, N-WT: Blairmore incorporated as a Village.
1901Sep. 10Frank, N-WT.: Celebration marking the founding of the town.
1901OctoberFrank, N-WT.: Alexander Leitch opens first general store.
1901OctoberSpokane, WA: Sullivan Group incorporates a townsite company for Marysville, B.C.
1901Oct. 10Jaffray, BC: Post Offices licences local bureau to Chas. Duncan McNab.
1901NovemberCanadian-American Coal and Coke Company formed.
1901NovemberDistrict of Alberta, N-WT: The Rocky Mountain Development Company began drilling the Discovery oil well on the future site of Oil City.
1901Nov. 5B.C.: CP selects the first two of its 6 allowed sections of coal measures in the Elk River valley at what became Hosmer.
1901Dec. 1Fairview, BC: The New Fairview Corporation begins operating a 10-stamp mill on the Stemwinder claim.
1901Dec. 18Indian Head, N-WT: Territorial Grain Growers Association organized as a result of a meeting of regional farmers on this date.
1901Dec. 31As of this date, the Kootenay Railway & Navigation Company operates the Kaslo and Slocan, the Kootenay Valley, and the Bedlington and Nelson Railways, and the International Navigation and Trading Company.
1901EndTrail, B.C.: CP blows in two lead furnaces at the Canadian Smelting Works.
1902Michel, B.C.: Fire destroys much community.
1902Lethbridge, N-WT: Fire brigade professionalized.
1902Lethbridge, N-WT: Lethbridge Police Department founded. Ex-Mountie Thomas Lewis first constable.
1902District of Alberta, N-WT: Flume on the St. Mary“s Main Canal washed out.
1902District of Alberta, N-WT, and MT: Great falls and Canada / AR&C road to Coutts standardized.
1902B.C.: First full year of CNP Coal production in Morrissey Creek valley.
1902Christina Lake, B.C.: The Kutchem sawmill burns.
1902Frank, N-WT.: Canadian-American Coal and Coke builds tipple and an experimental battery of six coke ovens.
1902Frank, N-WT.: Two storey school built.
1902Cowley, N-WT.: Messrs. Murray and Grey build the Cowley Hotel.
1902Nelson, B.C.: Henry Rose hanged in the City gaol yard for the murder of J.J. Cole at Arrowhead. Last execution at Nelson.
1902Canada: Peter “the Lordly” Verigin arrives from Siberia.
1902CNP Coal gives up the idea of running Fernie as a company town.
1902Castlegar, B.C.: The Columbia and Western Railway builds station.
1902Nelson, B.C.: Post Office and Customs House completed.
1902Blairmore, N-WT.: Peter McLaren Lumber Company completes its new mill and begins production.
1902B.C.: W.E. Welby extends his stage service to Hedley from Penticton.
1902CPR completes Kootenay and Arrowhead Railway to Gerrard on Trout Lake and leases line in 1903. Abandoned in 1942.
1902Marysville, B.C.: Sullivan Group Mining Company begins building smelter.
1902Vermilion Forks Mining and Development Company lays out Princeton, BC, street grid.
1902Mackenzie, Mann and Company incorporated at Toronto, ON.
1902Wm. Aldridge brings in a rig to drill on his petroleum property in s-w Alberta.
1902B.C.: Yellowstone mine on Sheep Creek exhausted and mill shut down.
1902Greenwood, B.C.: Courthouse raised.
1902Kimberley, B.C.: North Star school opens. Miss C. Hall.
1902Phœnix, B.C.: Granby Consolidated buys Old Ironsides and Knob Hill.
1902Phœnix Mountain, B.C.:Hall Mines leases the Emma from William Mackenzie, Donald Mann and W.T. Smith.
1902Grand Forks, B.C.: Fraser’s Brewery shut down.
1902Macleod, N-WT.: Union Bank of Canada opens branch.
1902Macleod, N-WT.: Federal courthouse raised.
1902Flagstone, B.C.: Fred Douglas and Frank Downs establish logging buisness on Crows Nest Southern R/W line.
1902Jan. 2?Le Roi Mining and Smelting Company declares bankruptcy.
1902Jan. 14Granby Consolidated activated new converter to refine 98.5% pure copper “blister” from 50% pure copper matte.
1902Jan. 18CPR launches York (134 tons) at Okanagan Landing. Pre-fabricated in Toronto. Sold to Kettle Valley Railway in March, 1920. Retired 1932.
1902Jan. 20Granby Consolidated sends first shipment of blister to market.
1902Feb. 3Granby Consolidated blows in No. 3 furnace at Grand Forks smelter.
1902MarchJames Wilkes of the Western Federation of Miners comes to the Pass to enrol the Fernie Miners’ Union into the Federation as District 7.
1902Mar. 13Kettle River Valley Railway opened between Grand Forks and Pelham, Washington.
1902Mar. 17Granby Consolidated blows in No. 4 furnace at Grand Forks smelter.
