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Time Line
for South-western Canada
Page 18 (1922 - 1930)

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1922Lynch Creek, BC: Western Pine Company mill burns.
1922Princeton, BC: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway pulls steel from B.C. Cement plant spur.
1922Oliver, BC: What is now the United Church raised.
1922“Royal City,” AB: Royal Collieries seals the Riverview mine.
1922AB & BC: United Mine Wokers of America strikes District 18 mines.
1922Kikomun doab, BC: Jaffray Farmers’ Institute formed.
1922Claresholm, AB: Wing added to the School of Agriculture to accommodate female students.
1922Cascade, BC: Stewart-Calvert Company ceases operations at the nearby Mastadon group.
1922Boswell, BC: Fruit packing shed opened.
1922Kimberley, BC: CM&S opens a school and Warren Hall at “Top Mine.”
1922Waldo, BC: Ross-Saskatoon Lumber bankrupt and ceases operations. (? 1923)
1922“East Kootenay Town,” BC: East Kootenay Lumber Co. begins to wind down operations at Jaffray.
1922Caithness, BC: Jewell school closed.
1922Kimberley, BC: Roman Catholic congregation raises a church.
1922Lethbridge, AB: City governance committee expanded from three advisory commissioners to six.
1922B.C.: The Department of Public Works builds road along the eastern shore of Moyie Lake.
1922East Kootenay Power Company buys the generation rights to the Elk River falls.
1922Jan. 24Lethbridge, AB: Carnegie Library opened in Galt Park. Hazel Bletcher, chief.
1922Mar. 29 (28?)British Columbia and Alberta Power Company (BC&A) incorporates the East Kootenay Power and Light Company: president, A.E. Appleyard; general manager, Art.B. Sanborn; general superintendent, Fred.D. Emory.
1922Apr. 1Lethbridge, AB: UMWA members out till August 24th.
1922May 7B.C.: East Kootenay Power Company began transmitting power from the “Aberfeldie” plant on the Bull River to Fernie.
1922May 8Rossland, BC: Crews begin removing Red Mountain Railway tracks.
1922Apr. 1United Mine Workers of America members walk out in the Crowsnest Pass mines. Until August 24th.
1922June 2Bull River, BC: East Kootenay Power and Light Company began transmitting power from its Bull River generating station nearby, to Alberta’s Crowsnest Pass communities.
1922June 25Minot, ND: The Lethbridge Aircraft Company’s “Jenny” JN-4 “Canuck,” G-ABX, wrecked.
1922Aug. 1Blakeburn, BC: The Post Office opens a bureau.
1922Aug. 22Princeton, BC: Princeton Coal and Land Company, Limited, opens up its No. 2 mine.
1922Aug. 24WA: American Smelting and Refining Company buys the Northport smelter for scrap.
1922Sep. 6Bank of Montreal and Merchants’ Bank amalgamate.
1922Sep. 21Coleman, AB: Filumena “Florence” Lassandro and Emilio Picariello allegedly kill A.P.P Officer Stephen Oldacres Lawson.
1922Oct. 4Federal economic: The board of the Grand Trunk Railway resigns and Canadian National Railways board constituted.
1922Oct. 10Federal economic: Sir Henry Worth Thornton appointed chairman of the Board and President of the CNR.
1922Oct. 29 (19?)AB: Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District project declared “complete.”
1922Oct. 31B.C.: British Columbia Historical Assoc. organized. Registered under the Societies Act, March 1927.
1922Nov. 21Bellevue, AB: major fire downtown
1922Nov. 29Coleman, AB: big fire downtown.
1922Dec. 2Edmonton, AB: Picariello and Lassandro convicted of the murder of Constable Lawson.
1923CP’s B.C. Lake & River Service scraps Kokanee.
1923Cawston, BC: Cawston Canning Company reorganized.
1923Haynes, BC: The Kettle Valley Railway arrives at this community south of Oliver.
1923Fairview, BC: Fairview Mining Company takes over operation of the Susie group from the Federal Mining Company.
1923B.C.: Province outlaws narrow-gauged railways.
1923Coalhurst, AB: McDonald’s Grocery & Dry Goods burns.
