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for South-western Canada
Page 13 (1903 - 1906)

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1903Copper 13.235¢/lb., Silver 53.45¢/oz., Gold $20/oz.
1903Federal political: Head tax on Chinese immigrants entering Canada raised to $500.
1903Wynndel, BC: The Alice Broughton Mining Company took over the Alice mine nearby and John Hampson plans to build a concentrator and hang an aerial tram. Guy Constable, mgr.
1903Canada: The Geographic Board of Canada changed name of Crownest to “Crowsnest.”
1903Grand Forks, B.C.: Reformer Martin Burrel elected mayor.
1903District of Alberta, N-WT: Wm. Roper Hull acquires the Oxley Ranche near Claresholm.
1903Crowsnest Pass, N-WT.: International Coal and Coke Company of Washington buys the Dennison property. Development begins in October.
1903Christina Lake, B.C.: Ole Johnson buys Eli LaValley’s hotel.
1903District of Alberta, N-WT: John Breckenridge buys the mineral rights to a half-section of land at what would become Lundbreck. He and Peter Lund form the Lund and Breckenridge Coal Company. Capitalized to $500,000.
1903Cardston, N-WT: St. Mary’s River Railway built in.
1903B.C.: Archibald Kenneth Leitch, his brother, Malcolm, and Chas. Duncan McNab formed East Kootenay Lumber by merging Cranbrook Lumber, McNab Lumber and Park Mitchell Lumber. Mill built near Jaffray.
1903Jaffray, BC.: School opens. Miss Johnson.
1903Marysville, B.C.: The Marysville Hotel burns.
1903Marysville, B.C.: Jack McDonald opens the Central Hotel.
1903Marysville, B.C.: School opens. Miss O.P. Van Allen.
1903Marysville, B.C.: L.S. Austin “completes” the Sullivan Group’ smelter.
1903Anaconda, B.C.: B.C. Copper completes it smoke stack—121 feet high by 12 feet inside diameter.
1903Pilot Bay, B.C.: Davies-Sayward saw mill shut down.
1903District of Alberta, N-WT: William Francis (Billy) Cochrane imports the first horseless carriage.
1903Hedley, BC: Hedley Gold Mines, Limited, completes its tramway on Nickel Plate Mountain.
1903Camp McKinney, BC: Cariboo-McKinney Gold Mining and Milling Company, Limited ceases mining.
1903Billings, BC: Pete and Joe Genelle set up the Boundary Lumber Company on the Kettle River near Christina Lake, BC.
1903American Smelting and Refining Company buys out Puget Sound Reduction Company’s Everett, Washington, smelter.
1903Creston, B.C.: A second sawmill established.
1903Hazell, N-WT: E.G. Hazell bought an existing lime-burning operation and created Summit Lime Works.
1903Lumberton, BC.: A.E. Watts set up his lumbering operation at what he wanted to call “Wattsburg.” CPR refused to build a station after a row with Watts.
1903W.H. Merritt prevails upon the B.C. government to revive the charter of the Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen Coal and Railway Company and empower it to build up the Nicola River from Spences Bridge on the CPR.
1903Ymir Gold Mines, Limited, acquires the Ymir mine from its parent, the London and B.C. Goldfields, Ltd.
1903Rossland Power Company builds a water-process ore concentration plant at the Trail, BC, smelter.
1903Salmo, BC: Kootenay Shingle Company begins operations.
1903CP bought Fairview property east of Nelson, BC, and moved its Cottonwood Bay shipyards thither.
1903Michel, BC: Savaged again by fire.
1903Pincher Creek, N-WT: Memorable flood.
1903Macleod, N-WT: Queen’s Hotel completed.
1903EarlyKettle River Valley Railway reorganized as the Kettle Valley Lines.
1903EarlyM.K. Rodgers and the Marcus Daly Estate organize the Daly Reduction Company to build and operated the Nickel Plate’s concentration mill at Hedley, BC.
1903Jan. 4The Great Northern buys the Great Falls and Canada line from its subsidiary, the Montana and Great Northern.
1903Jan. 13Reverend Henry “Father Pat” Irwin of Rossland and Fairview died in Montréal.
