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Time Line
for South-western Canada
Page 14 (1906 - 1910)

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1906United Mine Workers of America bars Orientals.
1906East Kootenay, BC: Chas. Duncan McNab sells his interest in the East Kootenay Lumber Co. to the Leitch brothers and with his brother, Francis P., and Valentine Hyde Baker et al forms Baker Lumber Company. Mill built at Waldo, B.C.
1906Bellevue, AB: Southern Hotel raised.
1906Hanbury, BC: F.H. Pearson and J.J. Jewell build sawmill. Becomes Jewell Lumber Co.
1906“Sand Creek Landing (Waldo),” BC: Ross brothers sell mill at Elkmouth to McInnes brothers and with Telford incorporate Ross-Saskatoon Lumber Co. to build mill.
1906AB: Post Office opens a local bureau called “Lundbreck.”
1906Lundbreck, AB: H.H. and Geo. Rogers open general store.
1906Beasley, BC: The Queen Victoria mine established and being developed by J.P. Swedberg: aerial tramway, short railway spur.
1906Maud, BC: (David Bride built his hotel and Joe Frank raised his store in what is now Bridesville.
1906B.C.: Keremeos Land Company organized to buy land from J.L. Coulthard and lay out the present Keremeos townsite.
1906The farmer-owned Grain Growers Grain Company (later, United Grain Growers) formed.
1906Coleman, AB: CPR builds permanent depôt.
1906Livingstone siding, AB: Renamed “Burmis” by CPR.
1906Lethbridge, AB: Ellison Milling and Elevator Company, Limited, begins building its plant. Finished 1907.
1906Lethbridge, AB: Hudson’s Bay Co. opens a store.
1906Blairmore, AB: Pass Turf Association formed.
1906Kimberley, BC: Taylor brothers buy Prest Lewis’s sawmill.
1906Marysville, BC: Board of Trade organized.
1906Fort Steele, BC: Fire razes part of the central business district.
1906Marysville, BC: The Falls View Hotel opens. Paul Handley buys the Central Hotel from Jack McDonald.
1906B.C.: A.E. Watts organizes the Boundary Exploration and Mining Company, Limited, to exploit coal measures near Midway.
1906Greenwood, BC: B.C. Copper refurbishes the nearby Anaconda Smelter, buys the Oro Denoro and the B.C. mines.
1906North Dakota: La France Mining Company registered the Chicago Mining Company.
1906Cascade, BC: West Kootenay Power and Light Company steals Anaconda Smelter electricity contract from the Cascade Water, Power and Light Company.
1906Nelson, BC: Hall Mining and Smelting adds a Huntington-Heberlein process roaster to its Nelson plant.
1906Elko, B.C.: Crow’s Nest Pass Electric Light and Power Company bought the generation rights to Elk River falls at Elko.
1906B.C.: Otis Staples Lumber Company of Wycliffe incorporated the St. Mary and Cherry Creek Railway.
1906Wardner, BC: CP finally builds a station.
1906Grand Forks, BC: Kettle Valley Lines raises its station.
1906JanuaryLethbridge, AB: Westminster School opens in North Ward.
1906JanuaryB.C.: The Moyie Lumber Company bought by J.D. McArthur, et al. Renamed the Porto Rico Lumber Company and soon acquired by Beaver Lumber Company of Winnipeg.
1906JanuaryLundbreck, AB: Thos. Madden and Reuben Steeves open the Windsor Hotel.
1906Jan. 8Spences Bridge, BC: CPR lays the first rails eastward on the Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen Railway.
1906Jan. 9Canadian Consolidated Mines, Limited federally chartered as the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada, Limited: W.D. Matthews, president.
1906Jan. 27Moose Jaw, Sask.: Grain Growers Grain Company founded at a meeting of the Territorial Grain Growers Association.
1906FebruaryThe Trusts and Guarantee Company, having reorganised the Kettle River Valley Railway as the Kettle Valley Lines, sent its managing director, James J. Warren, to Grand Forks to sell it.
1906Feb. 1Lille, AB: bureau de poste opens.
1906Feb. 3Blairmore, AB: Fire destroys Blairmore Hotel and adjoining businesses. Another Saturday night in the Big town. Thanx, Ian McKenzie.
1906Feb. 12Dominion Copper $5 million share offering.