1923“Royal City,” AB: Fred Lund and partners open the Royal View—“Swedes’”—mine.
1923Kimberley, BC: MacDougall Hospital built.
1923Blairmore, AB: E.J. Pozzi completes the Union Bank Building.
1923AB: P. Burns Ranches Ltd. acquires the “Bar U” ranch.
1923AB & SK: CPR connects end of railroad at Manyberries, AB, to the end of steel at Governlock, SK.
1923Coal Mountain, BC: Corbin Coal and Coke opens No. 6 underground.
1923Sand Creek, BC: School opens.
1923AB & BC: United Mine Wokers of America strikes District 18 mines.
1923Jaffray, BC: Jaffray House Hotel burned down. Replaced.
1923Sentinel, AB: Contractors complete the railbed into Spokane and Alberta Coal and Coke property at Tent Mountain.
1923Lethbridge, AB: CPR adds the final wedge of six stalls to its roundhouse.
1923Lethbridge, AB: Artic [sic] Oil refinery begins production.
1923Jaffray, BC: East Kootenay Lumber Company mill shut down.
1923AB: The Pincher Creek Cöoperative Association forms the Producers’ Storage Company to build warehouses at Brocket and Pincher Station.
1923AB: “Bumper” crop harvested in the south-west.
1923Jan. 26Vancouver, BC: Captain Francis Patrick Armstrong of upper Kootenay and Columbia rivers fame dies.
1923Jan. 30Federal political: Grand Trunk Railway amalgamated with Canadian National Railways.
1923AprilLethbridge, AB: The old N-WMP barracks on the Police Reserve downtown burns.
1923Apr. 1Federal political: Cortlandt Starnes appointed seventh Commissioner of the RCMP (to July 31, 1931).
1923Apr. 28Federal political: Right Honourable G.P. Graham appointed Minister of Railways and Canals.
1923May 1AB: Main gates raised allowing the Oldman River’s waters into the LNID’s main canal.
1923May 2Fort Saskatchewan, AB: 5:10a.m. and 5:51a.m.: Emilio Picariello and Filumena (Florence) Lassandro executed by hanging in provincial gaol.
1923May 21AB & BC: Floods inundate the Crowsnest Pass region.
1923May 21Granby Consolidated Mining and Smelting buys Copper Mountain and Allenby, BC, concentrator through its Allenby Copper Company, Limited.
1923May 25Christina Lake, BC: Sunday: 8 drowned in a boating accident.
1923May 31AB & BC: Crest of floods in the Crowsnest Pass. Headgates of the LNID diversion canal destroyed.
1923June 30Federal political: An Act Respecting Chinese Immigration defines types of Chinese persons particularly excluded from Canada.
1923SummerCrowsnest Pass, AB: Big wild fires destroy much of Pelletier’s timber.
1923JulyBlairmore, AB: Courthouse completed.
1923July 1Federal political: The Chinese Immigration Act (Chinese Exclusion Act), was enacted in Ottawa.
1923AugustThe $800,000 failure of the Home Bank wiped out the life savings of hundreds of Crowsnest Pass families.
1923Aug. 24Friday.
1923Aug. 24Kimberley, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting opens its new Concentrator plant at Chapman Camp nearby.
1923SeptemberThe Canyon City Lumber Company mill of C.O. Rodgers and D.W. Briggs burns.
1923Sep. 11Jaffray, BC: Postal bureau moved out of the East Kootenay Lumber offices in “East Kootenay Town” and into Rosen’s General store.
1923AutumnThe Southern Alberta Wheat Pool and Produce Company formed to deal with that season’s bumber grain crop.
1923Nov. 5AB: The electorate votes to end prohibition.
1923DecemberB.C.: Provincial Party of British Columbia organized under Major-General A.D. McRae.
1923Dec. 9Montréal, PQ: Sir (since 1901) Thomas George Shaughnessy dies. (Oct. 6, 1853)
1924Princeton, BC: Tulameen Valley Coal Company begins operations.
1924B.C.: Organization of highways into “routes.”
1924Blairmore, AB: Radio broadcasts first heard in area.