1903FebruaryN-WT: Frank & Grassy Mountain Railway completed.
1903FebruaryGrand Forks, BC: The Betts and Hesperus Mining Company acquire the Betts and Hesperus Group of properties on Hardy Mountain.
1903FebruaryRaymond, N-WT: Knight Sugar Factory complete.
1903Feb. 11B.C.: WFM members strike CNP Coal. The deputy federal Minister of Labour, W.L.M. King, sent to mediate.
1903Mar. 3 & 4Brandon, Man.: First meeting of the Manitoba Grain Growers Association consolidated.
1903Apr. 1B.C.: WFM ends strike against CNP Coal.
1903Apr. 2N-WT: Western Canada Collieries incorporated.
1903Apr. 27Standard Pyritic Smelting Company, having sold its Boundary Falls smelter to the Montreal and Boston Copper Company, votes itself into extinction.
1903Apr. 29Frank, N-WT: 4:10 a.m.: Turtle Mountain buries the eastern part of town. More than 70 people die.
1903May Fernie, B.C.: The Fernie local abandons the WFM for the United Mine Workers of America.
1903May 1Morrissey, B.C.: First residential lots put up for sale on the townsite.
1903May 5B.C.: Cokers strike CNP Coal: to June 12.
1903May 8Miners in the Territorial reach of the Crowsnest pass vote to leave the Western Federation of Miners and join the United Mine Workers of America, District 18/5.
1903May 11CNP Coal incorporates the Morrissey, Fernie and Michel Railway Company.
1903May 24Cowley, N-WT: First polo gymkhana.
1903JuneHedley, B.C.: Post Office opens a bureau.
1903June 1B.C. political: E.G. Prior dismissed as premier for conflict of interest by lt.-governor. Richard McBride succeeds as Conservative premier. (to December 15, 1915).
1903June 1J.F. Rogers commences stage service in south-central B.C.—Greenwood-Phœnix-Grand Forks.
1903Jun. 3West Canadian Collieries incorporated in Great Britain.
1903June 12Cokers ends their strike against CNP Coal.
1903June 18John Moore Robinson forms the Summerland Development Company with T.G. Shaughnessy as the major shareholder.
1903July 1The City of Columbia and the City of Grand Forks amalgamate under the latter’s name.
1903July 2Federal government passed bill guaranteeing repayment of bonds issued by Canadian Northern to build its mainline.
1903July 29Grand Trunk Railway directors sign agreement with Ottawa to build Winnipeg–Prince Rupert leg of the National Transcontinental Railway and to run the entire line when finished. Ottawa to complete Moncton to Winnipeg leg.
1903July, endCPR buys the Calgary and Edmonton Railway.
1903Aug. 6Outburst in Morrissey No. 1. No fatalities.
1903Aug. 12Senator Matthew Henry Cochrane dies at Compton, Québec.
1903SeptemberHedley, BC.: School classes commence in Grace Methodist.
1903Sep. 19The townsite of Coleman, N-WT, dedicated.
1903Sep. 20John Hanbury leases timber berth on Kikomun doab. Incorporates North Star Lumber Co. and builds a sawmill at “Hanbury” near Jaffray, B.C., another at Cranbrook, and a planer mill at Elko, BC.
1903Sep. 23CNP Coal’s unionized workforce at Morrissey and Michel joined the Fernie miners in the UMWA as District 18.
1903AutumnG.E. Henderson, D.S. Gruther, and J.M. Zeller buy J.C. Hooker’s property on the Bull River and incorporate the Bull River Electric Light and Power Company; Henderson, president.
1903Oct. 3B.C. political: Richard McBride returned as the Conservative premier of B.C.
1903Oct. 14Outburst in Morrissey No. 1. Four dead.
1903Oct. 19Canadian delegation refuses to sign the decision of the Alaska Boundary Commission.
1903Oct. 22Coleman, N-WT.: town building lots offered for sale by International C&C.
1903Nov. 5Grand Forks, BC: Granby Consolidated blows in furnace No. 5.
1903Nov. 6Grand Forks, BC: Granby Consolidated blows in furnace No. 6.
