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Page 16 (1913 - 1917)

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1913A year of general economic decline caused by the withdrawal of European capital from world markets in anticipation of War.
1913Beasley, BC: The British Columbia Copper Company buys the Queen Victoria.
1913Erie, BC: Arlington mine closed.
1913AB: Laboratory completed at Dept. of the Interior’s Lethbridge quarantine station.
1913Lethbridge, AB: Nurse Maria Elizabeth Van Haarlem leases the Wimpole Hospital.
1913Lethbridge, AB: Galt Hospital and ancillary buildings trasferred to the City.
1913Lethbridge, AB: Macaroni factory built.
1913Lethbridge, AB: HBC Athletic Association builds nine-hole golfing course at Henderson Lake.
1913Lethbridge, AB: Purity Bottling Works opens.
1913I.R. 148, AB: Shot-on-Both-Sides becomes the Kainai head chief.
1913B.C.: C.R. Hosmer takes over the presidency of West Kootenay Power.
1913Brilliant, BC: Doukhobors complete their suspension bridge.
1913Blairmore, AB: West Canadian Collieries begins working its Greenhill mine.
1913St. Eugene’s Mission, BC: Barn of the Residential School completed.
1913B.C.: Consolidated Mining and Smelting leases the HB mine near Salmo to W.R. Salisbury.
1913B.C.: Completion of the grand Residential School barn at the St. Eugene’s Mission completed on the St. Mary’s Reserve.
1913Hillcrest, AB: Hillcrest Methodist Chruch founded. Closed 1980 as United Church.
1913Trans-Canada Cavalcade of autos travels through the Crowsnest Pass on its way from Halifax to Vancouver.
1913B.C.: J.A. (John) Finch of Spokane and Lorne Argyle Campbell form the Relief Gold Mining Company to acquire the Second Relief mine at Erie.
1913Boundary Falls, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting shuts down the No. 7 mine.
1913Kimberley, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting completes the purchase of the Sullivan properties.
1913B.C.: Granby Consolidated Mining and Smelting begins developing its Anyox properties on the Coast.
1913Nelson, BC: Ferry service across West Arm established.
1913Burmis, AB: Record year for production from Davenport Coal Co.
1913Cowley, AB: “Big School” finished.
1913Beaver Mines, AB: Canadian Coal and Coke Company takes over assets of Western Coal and Coke Company.
1913AB: Farmer-owned Alberta Farmers Co-operative Elevator Co. formed.
1913AB: Reclamation Service of the Department of the Interior send surveyors out determine best way to water Coyote Flats north of Macleod, Monarch.
1913Blairmore, AB: Rocky Mountain Cement’s peak production year.
1913B.C.: W.E. Welby’s stage line in the Similkameen and Okangan valleys goes out of business.
1913B.C.: Highway Branch formed within Department of Public Works.
1913Princeton, BC: B.C. Cement begins production in East Princeton.
1913Macleod, AB: The Public Works Building completed. Called since March 22nd, 1994, the “H.J. Friesen Building.”
1913Grand Forks, BC: CPR begins service into the Kettle Valley Railway’s station.
1913B.C.: School built at Glenlily (between Curzon and King’s Gate/Eastport).
1913Beaver Mines, AB: Western Oil and Coal Consolidated Company suspends coal mining operations.
1913Jan. 6Burmis, AB.: One room school building opened for classes.
1913Jan. 22Bull River, BC: Grand opening of the Tourist Hotel.
1913MarchCorbin, BC.: Fire breaks out in Corbin Coal & Coke’s No. 1 mine.
1913Mar. 7Vancouver, BC: E. Pauline Johnson dead.
1913Mar. 13Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge County Club incorporated.
1913AprilCoalmont, BC: Columbia Coal suspends operations until November.
1913Apr. 9Gilman-Warren Agreement between GN and the Kettle Valley Railway for mutual construction of and operation on the Hope-Princeton section of their lines (finalized July 10, 1914).
1913Apr. 17Election, AB: A.L. Sifton’s Liberals re-elected.
1913Apr. 30Nelson, BC: CPR launches Nasookin (1869 tons). Leased to Province in 1931 as a car ferry across Kootenay Lake. Bought and re-built by Province in 1933, retired in 1947.
1913MayB.C.: Okanagan United Growers Limited organized.
1913MayWorld-wide general economic downturn begins caused by the flight of capital from risk to secure investments.
1913May 20B.C.: B&N begins removing its hardware between Kuskonook and Creston Junction (Wynndel).
1913May 25AB: 4 George V 1913 Chapter 22 “An Act to incorporate the City of Lethbridge” received royal assent, re-organizing City administration. Becomes effective January 1, 1914.