1906Feb. 21Lethbridge, AB: United Mine Workers of America form Local 574 to represent Galt workers.
1906Mar. 9Lethbridge, AB: United Mine Workers of America Local 574 walks out on strike.
1906Mar. 19Yahk, BC: S.J. (Sam) McCartney sets up a permanent postal bureau.
1906Apr. 1Sunday.
1906Apr. 1Coleman, AB: Institutional Presbyterian Church dedicated.
1906Apr. 6Morrissey, BC: CNP Coal shuts down the Carbonado mine.
1906Apr. 6Federal political: That a Dominion Experimental Farm to be established at Lethbridge announced.
1906Apr. 9Blairmore, AB: St. Paul’s Anglican dedicated.
1906Apr. 29B.C.: UMWA strikes CNP Coal over wages. Brief.
1906MayLethbridge, AB: AR&I opens its mines with scab labour.
1906May 5Nelson, BC: CPR launches Kuskanook (1008 tons). Retired 1930.
1906May 8Ducks, BC: Bill Miner et al hold up CPR at what is now Monte Creek.
1906May 9Alberta political: “The Coal Mines Act, 1906” implemented, regulating sex and age of labour and instituting basic safety requirements.
1906May 9Alberta political: 1906 Chapter 64, “An Act to Incorporate the City of Lethbridge,” receives royal assent.
1906May 9Alberta political: 1906 6 Edward VII Chapter 37, “An Act respecting the Encouragement of the Sugar Beet Industry,” receives royal assent.
1906May 11B.C. political: Honourable James Dunsmiur commissioned lieutenant-governor.
1906May 12AB: Pincher Creek incorporated as a Town.
1906May 14B.C.: Bill Miner and associates captured in the Thompson Plateau.
1906May 28Lethbridge, AB: AR&I “replacement workers” enter Galt mines.
1906JulyGrand Forks, BC: KVL begins construction of a branch up the Granby River northward.
1906July 31England: Colonel James Baker dies.
1906AugustB.C.: Canadian Metals Company re-organizes its operations at Riondel and Pilot Bay, promoting S.S. Fowler to local command. Abandons smelter at Frank, AB.
1906Aug. 1Federal political: William Fairfield appointed superintendent of the Lethbridge Experimental Farm. Till 1945.
1906Aug. 5Coleman, AB: St. Alban’s Anglican Church opened.
1906Aug. 13Lethbridge, AB: Bomb explodes near residences of Galt “replacement” miners.
1906Aug. 16Alberta political: Order-in-Council incorporates Cowley as a Village.
1906SeptemberMerritt, BC: Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen Railway arrives.
1906SeptemberEast Shore of Kootenay Lake, B.C.: The 4th Earl Grey, governor-general of Canada, bought 54 acres and named it “Boswell Ranch.”
1906Sep. 15Alberta: Cowley gazetted as a Village; Percy James Biddell appointed Overseer.
1906Sep. 22B.C.: UMWA strikes CNP Coal over wages. Two months out.
1906Sep. 26Rossland, BC: Mrs. Mary Jane Hanna weds Col. Eugene Sayer Topping.
1906OctoberB.C.: Snowshoe Gold and Copper Mines, Limited, driven into insolvency by a hike in the price of coal.
1906OctoberBlairmore, AB: Union Bank of Canada opens a branch office.
1906OctoberAB: Dr. A.F. Watson succeeds as chief of the quarantine station near Lethbridge.
1906Oct. 22Canmore, AB: Western Coal Operators Association formed.
1906Nov. 1AB: W.L. Hamilton begons buying a coal prospect in the Crowsnest’s valley near Bellevue from J.C. Drewry.
1906Nov. 1Spokane International Railway declared open for business.
1906Nov. 2Nicola, BC: Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen Railway arrives.
1906Nov. 30Rocky Mountain Cement Company incorporated. Works at Blairmore, AB.
1906DecemberAB: Begins the cattle killing Winter in the south.
1906DecemberB.C.: West Kootenay Power and Light Company buys the South Kootenay Water Power Company.
1906Dec. 6Macleod, AB: Fire incinerates much of downtown Main Street.
1906Dec. 6Lethbridge, AB: Galt miners return to work.
1907 Year of Economic uncertainty: Wall Street Panic of 1907.
1907AB: Dead cattle litter the southern ranges.