1903Nov. 9Fernie, B.C.: United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) encharter District 18 encompassing much of western Canada. F.H. Sherman elected president.
1903DecemberSnowshoe Gold and Copper Mines, Limited, propose an amalgamation with the Montreal and Boston Copper Company. Fell through when M&B suspends operations.
1903DecemberThe Montreal and Boston Copper Company suspends operations at its Boundary Falls smelter.
1903DecemberWestern Oil and Coal Company sunk three wells in Seepage Creek in the Waterton area of the N-WT. Failed.
1903Dec. 1International: Alaska Boundary Award.
1903Dec. 5Hedley, B.C.: Electricity generation begins.
1904B.C.: CP acquires Midway and Vernon Railway.
1904B.C.: CPR acquires the Kootenay Central Railway.
1904Morrissey, BC: MF&M buys the Morrissey spur from CP.
1904District of Alberta, N-WT: St. Mary’s River Railway extends a branch from Raley to Kimball.
1904District of Alberta, N-WT: The Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company (AR&I) extends its St. Mary’s River Railway line of narrow-gauged railroad from Raymond to Cardston.
1904District of Alberta, N-WT: CPR decides to eliminate St. Mary’s River / Kainai Reserve loop.
1904District of Alberta, N-WT: Department of the Interior buys 1800 acres on the Belly River as a quarantine station. (see March, 1904) Completed in 1905 and Dr. Seymour Hadwen appointed chief.
1904District of Alberta, N-WT: Royal Collieries opens the Riverview mine near Lethbridge.
1904Lethbridge, N-WT: New traffic bridge on the Macleod Trail opened.
1904B.C.: Kettle Valley Lines obtains an amendment to its charter enabling it to build up the Granby River and across to connect to CP’s proposed Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen Coal and Railway Company tracks near Merritt.
1904Kimberley, B.C.: Federal Mining Company of Spokane buys Sullivan Group Mining Company and rebuilds the Marysville, BC, smelter, up-grades the Sullivan mine.
1904B.C.: “Sunset” Brown leases his properties on Copper Mountain to others.
1904Grand Forks, B.C.: Granby Consolidated blows in Bessemerizing converting furnace at smelter.
1904Wardner, B.C.: Peter Lund builds his mansion and begins experimental farm.
1904Keremeos, B.C.: Kirby’s store in “Old Town” burns.
1904Federal political: DIA begins to apply pressure on Piikani to sell off their “excess” reserve lands. Resistance.
1904Vancouver, B.C.: Western Oil Company formed to buy Wm. Aldridge’s oil play in the Waterton area of N-WT.
1904The Montreal and Boston Copper Company reorganized as the Montreal and Boston Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company, Limited. Buys Dominion Copper’s mining charter.
1904Moyie, B.C.: St. Eugene’s Mission builds R.C. church.
1904Kimberley, B.C.: North Star mine failing.
1904Cranbrook, B.C.: Valentine Hyde Baker is the first in the community to acquire an automobile.
1904Nelson, B.C.: Hall Mining and Smelting adds a Merton roasting furnace to its process.
1904Anaconda, B.C.: B.C. Copper installs a Bessemer converter to refine “matte” to “blister.”
1904B.C.: North American Land and Lumber Company buys Cedar Valley Company in the Elk River valley.
1904B.C.: The Imperial Coal Company and the Elk River Coal and Oil Company explore and file 124 claims on properties in the Elk River’s upper basin. Claims allowed to lapse in 1909.
1904Sparwood Siding, B.C.: School built for the children of North American Land and Lumber Company workers.
1904B.C.: CPR renames Waterloo near Castlegar “Kinnaird.”
1904Pincher Creek, N-WT.: Father Albert Lacombe settles in town to complete his English/Blackfoot dictionary.
1904Cowley, N-WT.: Alberta Hotel opened for business.
1904Federal: RN-WMP inform the DIA that the Police would no longer support the “pass system.” The System persisted, however.
1904Bellevue, N-WT.: West Canadian Collieries begins production from its Bellevue mine.
1904Coleman, N-WT.: incorporated as a Village. RN-WMP builds a barracks, International Coal and Coke raises its office, St. Alban’s Anglican Mission Hall completed.