1924Saskatchewan Wheat Pool organized.
1924AB & BC: United Mine Wokers of America strikes District 18 mines.
1924Baynes Lake, BC: Adolph Lumber winds up operations.
1924Galloway, BC: Galloway Lumber Co. yards innundated when the Daley dam fails.
1924Waldo, BC: Suspension bridge over Kootenay River replaced by Howe truss spans.
1924East Kootenays, BC: “Hurricane” rips through the valley. Elko damaged.
1924Manitoba Pool organized.
1924Kimberley, BC: The Porcupine Goldfields Development and Finance Company of London assumes a five year lease on the North Star property.
1924Kimberley, BC: Orpheum Theatre opens.
1924Kimberley, BC: Kimberley Golf Club opens.
1924Macleod, AB: The Town forced into bankruptcy.
1924Blairmore, AB: West Canadian Collieries builds a concrete tipple for the Greenhill mine.
1924Lethbridge, AB: Galt No. 3 mine shut down.
1924Lethbridge, AB: Chinese Freemasons erect a building in “Chinatown.”
1924Commerce, AB: Chinook Coal Company closes its mine.
1924AB: Seven month-long miners’ strike in Alberta’s Crowsnest Pass mines and Galt mines.
1924Cascade, BC: Revelstoke Lumber Company shuts down its Forest Mills of B.C. sawmill. Dismantled two years later.
1924Riondel, BC: S.S. Fowler and B.L. Eastman begin dewatering the Bluebell with Consolidated Mining and Smelting’s money.
1924The Western Coal Operators locked out their miners for nine months in a struggle with the One Big Union.
1924B.C.: Corbin Coal and Coke reorganized as Corbin Coals, Limited.
1924British North American Mining Corporation of Vancouver leased and bonded the Silver Horn group at Cawston, BC.
1924Oliver, BC: B.C. Provincial Police offices completed.
1924Bellevue, AB: Maple Leaf School opened in the suburb of Maple Leaf.
1924Kimberley, BC: Porcupine Goldfields Development and Finance Company of London, England, assumed a five-year lease on the North Star mine.
1924JanuaryCreston, BC: C.O. Rodgers starts up the Creston Sawmill.
1924Jan. 1Blairmore, AB: Indoor Arena opened.
1924Jan. 1Bellevue, AB: Indoor Arena opened.
1924Jan. 26Blairmore, AB: Having been captured in Butte, MT, Ausby Auloff convicted of robbery and sentanced to seven years in Prince Albert, SK, federal penitentiary. Dies therein on April 5th, 1926.
1924FebruaryFernie, BC: White Spruce Lumber Company mill shuts down.
1924Feb. 22Macleod, AB: Long-distance telephone connection established from Toronto.
1924Mar. 4Yahk, BC: Much of commercial district burns.
1924Mar. 10 (14?)Elko, BC: East Kootenay Power begins generating in its Elko plant.
1924Mar. 13Bull River, BC: CPR’s Tie and Timber Branch planer mill burns.
1924Mar. 14B.C.: East Kootenay Power & Light Company connects its Elko plant to its power grid.
1924Mar. 27B.C.: New Dominion Copper Company, Limited, stricken from the Register of Companies.
1924AprilMontreal and Boston Copper Company, Limited, last Gazetted and subsequently struck from the Register of Joint-Stock companies.
1924Apr. 12AB: The lieutenant-governor assents to “An Act to Provide for Government Control and Sale of Alcoholic Liquors” thus ending prohibition in Alberta.
1924Apr. 15SK: Prohibition ends.
1924MayJudge J.A. (John) Forin finds against Consolidated Mining and Smelting’s Trail smelter in a suit arising from for damaged crops. CM&S obtains a smoke-damage easement for local lands, limiting their liability for continuing property damage.
1924May 5 (12?)Robert Leslie Thomas Galbraith dies.
1924May 14Creston, BC: Community incorporated as a Village.
1924June 15Lethbridge, AB: Standard J-1 registered to Fitzsimmons’ and Palmer’s Southern Albeta Airlines as G-CAEO.
1924June 20B.C. political: John Oliver and Liberals re-elected.