1913May 29Calgary, AB: John Breckenridge dies.
1913June 2Edmonton, AB: High Level Bridge opens.
1913June 3Corbin, BC: Corbin C&C seals mine No. 1 at Coal Mountain. Fire.
1913June 4Victoria, BC: Gilbert Malcolm Sproat dies.
1913June 17Lethbridge, AB: Methodists lay cornerstone of Wesley Church. Completed in 1914.
1913June 19Edmonton, AB: First train across the High Level Bridge.
1913JulyMidway, BC: Explosion injures two in the coal mine of the Boundary Exploration and Mining Company, Limited. Mine shut down.
1913July 1CPR leases the Kettle Valley Railway for 999 years.
1913Aug. 7Wardner, BC: Tuesday: Planer mill buildings burn.
1913Aug. 8GN takes over Kootenay Valley Railway.
1913Aug. 24Lethbridge, AB: Roman Catholics lay cornerstone of St. Patrick’s Church.
1913Sep. 1Deadwood, BC: 10:00 a.m. on Monday morning, the Big Blast at the Mother Lode mine.
1913Sep. 2U.S.A.: Bill Miner dies in the Milledgeville State Prison in Georgia. (1947)
1913Sep. 24Lethbridge, AB: First mass celebrated in uncompleted St. Patrick’s Church.
1913Sep. 30B.C.: Sidley Post Office closes.
1913Sep. 30Moyie, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting closes the St. Eugene.
1913NovemberCoalhurst, AB: Lethbridge Collieries transfers the Imperial mine to its subsidiary, Canada Coal & Coke, Ltd.
1913Nov. 5Cardston, AB: Construction begins on Mormon temple. Completed in 1921, but unfurnished. Officially opened on August 23rd, 1926.
1913Nov. 13CP completes reconstruction of the K&S and integration into the Nakusp and Slocan.
1913Nov. 17Last spike driven on the National Transcontinental Railway.
1913Nov. 20Fruitvale, BC: St. John the Evangelist Anglican church dedicated.
1913WinterMild weather. Coal prices plummet.
1913DecemberArmstrong, Morrison and Company of Vancouver begins work on the Hope road/railway bridge.
1913Dec. 17AB: Coalhurst declared a Village.
1913EndThe Kettle Valley Railway’s rails westbound from Penticton reach Osprey Lake in the Thompson Plateau; westbound from Midway reach Hydraulic Lake in the Okanagan Highlands.
1914Year of Drought in southern Alberta.
1914B.C.: E&N extended to Courtenay, 140 miles from Victoria.
1914Nelson, BC: CPR launches Nelson (25 tons). Sold 1920.
1914Balfour, BC: CP closes Hotel Kootenay Lake.
1914Lundbreck, AB: Reuben Steeve closes his brick yard.
1914Grand Forks, BC: CPR completes 15-stall roundhouse.
1914?Jaffray, BC: John Henderson and Helen Norris build Jaffray House Hotel.
1914Raymond, AB: Knight Sugar Company closes its processing plant and moves machinery to Cornish, ID.
1914Pincher Creek, AB: Lt. Col. A.C. Kemmis musters 13th Canadian Mounted Rifles (and the 23rd Alberta Rangers?) for training.
1914Blairmore, AB: West Canadian Collieries quits working Blairmore South mine.
1914Saratoga, NY: F.A. Heinze dies.
1914AB: Original Discovery Oil Company bought Rocky Mountain Development’s holdings in s-w Alberta, including Discovery No. 1. No work till 1919 and operations ceased 1920.
1914AB: CPR creates Lethbridge Divison under Superintendent F. Walker.
1914Blairmore, AB: Rocky Mountain Cement ceases production.
1914Blairmore, AB: Austrian Brick Works ceases production.
1914Lethbridge, AB: Mormons begin building a church.
1914Lethbridge, AB: Crystal Dairies began operations.
1914Lethbridge, AB: Hygienic Dairies began operations.
1914Raymond, AB: Knight Sugar plant closed.
1914Galloway, BC: A. McDonald and Company buys the Manistee Lumber Company’s mill.
1914Nelson, BC: Last year of mining the Silver King.
1914GN completes Washington Great Northern line from Wenatchee, WA, on the mainline to Oroville, WA.
1914Jan. 1Sir William Mackenzie drives the last spike on the Canadian Northern Railway at Little White Otter River, Ontario.
1914Jan. 14David Laird dies in Ottawa.
1914FebruaryThe Board of Railway Commissioners ruled that all locomotives in B.C. were to be converted to oil by 1915. Rescinded due to War.