1904Frank, N-WT.: Canadian-American Coal & Coke lays out new townsite.
1904JanuaryThe Volcanic Mining Company bought R.A. Brown’s Volcanic mine near Granby, BC, renaming it Volcano.
1904JanuaryPincher Creek, N-WT.: Two sisters of “Les Filles de Jesus” arrive to teach. Ker Maria Convent completed for them later that year.
1904Jan. 1Vernon, B.C.: Actual ‘work’ begins on Midway & Vernon Railway. Quarter mile of grade completed in several years of 2-man labour.
1904Jan. 4Michel, B.C.: Friday at 1:25 pm. Explosion kills seven at Michel Mine.
1904Jan. 8CP leases the C&E for 999 years.
1904Jan. 14Kuskonook, B.C.: Last train arrives over the B&N.
1904Jan. 15Federal political: Honourable H.R. Emmerson appointed Minister of Railways and Canals.
1904MarchWA: D.C. Corbin oversees the dissolution of the Spokane and Kootenai Railway Company.
1904MarchN-WT: Dourine reported on McCaugherty ranch on the Belly River.
1904Mar. 19N-WT: Crichton family incorporate Lethbridge Iron Works Company, Limited.
1904SpringHedley, BC.: The Daly Reduction Company completes the Nickel Plate’s concentration mill.
1904SpringEast Kootenays, B.C.: J.M. Zeller and George Henderson assess power generating potential of local streams.
1904AprilMoyie, B.C.: St. Eugene mine re-opened.
1904Apr. 2North-West Territories: A.E. Forget re-appointed as lieutenant-governor.
1904Apr. 29Fernie, B.C.: Six blocks of downtown burn in the first “Great Fire.”
1904MayB.C.: The provincial government offices were moved from Ft. Steele to Cranbrook.
1904MayFernie, B.C.: The Wriglesworth and Bullock Co. began operations.
1904May 1Coleman, N-WT.: Poastal bureau opened.
1904May 4Hedley, B.C.: The Daly Reduction Company begins testing the Nickel Plate’s 200 ton-per-day concentration mill.
1904May 27Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Incorporation Bill passed in Ottawa. Incorporated federally to build western leg of the National Transcontinental Railway, to be finished by December 1, 1911.
1904JuneB.C. Copper buys William Mackenzie’s and Donald Mann’s interest in the Emma on Phœnis Mountain, BC.
1904June 6Federal: 4 Edward VII Chapter 43, “An Act to incorporate the Alberta Railway and Irrigation Company, … ” receives royal assent. Amalgamates the AR&C, the CN-wI, and the St.MRR. Inaugurated Oct. 4.
1904June 13B.C.: The lighthouse on Pilot Bay on Kootenay Lake lit.
1904June 24Federal: The title “Royal” conferred upon the N-WMP in the Coronation Honours List of Edward VII Wettin, King of England.
1904July 18Marysville, B.C.: J. Drew opens the Royal Hotel.
1904July 23B.C.: Provincial government completes the bridge across Fraser at Liverpool (New Westminster) giving J.J. Hill’s New Westminster and Southern access to Vancouver.
1904July 28Fernie, B.C.: incorporated as a City.
1904AugustMichel, B.C.: Two-room school opened.
1904Aug. 6MT: Re-alignment of GN mainline in Montana completed between Whitefish and Jennings through Rexford eliminates Haskell Pass.
1904Aug. 10Federal: West Canadian Collieries registered in Canada as a foreign company.
1904Aug. 19Fernie, B.C.: First civic elections.
1904Aug. 23Phœnix City, B.C.: A CP Shay and 25 ore cars derail near Oro Denoro mine on Phœnix Mountain. Loss: $25,000.
1904SeptemberWynndel, B.C.: The Alice Group’s 100 ton-per-day concentrator completed. Shipping to Trail, B.C.
1904Sep. 10Mission, B.C.: Bill Miner et al rob CPR train of $7,000.
1904AutumnB.C.: Bull River Electric Light and Power Company begins construction of its diversion flume.
1904OctoberColeman, N-WT.: International Coal and Coke Company begins producing from the International.
1904Oct. 3The Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power Company reorganized and recapitalized to $15 million. J.J. Hill and the Great Northern involved.