1907B.C.: The Reco Group of Spokane bonds the four most promising claims on Copper Mountain.
1907 Beasley, BC: The Queen Victoria mine bonded by James Cronin et al: ore to Trail, BC.
1907Morrissey, BC: The Great Northern’s Morrissey, Fernie and Michel Railway buys CP’s Carbonado spur.
1907Calgary, AB: The Anglican church closes St. Dunstan’s, the Calgary Indian Industrial School.
1907Brocket, AB: Both the Alberta Pacific Grain Company and merchant Timothé Lebel of Pincher Creek complete grain “warehouses.”
1907Dorr, BC: Pugh and Livingstone establish their saw mill on Rock—now “Kikomun”—Creek.
1907W.L. Hamilton and the Leitch brothers form Lietch Collieries: HQ in Winnipeg, Manitoba; Malcolm Leitch, president.
1907Castlegar, BC: Columbia and Western Railway’s original station burns. Immediately replaced with extant building, the current (2006) museum.
1907Keremeos Centre, BC: present museum building Keremeos built as the jail.
1907Creston, BC: Chas. O. Rodgers establishes a sawmill at the mouth of the Goat River gorge.
1907Creston, BC: Bank of Commerce opens a branch.
1907I.R. 148, AB: Kainai Nation acquires a steam traction engine and a breaking plough. Two sections broken.
1907I.R. 148, AB: Crop-eared Wolf becomes Kainai head chief.
1907Lundbreck, AB: Dr. A.C.C. Johnson opens his pharmacy/hospital.
1907WA: J.J. Hill completes his “Third Mainline” through to Oroville from Marcus on the Columbia River.
1907Boswell, BC: Post office established: Emma Ginol, post mistress.
1907Dorr, BC: Pugh & Livingstone built sawmill on the Crows Nest Southern R/W line.
1907B.C.: L.C. Hill buys some 1,150 acres on the south-east side of Lake Osoyoos from Tom Ellis.
1907Osoyoos, BC: London-based Dominion Fairview Copper Company buys up the Waneta, Favourite and Waterdown Fraction on Kruger Mountain.
1907B.C.: Doukhobor leader P.V. Verigin buys the 900-acre Coryell Ranch near Grand Forks for $38,000.
1907Castlegar, BC: Doukhobor settlers begin arriving in the region.
1907B.C.: City of Nelson’s generating station at Upper Bonnington Falls began supplying electricity to Nelson and the Hall Mines smelter.
1907B.C.: The Cambrian Mining Company builds a 200-foot long pier into Moyie Lake and begins to sink a caisson on the Cambrian claim.
1907Crow’s Nest/Crowsnest, BC: CPR replaces station.
1907Macleod, AB: CPR moves depôt into town from original Haneyville location.
1907AB: Rocky Mountain Development drills its last well; on the Waterton townsite.
1907AB: The Canadian Northwest Company begins drilling a set of wells on the Castle River. Became Canada West Oil Co.
1907AB: Western Oil and Coal Consolidated Company sunk sunk an oil well near Pincher Creek. Gas in low quantities.
1907B.C.: West Kootenay Power and Light Company completes the Upper Bonnington Power Plant No. 2.
1907Granby Consolidated buys controlling interest in the Emma on Phœnix Mountain, BC.
1907Blairmore, AB: West Canadian Collieires moves its Canadian headquarters from Lille.
1907B.C.: The Federal Mining Company bankrupt; the Marysville smelter and the Sullivan mine at Kimberley shut down.
1907Phœnix, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting leases the Snowshoe and redeveloped the mine.
1907Cranbrook, BC: CP builds the 6 core stalls of its round house.
1907AB: R. James Galbraith sells Galbraith Coal Company and its works at Lundbreck to Andrew Laidlaw of Spokane, WA.
1907AB: AR&I pulls its St.MRR’s Woolford–Kimball branch.
1907Lethbridge, AB: City-built two-room kindergarten opens on Coutts opposite Barracks Square.
1907Elko, BC: Third school house built.
1907Macleod, AB: Town council enacts an ordinance requiring all downtown construction to use fire-proof materials.
1907Grand Forks, BC: Kettle River Lines begins a twelve year long project to build up the Granby River to Brown’s, Franklin and Gloucester Camps.
1907JanuaryBlairmore, AB: Blairmore Coal and Coke Company began development of Blairmore South mine.