1914Feb. 1The City of Nelson, BC, buys its street tramway system.
1914Feb. 14Last run of CP’s Spokane Flyer, Spokane, WA, to Minneapolis, MN.
1914Feb. 22British Columbia Smelting and Refining Company dissolved.
1914Feb. 23Calgary, AB: First Canadian Northern Railway passenger train arrives (from Saskatoon).
1914Feb. 27Calgary, AB: First Grand Trunk Pacific Railway passenger train arrives.
1914MarchFrank, AB: Canadian Consolidated Coal Company re-organized itself as Franco-Canadian Collieries to re-open and operate the troubled mine.
1914Mar. 23Virginia: Canadian Copper Corporation, Limited, organized. Begins buying controlling interest in the B.C. Copper Company.
1914Apr. 5?Finmoore, BC: Last spike driven in Grand Trunk Pacific.
1914Apr. 7?Fort Fraser, BC: Last spike driven in Grand Trunk Pacific.
1914Apr. 20Okanagan Landing, BC: CPR launches Naramata (150 tons). Retired 1967.
1914MayB.C.: J.M. Robinson sells interest in the Summerland Development Co. to Shaughnessy and associates.
1914May 16Turner Valley, AB: Dingman well blows in.
1914May 23Vancouver, BC: The Komagata Maru arrives with 376 East Indian passengers.
1914May 26Okanagan Landing, BC: CPR launches Sicamous (1787 tons). Retired 1936.
1914JuneLethbridge, AB: The 25th Battery of the Canadian Field Artillery re-equipped with 13-pounder guns.
1914June 19Hillcrest, AB.: Friday, 9:30 a.m., 189 men die in Hillcrest mine.
1914June 24CP’s Natural Resources Department announced the impending closure of its Hosmer mines.
1914June 26B.C.: Canadian Copper Corporation, Limited, registered.
1914June 28Sunday in Sarajevo, 10:30 a.m.: Bosnian Serb Gavrilo Princip shoots Austrian Archduke Francis Ferdinand and Countess Sophie Chotek von Chotkova. Sophie dead at 10:45, Ferdinand dead at 11:00.
1914July 1B.C.: CPR formally opens the Nakusp and Slocan Railway’s extension from Three Forks to Kaslo (Kaslo Subdividion).
1914July 3Hosmer, BC: CPR’s Natural Resources Branch officially closes its mining operations.
1914July 12Lake Okanagan, BC: Inaugural run of the Sicamous
1914July 23Vancouver, BC: The Komagata Maru escorted out of harbour by HMS Rainbow, its 376 East Indian passengers (less 20 for medical reasons) having been refused permission to land.
1914July 23The Coroner’s Jury report into the Hillcrest Mine disaster tabled at Coleman.
1914Aug. 4King George V declares the British Empire in a state of war with Germany.
1914Aug. 6Federal political: Minister of Militia and Defence, Colonel Sam Hughes, commands forces to begin recruiting.
1914Aug. 15Panama Canal officially opened.
1914Sep. 11B.C.: B&N ends all operations. Kootenai Valley Railway continues service from Bonner’s Ferry to the Boundary.
1914OctoberHope, BC: The two-level rail/road bridge across the Fraser River complete.
1914OctoberCowley, AB.: Davison’s store, P.O./telephone exchange, Pettits’ Restaurant, etc, burns.
1914Oct. 2B.C.: Last spike on Kettle Valley Railway Midway-Penticton section (Carmi subdivision).
1914Oct. 16B.C.: Midway to Penticton section of the Kettle Valley Railway declared open.
1914Oct. 20B.C.: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway completes its connection from Princeton to the Kettle Valley Railway at Brookmere.
1914Oct. 24Commissioner A.A. Carpenter submits the report on his enquiry into the Hillcrest Mine Disaster.
1914Oct. 25B.C.: Last spike on Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway’s Brookmere-Princeton section driven by Louis Warren Hill.
1914Nov. 16Lethbridge, AB: Recruiting Office for the 31st “Alberta’ Battalion, and the 3rd, 12th, and 13th Mounted Rifle Regiments opens at 0700 hours.
1914Nov. 20Coalhurst, AB: The first meeting to organize an irrigation district on the Coyote Flats north of Monarch was convened.
1914DecemberB.C.: Last spike in the Kootenay Central Railway driven.
1914Dec. 5B.C. political: Sir F.S. Bernard commissioned as the lieutenant-governor.
1914Dec. 30Hope, BC: Rails laid on the road/railway bridge.
1915Hedley, BC: Hedley Gold Mining Company builds dam and hydro-generating station on the Similkameen.