1904Nov. 3Federal Election: Laurier’s Liberals returned to power in Ottawa. Borden defeated.
1904Nov. 3Federal Election: Duncan Ross (Liberal) elected MP for revised B.C. Electoral Distirct Cariboo and Yale.
1904Nov. 18Morrissey, B.C.: Fourteen die in an out-burst in Morrissey No. 1.
1904DecemberB.C.: Transfer of last of lands (250,000 acres) from BC Southern to Crow’s Nest Pass Coal Company, as well as a 10,000-acre block to federal government.
1904Dec. 10Federal political: The Right Honourable the fourth Earl Grey appointed governor-general. (to October 13, 1911).
1904Dec. 15Fernie, B.C.: GN’s Crow’s Nest Southern begins service.
1905Grand Forks, B.C.: Frank Hartinger buys Fraser’s Brewery and reopens it as the Columbia Brewery.
1905B.C.: Nelson Electric begins to build power station at Upper Bonnington on the Lower Kootenay River.
1905B.C.: Canadian Metals Company of Paris acquired the ex-Kootenay M&S operation at Pilot Bay and Bluebell.
1905Princeton, B.C.: United Empire Mining Company begins searching for metal ores on its nine claims on One Mile Creek.
1905B.C.: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway registers a right-of-way in the Coquihalla valley with the federal Board of Railway Commissioners.
1905C.P.R. president T.G. Shaughnessy sends survey teams to map out likely routes between Midway and the proposed end of the Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen line near Merritt.
1905B.C.: South Yale Mining Company leases “Sunset” Brown’s claims, and others, on Copper Mountain near Princeton.
1905B.C.: Canada Zinc Company, Limited, was incorporated to try F.T. Snyder’s zinc-extraction process in an experimental smelter at Nelson.
1905B.C.: J.J. Hill et alienus become the majority shareholders in CNP Coal.
1905Lethbridge, N-WT/AB: Canadian Bank of Commerce opens a branch.
1905Lethbridge, N-WT/AB: CPR builds first six stalls of its roundhouse. Six more added in 1906, six more in 1907.
1905Lethbridge, N-WT/AB: Three-storey Bentley Block completed.
1905“Royal City,” AB: Royal Collieries opens the Riverview mine.
1905“Royal City,” AB: Standard Lethbridge Collieries opens and closes its mine.
1905N-WT/AB: Fritz Sick incorporates Lethbridge Brewing and Malting Company Limited.
1905N-WT/AB: Third rail added to the St. Mary’s River Railway to permit operation of both 36"- and 56½"-gauged rolling stock.
1905“Beaver siding,” BC: Nelson & Fort Sheppard builds a depôt at what is now Fruitvale.
1905PHœnix Mountain, BC: B.C. Copper obtains control of the Emma Group, the Oro Denoro, the Lone Star and the Washington mines.
1905Salmo, BC: John Waldbeser begins developing the Emerald property nearby.
1905B.C.: King Lumber Company sets up sawmill at Ryan, 10 Kay up the Moyie from Yahk.
1905B.C.: Thomas Ellis sells out his Okanagan cattle operation to the Shatford brothers’ South Okanagan Land Company for $405,000.
1905B.C.: H.A. McKowan, Albert and William Slater, Allan Nickolson and Bill Spence registered the Cranbrook Sash and Door Company, Limited.
1905Fernie, BC: “the Annex” surveyed and lots offered for sale.
1905Fernie, BC: Sewerage system installed.
1905Fernie, BC: The rectory of the Holy Family Church completed.
1905Fernie, BC: Telephone system strung.
1905Baynes Lake, B.C.: F.W. Adolph family settle and build Aldoph Lumber Co. saw mill on the Crows Nest Southern.
1905“Elkmouth,” BC: Ross brothers build saw mill on the Crows Nest Southern.
1905District of Alberta, N-WT/Province of Alberta: The CPR standard-gauges the AR&I line between Raymond and Cardston.
1905District of Alberta, N-WT/AB: Pincher Creek Oil and Refining Company set up to drill on Cameron Brook in the Waterton area.