1907Jan. 1Harrop, BC: Ernest Harrop opens a postal bureau.
1907Jan. 7Hanbury, BC: Postal bureau opened in the North Star/Jewell Lumber mill offices.
1907Feb. 2B.C. political: Richard McBride re-elected Conservative premier of B.C.
1907SpringCanada: Livestock losses mount on the southern Prairies.
1907SpringB.C.: CPR declares the Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen Railway open.
1907Mar. 17B.C.: The CPR establishes the Pacific Coal Company, Limited to take charge of Hosmer Mines, Limited, which begins development of the property in the Elk valley.
1907AprilCascade Water, Power and Light Company sells out to the West Kootenay Power and Light Company.
1907AprilJ.J. Hill announces GN’s intent to extend through Crowsnest and out onto the Prairies.
1907AprilLouis Warren Hill succeeds James Jerome Hill as president of the Great Northern Railway. Hill, Sr., becomes chairman of the board.
1907AprilWA: WGN begins building up the Similkameen from Oroville.
1907Apr. 1B.C.: UMWA strikes CNP Coal. Until May 2. Wm. Lyon Mackenzie King mediates and obtains a 4-year agreement.
1907Apr. 3Coleman, AB: Three die in the after damp of a gas blast in the International Coal and Coke mine.
1907Apr. 4Granite City, BC: Derelict remains of town burns.
1907Apr. 11B.C.: Foley, Welch and Stewart track gangs working northward cross the Boundary in the Similkameen Valley.
1907Apr. 16Okanagan Landing, BC: CPR’s B.C. Lake and River Service launches Okanagan (1078 tons). Sold for scrapping in 1938.
1907MayMorrissey, BC: CNP Coal restarts work in the Carbonado colliery.
1907MayFederal: Seeds of “Marquis” wheat sent to Dominion experimental farms.
1907MayB.C.: Water Rights Branch grants a permit to the Cranbrook Electric Light Company, Limited, to harness St Mary’s River.
1907May 1SK: Province confiscates 258,000 acres of land from the Doukhobors.
1907May 2B.C.: Foley, Welch and Stewart Company build the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway through Cawston and soon into Keremeos.
1907May 7Marquis wheat, developed by Chas. Edwd. Saunders of the Dominion Experimental Farms, is introduced.
1907May 23Cawston, BC: Similkameen River floods washes out the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway right-of-way below nearby.
1907JuneI.R. 148, AB: At DIA insistance the Kainai Nation votes on the proposal to sell part of Reserve. Rejected.
1907June 1Federal political: Law adopted requiring Doukhobors to obey homestead regulations. Eventually 400,000 acres of land stripped from the Congregation.
1907June 1Lethbridge, AB: United Mine Workers of America and Alberta Railway and Irrigation Co. agree to a contract expiring on March 31, 1909
1907June 6Wardner, BC: A sizeable portion of business district burns.
1907June 15Bellevue, AB: postal bureau opens.
1907June 15Hillcrest Mines, AB: Post Office opens a local bureau. (see Jan. 1, 1908)
1907June 22Lethbridge, AB: Surveyors begin locating the footings of the Viaduct.
1907JulyBellevue, AB: Develoment begins on the Maple Leaf mine.
1907July 1Spokane Falls and Northern Railway dissolved and its assets incorporated into the Great Northern.
1907July 1CP initiated its Soo-Pacific Train de Luxe passenger service on the Soo Line/Spokane International route.
1907July 10Keremeos, BC: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway train arrives.
1907July 29Coleman, AB: John Nathan appointed town“s first constable.
1907Aug. 8New Westminster, BC: Bill Miner escapes from the British Columbia Penitentiary.
1907SeptemberB.C.: CNP Coal lays out the townsite which would become “Natal.”
1907SeptemberNelson, BC: Hall Mining and Smelting shuts down its smelter.
1907Sep. 7Vancouver, BC: Anti-Oriental riot.
1907Sep. 13Federal politcal: Honourable G.P. Graham appointed Minister of Railways and Canals.
1907Sep. 20Moyie, BC: Fire hall completed and commissioned. Hose tower added in 1909.
1907AutumnPoor crops in the Canadian West.
1907AutumnAnaconda, BC: B.C. Copper suspends operations at Anaconda Smelter near Greenwood.