1924July 1B.C.: The Kettle Valley Railway’s provincial tax exemption ends.
1924July 1Macleod, AB: Begins a three-day celebration of Town’s Golden Jubilee.
1924AugustB.C.: Princeton Coal and Land Company, Limited, reorganized as Princeton-B.C. Colliery Company Limited.
1924Aug. 3Lethbridge, AB: Southern Alberta Airlines inaugurate Lethbridge to Waterton Park sightseeing flights.
1924Aug. 13Pincher Creek, AB: Jock Palmer wrecks Southern Alberta Airline’s Standard J-1 on his way back to Lethbridge from a sight-seeing flight to Waterton Park.
1924Oct. 20Corbin, BC: New washery at Corbin Coals’ mines begins operations.
1924Oct. 29B.C.: Nine passengers, including Peter “The Lordly” Verigin, killed in bomb blast at 00:55 aboard car 1586 of the Kootenay Express, No. 11 westbound, down Farron Hill.
1924Dec. 15B.C.: The Big Blizzard paralyses the south-east.
1925Vancouver, BC: Horn Silver Mining Corporation organized to mine the Silver Horn group near Cawston.
1925Oliver, BC: Fairweather brothers buy the federal government’s sawmill nearby.
1925Mine Workers Union of Canada absorbs one by one the local miners’ unions in Alberta’s Crowsnest Pass area.
1925AB: Southern Alberta Airlines organized with “Jock” Palmer as chief pilot.
1925Raymond, AB: Utah-Idaho Sugar Company begin operations in its new plant.
1925B.C.: Associated Mining and Milling Company bought the Copper Canyon group near Camp McKinney.
1925“Royal City,” AB: The New Barnes Coal Company shuts down its coal mine.
1925“Royal City,” AB: Lethbridge Gem coal mine opened.
1925“Royal City,” AB: J.C. Chester, the former manager of the Riverview, acquires the property and opens the Chester into the measures.
1925The Mine Workers Union of Canada extends its communistic influence into the Crowsnest Pass.
1925B.C.: Policy adopted by the province to encourage the settlement of “Creston flats.”
1925Coleman, AB: “West Ward School” renamed “Cameron” School.
1925I.R. 148, AB: Kainai Nation discontinues the Blood Indian Stampede as it interferred with the Medicine Lodge ceremony.
1925AB: CPR buys Diamond City Railway’s line from Kipp to Diamond City.
1925Kimberley, BC: High School built.
1925Kimberley, BC: Kootenay Telephone Lines Company begins offering limited ‘phone service.
1925Jaffray, BC: CP removes 2-storey station, replacing it with a “portable,”
1925Coleman, AB: Institutional Church renamed “St. Paul’s United.”
1925Marysville, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting buys out the Keers’ dairying operation and expand it greatly.
1925Wynndel, BC: Porcupine Goldfields Development and Finance Company leased the nearby Alice properties.
1925B.C.: Consolidated M&S acquires the Hunter V group at Ymir from the B.C. Standard Mining Company.
1925Moyie, BC: Consolidated M&S builds a new mill to concentrate the St. Eugene tailings. Closed 1929.
1925Jan. 9Lethbridge, AB: First commercial radio broadcast.
1925Jan. 20Otter Lake, BC: Last Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway ice train leaves.
1925May 30AB: Lethbridge Aircraft Company, Limited, struck from the Provincial Register of Companies.
1925June 10Canada: The Methodist Church of Canada, the Congregational Union of Canada, and 70% of the Presbyterian Church of Canada form the United Church of Canada.
1925June 16B.C.: McCulloch retires as General Superintendent of the Kettle Valley Railway.
1925July 31Hanbury, BC: Postal bureau closed.
1925Aug. 1B.C.: Minister of Lands, T.D. Patullo, officially opens West Kootenay Power’s modified and refurbished Lower Bonnington dam and powerhouse.
1925Aug. 20Princeton, BC: The Kettle Valley Railway reopens its Copper Mountain spur nearby.
1925Aug. 24B.C.: Granby Mining and Smelting sending concentrate from Allenby to Trail & Tacoma, WA.