1905Bellevue, N-WT/AB: hospital opens, school classes taught.
1905Frank, N-WT/AB: Canadian-American Coal & Coke buys the New Sanitarium Hotel.
1905Coleman, N-WT/AB: Workers briefly strike the International.
1905(?)Macleod, N-WT/AB: First Mackenzie Bridge over the Oldman River installed.
1905Fernie, BC: Crow’s Nest Pass Coal Company completes its headquarters building.
1905Circa: Jewel Gold Mines, Limited, sold its operations at Jewel Lake near Greenwood to the Jewel-Denoro Mines Company of Edinburgh.
1905JanuaryFernie, BC: Fernie Ledge begins publication. Changed name to Fernie Ledger later in this year.
1905JanuaryRossland, BC: Jas. Cronin arrives to manage the Gooderham-Blackstock Center Star and the War Eagle.
1905JanuaryB.C.: CPR acquires the Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen Coal and Railway Company.
1905JanuaryN-WT: C.P. Hill begins developing the Hillcrest mine in the Crowsnest Pass area.
1905Jan. 1Lethbridge, N-WT: Serage and water system inaugurated.
1905Jan. 1B.C.: The City of Nelson leases the Nelson Electric Tramway from British Traction.
1905Jan. 18D.C. Corbin and associates incorporated the Spokane International Railway: absorbed the assets of the S&K. Capitalized to four million dollars, 12.5% immediately purchased by CPR and subsidiary Soo Line.
1905Jan. 19Hedley, BC: Hedley Gazette begins publication. Ends August 16, 1917.
1905Jan. 28B.C.: Member of the Provincial Parliament Lytton Wilmot Shatford and his brother, Walter Tyrrel Shatford, register the Southern Okanagan Land Company. Into voluntary liquidation January 31, 1919 after the South Okanagan Irrigation Project had bought the property.
1905Jan. 31C.P. Hill incorporated the Hillcrest Coal and Coke Company.
1905Feb. 15Phœnix City, BC: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway arrives.
1905Feb. 4Hillcrest Coal & Coke incorporated.
1905MarchErie, BC: Second Relief Mining Company acquires the Second Relief property.
1905Mar. 1Kaslo, BC: Alberta sinks at the dock.
1905Mar. 10Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway hauls its first trainload of Phœnix ore down to the Granby smelter.
1905Mar. 11Coal Creek, BC: Tipple and ancillary buildings burn. Fire fighting efforts result in the flooding of No. 3 which remained closed for 4 years.
1905SpringFrank, N-WT: Canadian Metals Company contracts E.J. Pozzi to build a smelter.
1905SpringBellevue, N-WT: West Canadian Collieries begins building cottages near the Bellevue mine.
1905Mar. 28El Paso, TX: James F. Wardner dead.
1905Mar. 31Macleod, N-WT: Cowdry Brothers sell their bank to the Canadian Bank of Commerce.
1905Apr. 8Political, Federal: Honourable Frank Oliver appointed as Laurier’s Minister of the Interior and superintendent-general of Indian Affairs. Signals a change in attitude towards insular communal farming colonies in the West.
1905Apr. 20Hedley, BC: Bank of British Columbia branch opens.
1905MayCPR announces that it is moving its Divisional Headquarters for south-western Alberta from Macleod to Lethbridge. Accomplished November 24th.
1905May 4Kelowna, BC: incorporated as a City.
1905May 10B.C.: Tom Ellis sells his spread for $400,000 to the Southern Okanagan Land Company.
1905May 12Coleman, N-WT: Fire consumes part of the downtown district.
1905May 20Boundary Creek, BC: Montreal and Boston Consolidated Mining and Smelting defaults and suspends all operations in the region.
1905JuneCP acquires controlling interest in West Kootenay Power and Light.
1905JuneCP brings the Rossland Power Company, the Consolidated Mining and Development Company (War Eagle and Center Star), the St. Eugene Consolidated Mining Company, and the Canadian Smelting Works together in the Canadian Consolidated Mines, Limited.
1905June 7CPR buys Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway.
1905June 20CPR turns sod on Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen Railway.
1905June 26Dominion Copper Company recapitalized and buys the debt and assets of the Montreal and Boston Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company.