1907OctoberBoundary Falls, BC: Dominion Copper Company suspends operations at the Sunset Smelter.
1907Oct. 1Keremeos, BC: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway commences regular service.
1907Oct. 26Lethbridge, AB: Crews begin puring the Viaduct“s footings.
1907Nov. 1The Great Northern acquires and merges the St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway which it had leased in 1890.
1907Nov. 10Hosmer, BC: Three die in mine cave-in.
1907DecemberBurmis, AB.: East Crow’s Nest Pass Coal Company of Spokane, Washington, buys mineral rights to a section.
1907Dec. 1Fruitvale, BC: J.N. Hammond appointed the first postmaster.
1907Dec. 4James Galbraith dead.
1908Recession year.
1908Natal, BC: The Elk Valley Brewing Company builds its brewery on the “New Michel” or “Newtown” (later, “Natal”) townsite.
1908Nelson, BC: West Kootenay Power begins supplying power to the Silver King mine.
1908B.C.: City of Nelson’s power project at Upper Bonnington complete.
1908Nelson, B.C.: Neslon Electric Tramway car-barn fire.
1908Coleman, AB: Battle of “Bushtown.” Communal violence.
1908Jaffray, BC.: CP replaces first crude station with a two-storey structure?
1908Cowley, AB.: St. Aiden’s Anglican opened.
1908Fernie, BC.: The Fernie Brick Company begins manufacturing.
1908CP bought two sections adjacent to its coal measures in the Elk valley from Crow’s Nest Pass Electric Light and Power upon which to build the commercial town of Hosmer.
1908Procter, BC.: Barge slip and piers re-built.
1908Fernie, BC: United Mine Workers of America buy the Fernie Ledger and change its name to District Ledger. Ceased publication in 1919.
1908American investors buy the Queen Group of four claims and its 20-stamp mill near Salmo, BC.
1908Keremeos, BC: Similkameen River road-bridged.
1908Beasley, BC: The Queen Victoria mine bonded to E.A. Erlund et al of New York.
1908Yahk, BC: Teddy Klausen opened Commercial Hotel.
1908Using its Soo Line/Spokane International route, CP won the contract for transferring U.S. mail between the Northwest and Minneapolis-St. Paul.
1908Creston, BC: J.J. Atherton began publishing The Creston Review.
1908B.C.: The Wood-McNab Lumber Company set up a sawmill in the Hartley Creek valley off the Elk River.
1908Creston, BC.: Board of Trade established: chairman, Edwd. Mallandaine.
1908Creston, B.C.: Goat Mountain Waterworks begins supplying community with piped water.
1908Michel, B.C.: Crows Nest Southern Railway completed from Fernie.
1908West Canadian Collieries buys itself from Le Societé Anonymé du Chemin de Fer Noullier du Canada.
1908Bellevue, AB.: West Canadian Collieries completes new tipple.
1908Nelson, BC: Canada Zinc Company, Limited obtains an operating loan from the province, but denied federal money. Folds.
1908B.C.: The Granby Consolidated Mining, Smelting and Power Company bonds the Dividend claim near Osoyoos.
1908B.C.: Doukhobors operating a reaction ferry across the Columbia River between Kinnaird and Waterloo.
1908B.C.: CPR laid 12 miles of the Kootenay Central south from Golden, BC.
1908B.C.: Bull River Electric Light and Power broke and ceases operations.
1908Henry Luplin Frank dies.
1908Lethbridge, AB: CPR expands station.
1908Andrew Rosen clears a farm on the Colony Road north of Fort Steele, B.C.
1908Marysville, B.C.: Crow’s Nest Pass Lumber Company opens new mill.
1908Blairmore, AB.: “Main School” raised.
1908Cowley, AB.: School house erected “in town.”
1908Jan. 1Hillcrest Mines, AB.: Post Office opens a local bureau. (see June 15, 1907)
1908Jan. 20Monday
1908Mar. 5Alberta political: 8 Edward VII Chapter 17“An Act to Amend the Coal Mines Act for the Purpose of Limiting Hours of Work Below Ground (The Coal Mines Act 1908)” receives royal assent.
1908Mar. 27First issue of Keremeos Trumpet (closed December 31, 1909).
1908SpringB.C.: Washouts on the Kaslo & Slocan.
1908AprilJames J. Warren of the Kettle Valley Lines contrives to meet CP’s Shaughnessy aboard the Empress of Britain.