1902Mar. 20CPR bridge at Castlegar, BC, opened to traffic after 2 years construction.
1902SpringMontreal and Boston Copper Company, Limited, buys the Boundary Falls smelter near Greenwood, BC.
1902AprilProvincial Progressive Party formed at Kamloops, BC.
1902AprilFernie, BC.: commercial city block in the downtown core burns.
1902Apr. 12Kettle River Valley Railway/Republic and Kettle River Railway (“Republic and Grand Forks Railroad”) opened from Grand Forks, BC to Republic, WA.
1902Apr. 19Memorial Hospital of Pincher Creek granted federal incorporation.
1902Apr. 28International Coal and Coke Company, Limited, incorporated in the State of Washington by E.J. Dyer, et al.
1902MayCity of Trail, BC, establishes a ferry service across the Columbia.
1902May 15Federal: Canadian Northern Telegraph Company founded.
1902May 16Federal: Canadian Northern Express Company founded.
1902May 19Federal: By an Order-in-Council confirms its choice of its allowed 50,000-acre coal reserve in the Elk River valley area.
1902May 22Coal Creek Collieries, B.C.: 1900 hours: blow-out at No. 2 Mine: 128 dead.
1902May 23Federal: Royal assent granted 1 Edward VII chapter 8, “An Act to provide for the payment of bounties on lead refined in Canada” to a limit of $100,000 per producer per year. Beginning July 1, 1902, a per ton bounty of $5 offered, diminishing by $1 per ton each succeeding year. Amended by 3 Edwd. VII chap. 31, 1902/09/08.
1902May 31End of Boer War.
1902JuneGreenwood, BC.: B.C. Copper blows in Anaconda Smelter’s No. 2 furnace.
1902JuneNelson, BC.: Hall Mining and Smelting quit mining the Silver King. Leased to M.S. Davys.
1902June 7WA: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway/Washington Great Nothern Railway in operation from Republic to Marcus.
1902June 19Boundary Falls, B.C.: First furnace activated in smelter.
1902June 20B.C.: International Transportation Company voluntarily liquidated.
1902June 25B.C.: WFM strikes CNP Coal operations. Ends in failure on August 4.
1902June 28B.C.: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway/Washington Great Nothern Railway’s first passenger train to Cooper’s Wye, south of Grand Forks.
1902July 1B.C.: Canal Flats, B.C.: Captain Francis Patrick Armstrong sails the North Star northbound through Baillie-Grohman’s ditch.
1902July 9B.C.: Kootenai River Transportation Company, Limited, disincorporated.
1902July 9Lethbridge. N-WT: Floods wash away the last vestiges of the Alberta.
1902July 10Elko, B.C.: The steel of the Great Northern’s Crows Nest Southern arrives.
1902July 16N-WT: Charles Plummer Hill acquired mineral rights to the property which would ultimately host the Hillcrest mine.
1902Aug. 2The Rossland Power Company, Limited, incorporated.
1902Aug. 25Rossland, B.C.: Fire destroys upper Spokane Street.
1902Aug. 28N-WT: Plan of the “City of Blairmore” registered.
1902SeptemberB.C.: The Crows Nest Southern reaches Swindon near Morrissey.
1902SeptemberMoyie, B.C.: St. Eugene mine closed after a year of maintenance.
1902SeptemberWaterton, AB.: Rocky Mountain Development Company’s Discovery well strikes oil.
1902SeptemberMorrissey, B.C.: First company cottages on the townsite occupied.
1902Sep. 27William Carlin, Peter Lund, John Breckenridge, Alfred Doyle, et al, incorporate the Crow’s Nest Pass Lumber Company.
1902OctoberFairview, B.C.: The “Big Teepee” burns.
1902Oct. 20Edmonton, N-WT: The first train crosses the North Saskatchewan River on the Low Level Bridge from Strathcona on the rails of the Edmonton, Yukon and Pacific Railway.
1902NovemberB.C.: Workers briefly strike CNP Coal operations.
1902NovemberB.C.: CP had chosen its remaining four coal sections in the Elk River valley allowed under the tripartite Agreement of 1897.
1902Nov. 9Grand Forks, BC: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway crosses the Kettle River Valley Railway: KRVR retaliates by parking an old locomotive on the crossing.
1902Nov. 12Grand Forks, B.C.: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway built into town.
1902Nov. 21B.C. political: Edward Gawler Prior replaces Jas. Dunsmuir as premier.
1902Dec. 24D.C. Corbin, U.S. Senator George Turner, J.H. McGraw, Jacob Furth and C.S. Bihler, incorporated the Spokane and Kootenai Railway Company in the State of Washington.
1902Dec. 25B.C.: Avalanche on Sunset Mountain above the West Arm of Kootenay Lake sweeps away the bunkhouse of the Molly Gibson mine, killing nine.
1902EndT.W. Holland retires from the “Republic and Grand Forks Railroad.”
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