1905June 27The Board of Railway Commissioners authorizes amendment to the charter of the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway permitting it to connect with American lines.
1905June 27Chicago, IL: Industrial Workers of the World founded. One Big Union.
1905July 20Assent granted 4-5 Edward VII, chapter 3: An Act to establish and provide for the Government of the Province of Alberta. (The Alberta Act, 1905)
1905July 20Assent granted 4-5 Edward VII, chapter 42: An Act to establish and provide for the Government of the Province of Saskatchewan. (The Saskatchewan Act, 1905)
1905July 22The buffet car of the day’s south-bound Great Northern (N&FS) train out of Nelson jumped the rails at the Beaver Falls bridge. Five dead and five injured.
1905July 28Midway & Vernon Railway begins building grade west from Midway. Only a few miles built.
1905July 28Cabinet passes Order-in-Council amends Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway’s charter as per Railway Commissioners’ authorization of June 27.
1905July 28Fernie, BC: The core block of downtown burned: losses to $120,000.
1905July 30D.C. Corbin first sees Coal Mountain in eastern B.C. With E.J. Roberts.
1905Aug. 16Coleman, N-WT: First village council meeting.
1905Aug. 23Great Northern and Northern Pacific encharter Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway to connect Spokane and Portland.
1905Aug. 24Federal political: F.D. White appointed Commissioner of the North-West Territories.
1905Aug. 29Carberry, MB: Sod turning ceremony kicking off the Grand Trunk Pacific’s Coast-bound mainline.
1905SeptemberMidway, BC: The Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway pushes its steel thus far.
1905Sep. 1Friday.
1905Sep. 1Edmonton, AB: The Alberta Act, 1905, proclaimed; Geo. Hedley Vicars Bulyea, lieutenant-governor (to October 20th, 1915).
1905Sep. 4Regina, SK: The Saskatchewan Act, 1905, proclaimed; A.E. Forget, lieutenant-governor.
1905Sep. 1Yahk, BC: S.A. Speers opens first postal bureau.
1905Sep. 11Grand Trunk Pacific sod-turning at Fort William, ON.
1905Sep. 15Federal political: Governor-General Earl Gray and Lady Gray travel by train into the Crowsnest Pass of Alberta.
1905AutumnBellevue, AB: West Canadian Collieries completes a wooden tipple for the Bellevue mine.
1905Sep. 23Fort Steele, BC: The Customs’ bureau closed.
1905OctoberFrank, AB: Canadian Metals Company smelter completed. (see June, 1906)
1905Oct. 16Coleman, AB: new two-roomed school officially opened.
1905Oct. 20Grand Forks, BC: Granby Consolidated blows in smelter furnaces Nos. 7 and 8.
1905Nov. 1B.C.: City of Cranbrook incorporated.
1905Nov. 6Lethbridge, AB: CPR commences construction of new station. Completed in 1906, expanded in 1908.
1905Nov. 7B.C.: Begins the 2-day “Battle of Midway.”
1905Nov. 8Lethbridge, AB: First edition of the Lethbridge Weekly Herald published.
1905Nov. 9AB Election: Alexander Rutherford elected as Liberal premier.
1905Nov. 16B.C.: CPR leases the Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen Railway for 999 years.
1905Nov. 24Edmonton, AB: At 2:15 p.m., the CNoR celebrates its arrival with a silver spike ceremony.
1905Nov. 24Lethbridge, AB: CPR Officially declares the City its divisional headquarters for south-western Alberta.
1905Nov. endRock Creek, BC: Midway & Vernon grade completed from Midway.
1905DecemberB.C.: Maud—now Bridesville—established.
1905Dec. 8B.C.: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway obtains legal title to lot 2703 at Midway. “Railway War” over.
1905Dec. 10Midway, BC: Great Northern Railway/Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway commences service.
1905Dec. 16Rossland, BC: Center Star’s magazine explodes; powderman John Ingram dead, considerable damage to City.
1905Dec. 17Edmonton, AB: First Canadian Northern passenger arrives.
1905Dec. 25The Spokane International Railway (SIR) offers $420,000 in debt for sale to finance the development of Coal Mountain in the Michel Creek valley.
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