1908AprilColeman, AB: H.S. French begins publishing the Coleman Miner.
1908AprilCanadian-American Coal and Coke re-organized as the Canadian Consolidated Coal Co.
1908Apr. 1Lethbridge, AB: 25th Battery of the Canadian Field Artillery organized.
1908May 20Fruitvale, BC: Anglican Church organized, the Rev. M. Graham of Nelson officiating.
1908June 1B.C. Copper restarts operations at Anaconda Smelter at Greenwood, BC.
1908June 1Passburg, AB.: postal bureau opened: Wm. Kerr, postmaster.
1908June 6The Eastern British Columbia Railway enchartered in B.C.
1908June 7The steam ship City of Medicine Hat drifted into the souther-most pier of the Traffic Bridge in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, and sinks.
1908June 28Blairmore, AB, absorbs South Blairmore.
1908JulyCanadian Metals Company completes construction of its concentrator at the Bluebell and has finished salvaging the Pilot Bay smelter.
1908July 11Grand Forks, BC: Downtown mauled by fire.
1908July 31Coal Creek, BC: Cave-in kills 4, traps 21 in mine No. 2 after a bump. Mine subsequently abandoned.
1908Aug. 1B.C.: Big Fire begins at Fernie and burns up Elk River valley, over Hosmer and up Michel Creek to Michel, BC.
1908Aug. 8WA: Corbin Coke and Coal Company, Limited, incorporated, capitalized at two million dollars, Albert Allen, president.
1908Aug. 15Lethbridge, AB.: First steel of the Viaduct set.
1908SeptemberLethbridge, AB: Galt family deeds “the Square” to the City.
1908SeptemberAB: First of the great tracts of surveyed land opened for settlement in southern Alberta.
1908SeptemberRobson, B.C.: First school classes convened in Baptist Mission Church: Gertrude Mitchell, teacher.
1908AutumnB.C.: CP’s Tie and Timber Branch buys the Parker and Thorp operation on the Kootenay River near Bull River.
1908Oct. 26Federal Election: Laurier returned as Liberal prime minister of Canada.
1908Dec. 19Hosmer, B.C.: CP begins shipping coal.
1908DecemberNelson, B.C.: Hall Mines smelter now an empty, abandoned shell; salvaged.
1908DecemberLethbridge, AB: Galt No. 5 completed. No. 6 being dug.
1908Dec. 31B.C.: Municipality of Penticton incorporated: Alfred H. Wade, mayor.
1908EndColeman, AB.: International Coal and Coke completes last of 216 coke ovens.
1909Nelson, BC: CPR launches Hosmer (154 tons). Sold 1934.
1909Nelson, BC: City leases its City Wharf to the CPR.
1909Nelson, BC: Rattenbury-designed court house completed.
1909Federal political: David Laird retires as Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Post abolished.
1909Marquis wheat released to the farming public.
1909Cowley, AB: Alberta Hotel burned down.
1909Jaffray, BC: Andrew Rosen builds his store.
1909Jaffray, BC: New school built.
1909Baynes Lake, BC: School opened. Jennie Adolph.
1909AB: St. Mary’s River Railway ceases narrow gauge operations.
1909Kipp, AB: CP begins construction of what became its Aldersyde Sub. from a spur near the station.
1909Kipp, AB: Diamond City Railway Co. lays its mainline from a switch in the CNL south of Kipp to Diamond City and Commerce.
1909“Royal City,” AB: New Barnes Coal Company opens its mine.
1909Beaver Mines, AB: Western Oil and Coal Consolidated Company begins mining operations. Ceased operations in 1914.
1909Taber, AB: Father Leonard Van Tighem trasferred hither from Lethbridge.
1909Corbin Coke and Coal Company, Limited, restructured: D.C. Corbin, president.
1909Fernie, BC: Municipal steam-powered generating plant completed.
1909Coleman, AB: The Foothills Job Printing Company buys the Coleman Miner. Shut down by the authorities in 1911 for its pro-labour editorials.
1909Okanagan Falls, BC: Bassett House raised.
1909Lundbreck, AB.: Andrew Laidlaw up-grades the surface plant of the Galbraith Coal Co.
1909Passburg, AB.: Leitch Collieries began developing its mine No. 2 at Police Falts.
1909Beasley, BC: Queen Victoria mine closed.