1915B.C.: Bull River Hydro Electric Power launches suit against CP for damage to its Flume. Settled in 1918.
1915Valentine Hyde Baker retires to England.
1915Burmis, AB: Davenport Coal Company operation shut down and equipment eventually to Wayne, AB.
1915Bellevue, AB: Maple Leaf Coal Co. shuts down the Mohawk.
1915Greenwood, BC: Post Office building completed.
1915Kimberley, BC: Taylor brothers abandon their sawmill.
1915Pincher Creek, AB: Fire takes top floor of Lebel’s stone-built department store.
1915Fructova, BC: Doukhobors complete flour mill near Grand Forks.
1915AB.: Doukhobors of Nastasia’s Party begin settling in the Cowley area, eventually owning some 12,000 acres.
1915Grand Forks, BC: Bell tower of city hall completed.
1915Coalhurst, AB: Pacific Hotel burns.
1915Coalhurst, AB: Canada Coal and Coke suspends operations at the Imperial.
1915Bellevue, AB: St. Cyril’s RC Church completed.
1915Christina Lake, BC: Lodge Hotel raised.
1915Lethbridge, AB: Bowman Manual Arts Training School converted to a high school.
1915Lethbridge, AB: Peter Lund and his son, Roger Chas., set up P. Lund and Son Lumber and soon have outlets in Macleod, Coaldale, Chin, Barnwell, as well as Lethbridge. Sold out to Beaver Lumber in 1917.
1915Coal Mountain, BC: Corbin C&C set up a steam shovel on the “Big Showing” and begin to strip mine.
1915Jan. 1Great North Western Telegraph Company absorbed by the Canadian Northern Telegraph Company.
1915Jan. 8H.G. Bellinger of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry dies at the Ypres salient. First Canadian known to have been killed in WWI.
1915Jan. 23Basque, BC: William Mackenzie drives last spike in Canadian Northern Railway.
1915Mar. 15Passburg, AB: Lietch Collieries closes its mine.
1915SpringPrinceton, BC: The Kettle Valley Railway completes its Tulameen River bridge.
1915Mar. 26Beaver Mines, AB: Canadian Coal and Coke Company closes its mines.
1915Apr. 21Princeton, BC: Track-laying supervisor Charles Taylor drives the last spike of the Kettle Valley Railway’s Penticton–Merritt section.
1915Apr. 22Europe: Poison gas used for the first time in war. French North-African colonial troops suffer at the Ypres salient.
1915Apr. 23Princeton, BC: Switch installed connecting the Kettle River Railway to the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway, completing the Kettle Valley Railway between Merrittt and Midway.
1915Apr. 24Canadians at the Ypres salient suffer first gas attack.
1915May 7North Atlantic: German U-boat sinks the Cunard ocean-liner RMS Lusitania off Ireland.
1915May 15Manistee, BC: Peter Lund ceases to be post master in the Manistee Lumber postal bureau.
1915May 31Kettle Valley Railway between Penticton and Spences Bridge formally opened and passenger service commences.
1915JuneCanadian Government Railways becomes a corporate entity. Operated the National Transcontinental Railway between Winnipeg and Moncton, and parts of the Intercolonial Railway between Moncton and Halifax.
1915JuneConsolidated Mining and Smelting ends its participation with French’s Complex Ore Reduction Company in the construction of the latter’s experimental smelter at Nelson.
1915June 8Tuesday.
1915June 8United Mine Workers fragment as the “British” members walk out of the Crowsnest mines to protest the continuing employment of “enemy aliens.”
1915June 9Fernie, BC: Internment of German and Austrian nationals in the curling rink begins.
1915June 15Hillcrest, AB: Workers strike Hillcrest Collieries for one day protesting the continued employment of “enemy aliens” in the works.
1915July 1Saskatchewan goes “dry.”
1915July 1B.C.: With a change in the name of the postal bureau under W.T. Levy, Manistee reverts to its former name of “Galloway.”
1915July 16Hope, BC: Quintette bridges nearby finished.
1915July 21AB: Provincial prohibition plebiscite: 61% pro.
1915July 22Halifax, NS: Sir Sanford Fleming dead. (1827)
1915Aug. 4AB: Old Man River declared to be the main contributer to the stream formed by the confluence of the Belly River and the Old Man. Name of River officially changed from “Belly” to “Oldman.”
1915Sep. 11William Cornelius Van Horne dead (1843).
1915Sep. 15WA: Northport Smelting and Refining sells the Northport smelter, dormant since 1911, to Edgar Day of the Hercules Mining Company and the Tamarack & Custer Consolidated Mining Co.
1915Sep. 30Lethbridge, AB: Internment camp opens on “Ex” grounds. Closed November 7th, 1916.