1909Lethbridge, AB: Galt No. 6 completed.
1909Lethbridge, AB: UMWA strike Galt works.
1909Blairmore, AB. Blairmore Baptist (now United) church opened.
1909Grand Forks, BC. Grand Forks Hotel completed.
1909Grand Forks, BC: Doukhobor settlers begin arriving at area settlement of Fructova.
1909Grand Forks, BC: Charles Allen buys E.E. Spraggett’s planing mill and sash and door factory on Ruckle Slough. Renamed the Norris Lumber and Box Company.
1909B.C.: Bull River Electric Light and Power lays out the townsite of Pritchard.
1909Cranbrook, BC: Masonic Temple completed.
1909Cranbrook, BC: Central School completed.
1909Sentinel, AB; Siding laid in.
1909East Crow’s Nest Pass Coal Company of Spokane, Washington, forms Davenport Coal Company to develop a mine at Burmis, AB.
1909“Lime City,” AB.: Joe Little buys a property on the east side of the Frank Slide debris field to set up a lime-burning operation.
1909B.C.: The Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company acquires the No. 7 property and the adjacent Caber Fae Fraction and the Black Jack in the Boundary Creek area.
1909Sandon, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting bought the Richmond-Eureka mine: ore by N&S, barge and C&W to Trail.
1909Phœnix Mountain, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting bought the Snowshoe mine.
1909Jewel Lake, BC: Jewel-Denoro Mines Company commences construction of a 15-stamp mill near Greenwood.
1909WA: McGillivray Creek Coal and Coke Company, Limited, incorporated.
1909B.C.: International Navigation and Trading retires the International.
1909Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway relinquishes its right-of-way in the Coquihalla valley in BC. Reclaims it in 1911.
1909Grand Forks, BC: Russell Hotel (Longhorn Saloon) raised.
1909B.C.: Board of Railway Commissioners orders CP to raise a station at A.E. Watts’ “Wattsburg” near Cranbrook. CP named it “Lumberton” out of spite.
1909Cowley, AB: Alberta Hotel burns.
1909AB: United Farmers of Alberta formed.
1909The CPR completes the re-alignment of the Crow’s Nest Line between Lethbridge and Macleod, AB.
1909Cowley, AB: St. Aiden’s Anglican opened.
1909Pincher Creek, AB: King Edward Hotel opened.
1909Pincher Creek, AB: Timothé Lebel completes his mansion.
1909Diamond City, AB: Diamond Coal Company begins production. Sporadic production after WWI, ending in 1930.
1909AB: New Barnes Coal Co. begins production near Lethbridge.
1909AB: Townsite of Brocket laid out.
1909Macleod, AB: Extant Mackenzie Bridge over the Oldman River installed.
1909Lethbridge, AB: CPR runs spur out to mines at Coal City (aka “Royal City,” “Village of Royal View”)
1909Lethbridge, AB: “Kuo Min Tang” building completed.
1909Lethbridge, AB: Acadia Building completed.
1909Lethbridge, AB: E.E. Carver-designed Sherlock Block completed. Two more floors added in 1911 (five total).
1909Lethbridge, AB: Mrs. Maria Elizabeth Van Haarlem, nurse, opens a medical care home.
1909Jan. 1Lethbridge, AB: Lemuel H. Fowler installed as Fire Chief.
1909Jan. 11Boundary Waters Treaty signed by the U.S. & G.B. to regulate the diversion and impounding of cross-Boundary streams. An International Joint Commission established to review all projects. Immediately affected was the St. Mary’s River and Milk River irrigation schemes in southern Alberta.
1909Jan. 15Lethbridge, AB: J.A. MacDonald-designed fire hall opened.
1909Jan. 27Morrissey, BC: An outburst in the Carbonado: no fatalities.
1909Feb. 1Fernie, BC: CPR officially opens its “Special WF” depôt.
1909Feb. 9AB: St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Separate School District No. 18 founded in southern Alberta.
1909Feb. 11B.C.: CNP Coal modifies its charter to allow itself to develop real estate at Fernie.
1909Feb. 25AB: 9 Edward VII Chap.44, “An Act to Incorporate the Kootenay and Alberta Railway Company,” receives royal assent.
1909Feb. 25AB: 9 Edward VII, Chap. 22, “An Act respecting the Galt Hospital,” receives royal assent.
1909Mar. 22Alberta election: Alexander Rutherford’s Liberals re-elected.
1909March“New Michel,” BC: GN pushed rails of Crow’s Nest Southern into what became “Natal.”
1909SpringB.C.: Washouts on the K&S.
1909April“New Michel,” BC: Postal bureau opens.
1909AprilAlberta political: Coal Mine Act, 1909, implementing 8-hour work day. Strike when owners refuse to include travel time in the shift.
1909AprilB.C.: E. Golden Filer and Associates buy CNP Lumber for $1.2 million. Two mills: Wardner and Marysville. Immediately begin building a new mill near Jaffray at “Manistee.”
1909AprilBlairmore, AB: West Canadian Collieries announces finding a promising coal seam in its Blairmore South mine.
1909Apr. 26Robson, BC: Annie Hartford, first baby born.
1909MayU.S.A.: Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway completed.
1909May 4B.C.: Upper Spiral Tunnel on the CPR’s mainline in the Kicking Horse Pass completed.
1909May 5B.C.: Lower Spiral Tunnel completed.
1909May 5Morrissey, BC: An outburst in the Carbonado: two killed.
1909May 19Morrissey, BC: An outburst in the Carbonado: no fatalities.
1909JuneLethbridge, AB: City opens City #1 mine to feed the civic power plant. Closed in October, 1941.
1909June 7Salmo, BC: John Waldbeser incorporates the Iron Mountain Limited to work the Emerald property nearby.
1909June 11New Dominion Copper Company formed.
1909June 22Lethbridge, AB: First locomotive across Viaduct.
1909JulyEdmonton, AB: Grand Trunk Pacific Railway commences service.
1909JulyKimberley, BC: Federal Mining Company and some of its main creditors buy at auction the assets of the Sullivan mine.
1909July 16I.R. 147A, AB: At the insistance of DIA officials, Piikani hold vote to OK sale of lands. Rejected.
1909July 25Blairmore, AB: Central Baptist Church dedicated.
1909AugustMorrissey, BC: CNP Coal ceased working the Carbonado.
1909Aug. 6Fernie, BC: Albert Mutz declares the rebuilt brewery formally open.
1909Aug. 11Lethbridge, AB: First train across the Viaduct.
1909Aug. 13Lethbridge, AB: Thomas Peter Kilkenny installed as Fire Chief. Recruited 12-man force to live in fire hall by December.
1909Aug. 12Hedley, BC: The Marcus Daly estate sold the Nickel Plate operation to U.S. Steel’s subsidiary, the Exploration Syndicate of New York which organized the Hedley Gold Mining Company to work the project.
1909SeptemberLethbridge, AB: Castle Hotel completed.
1909SeptemberBellevue, AB: Chet Wentworth offers lots for sale in the “Maple Leaf” suburb.
1909Sep. 7B.C.: Nelson Street Railway Company incorporated to take over assets of the Nelson Electric Tramway Company.
1909Oct. 20B.C. political: Provoincial Conservative government announces its Railway Policy, granting the Kettle Valley Lines a $5,000 per mile subsidy for a 150-mile portion of its project, a tax break, and a free right-of-way across crown lands.
1909Oct. 23AB.: Traffic commences on CPR’s new rail line between Lethbridge and Macleod.
1909NovemberMichel, B.C.: New Hotel Michel completed. Burned late ‘20s.
1909NovemberI.R. 147A, AB.: Despite the results of the vote on July 16th, DIA officials auction off 23,000 acres of Piikani reserved lands.
1909Nov. 1Lethbridge, AB.: Viaduct officially inaugurated.
1909Nov. 4Blairmore, AB,: The Blairmore Enterprise begins publication. Closes May of 1910.
1909Nov. 9Princeton, B.C.: The Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway completes its crossing of the Similkameen River.
1909Nov. 25B.C. political: Richard McBride leads Conservatives to re-election.
1909DecemberConsolidated Mining and Smelting takes a one-year lease on the Sullivan at Kimberley, B.C.
1909Dec. 3Honourable T.W. Patterson commissioned lieutenant-governor of B.C.
1909Dec. 10Coleman, AB: “Slav Town” absorbed.
1909Dec. 23B.C.: First Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway passenger train into Hedley and Princeton.
1909Dec. 31Lethbridge, AB.: Old power plant burns.
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