1915Oct. 3Sunday:
1915Oct. 3Victoria, BC: Peter Creake Fernie dies.
1915Oct. 20AB political: Dr. Robert George Brett appointed lieutenant-governor (to Oct. 29th, 1925).
1915Dec. 15B.C. political: Premier Richard McBride resigns and replaced by Wm. John Bowser as Conservative premier.
1916“Royal Commission to Inquire into Railways and Transportation in Canada” appointed.
1916Hope, BC: Canadian Northern Railway completes its station.
1916Cawston, BC: Post Office established. Stewart-Calvert Company of Seattle begins operations at Spotted Lake near Osoyoos.
1916The Western Federation of Miners changed its name to the International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers—Mine-Mill.
1916Consolidated Mining and Smelting buys the Emma from Granby Consolidated Mining and Smelting.
1916Moyie, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting renovates St. Eugene’s concentrator for Diamond’s experiments.
1916B.C.: Crow’s Nest Pass Lumber abandons Camp 8 on the Little Bull River.
1916Hope, BC: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway builds a 3-stall enginehouse near Canadian Northern Pacific’s depôt.
1916B.C.: The CPR renames its station in Kitchener “Cadona.”
1916B.C.: GN salvaged the Beddlington and Neslon Railway line.
1916Frank, AB: The “big school” torn down.
1916Brocket, AB: United Farmers of Alberta build a grain elevator.
1916Lethbridge, AB: Post Office building completed.
1916Jewel-Denoro Mines Company of Edinburgh ceases operations at the Jewel property near Greenwood and dismantles mill.
1916Hedley, BC: Similkameen Hotel burns.
1916L.C. Hill, Osoyoos pioneer orchardist, dies.
1916Grasmere, BC: Michael Phillipps dead at home on Tobacco Plains.
1916West Kootenay Power supplied to the Northport smelter.
1916CircaRevelstoke Lumber Company acquires Yale-Columbia Lumber Company, Limited, mill at Cascade.
1916JanuaryWest Kootenay Power and Light Company transferred to Consolidated Mining and Smelting.
1916Jan. 28Manitoba: Women get provincial vote for first time.
1916FebruaryCoalhurst, AB.: Lethbridge Collieries transfers operation of the Imperial mine to North American Collieries, Ltd.. Mining recommences.
1916Feb. 23Coalhurst, AB.: Standard Bank of Canada opens a branch office.
1916Mar. 11Boswell Fruit Growers Association incorporated.
1916Mar. 14Saskatchewan: Women enfranchised in Saskatchewan.
1916SpringOttawa appoints Royal Commission to Inquire into Railways and Transportation in Canada.
1916Apr. 1Canadian Government Railways assumes final corporate form.
1916Apr. 1RN-WMP create the Crowsnest Pass Subdivision with its headquarters at Blairmore, AB.
1916Apr. 19Alberta adopts the Equal Suffrage Statutory Law Amendment Act giving Women the right to Vote.
1916May 29James Jerome Hill dead.
1916June 18B.C.: CM&S dam on Mark Creek fails. Kimberley, Chapman Camp, and Marysville flooded.
1916July 1Prohibition in Alberta (to April 12th, 1924).
1916July 1Prohibition in Manitoba.
1916July 18John George “Kootenai” Brown dead at Waterton, AB.
1916July 20Jaffray, B.C.: East Kootenay Lumber Co. mill burns. $30,000 in damage.
1916July 31Coquihalla section of Kettle Valley Railway opened and the Crow’s Nest Line officially complete; 961.7 miles from Medicine Hat to Vancouver, 299 miles from Odlum to Midway.
1916Aug. 8Twelve die in three explosions at Michel’s New No. 3 East Mine.
1916Aug. 8Edgar Dewdney dies in Victoria, BC. Interred in Ross Bay Cemetery.
1916Sep. 14B.C. political: 14th General Election, but results delayed until Soldiers“ votes could be counted
1916Sep. 27–28The only occasion that GN drives a train over its “third mainline”: L.W. Hill travels from Vancouver to Spokane.
1916NovemberCP exercised its option to accumulate 52% of Spokane International Railway’s stock.
1916Nov. 23B.C. political: Harlan Carey Brewster installed as Liberal premier. (dies in office March 1, 1918).
1916Nov. 2Alberni, B.C.: “Big John” Kirkup, formerly of Midway, B.C., dead.
1916Dec. 9Connaught Tunnel officially opened.
1916Dec. 16Midnapore, AB.: Father Albert LaCombe dies. Buried in St. Albert.
1916Dec. 31Liquor prohibited in Saskatchewan.
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