1925Sep. 1Canada: Union Bank of Canada and Royal Bank amalgamate.
1925Sep. 11 (12th?)B.C.: Canadian National drives the last spike on its Vernon to Kelowna line, 33.5 miles.
1925Sep. 14B.C.: Canadian National opens its “Okanagan Branch” for service.
1925Oct. 20Creston, BC: Tuesday, John Ward and accomplice rob the local branch of the Imperial Bank of Canada.
1925Oct. 29Election, federal: Prime Minister W.L.M. King engineers the return to power of the federal Liberals as a minority government with Progressives holding balance of power.
1925Oct. 29AB political: Dr. William Egbert appointed lieutenant-governor (to May 5th, 1931).
1925NovemberHosmer, BC: Hosmer Hotel burns.
1925Nov. 1B.C.: John Ward sentenced to eight years and 20 lashes for his part in the bank robbery in Creston, B.C.
1925Nov. 15Kimberley, BC: All Saints Anglican dedicated.
1925Nov. 23J.E. Brownlee succeeds Greenfield as UFA premier of Alberta.
1925Nov. 28Western Coal Operators Association disbands.
1925DecemberElko, BC: Fire in downtown.
1925Dec. 10Bull River, BC: Tourist Hotel burns.
1926Kitchener, BC: The first of the pair of lumber mills close.
1926B.C.: Imperial group of mines on the Kettle River above Rock Creek close.
1926B.C.: Yankee Girl, Limited, formed to acquire the Yankee Girl group near Ymir.
1926Blairmore, AB: Adolph Mutz gets back into the local coal business by buying into the Sunburst coal Co.
1926B.C.: Cascade Highway completed through the Rossland Range from Christina Lake to Rossland, BC.
1926B.C.: Big Fire in upper Salmo valley.
1926Chapman Camp, BC: School opened.
1926Caithness, BC: Jewell Lumber Co. ceases operations.
1926I.R. 147A, AB: Anglican denomination replaces the old Victoria Jubilee Home with St. Cyprian’s Residential School near Brocket on the Piikani Reserve.
1926I.R. 148A, AB: Roman Catholics complete new St. Mary’s Residential School near Cardston.
1926I.R. 148A, AB: New hospital built for the Kainai near Cardston. Staffed by the Grey Nuns.
1926Passburg, AB Bank of Montreal assumes direct ownership of the remanins of Leitch Collieries and scraps the site.
1926Hillcrest, AB: J.E. Upton forms the Hillcrest Orchestra, the forerunner of the modern Crowsnest Pass Symphony.
1926Coleman, AB: International Coal & Coke completes new steel tipple.
1926I.R. 148A, AB: The CPR builds rail line across the Kainai Reserve between Cardston and Glenwood(ville).
1926Pincher Creek, AB: Hutterites establish their Pincher Creek Colony with settlers from Montana.
1926Coleman, AB: The new Grand Union Hotel—the 1905 original having been levelled in 1924—opens.
1926Sanca, BC: United Lode Mining Company establishes the Iolanthe mine.
1926Lethbridge, AB: John K. Hamilton quits the old McNab mine.
1926Lethbridge, AB: Fritz Sick’s “House of Lethbridge” introduces Old Style Pilsner.
1926Lethbridge, AB: The Leong family buys the Baan An Tong building.
1926B.C.: M.L. Bruce Lumber Company establishes a 100-man camp and built a flume in the Akokli (Goat) Creek valley.
1926B.C.: GN abandoned the Elko–Michel reach of the Crows Nest Southern and ran into Fernie on CP steel.
1926Austin Corbin II gains the presidency of Corbin Coals, Ltd.
1926WinterB.C.: Consolidated Mining and Smelting leases Emil Voigt’s properties on Copper Mountain.
1926Jan. 21BC political: R.R. Bruce commissioned as the lieutenant-governor of B.C.
1926Feb. 15B.C.: Canadian National Railways commences passenger service on branch between Kamloops and Kelowna.
1926Feb. 22Hillcrest, AB: St. Theresa’s RC Church dedicated. Closed and demolished in 1964.
1926Mar. 9Coleman, AB: Board of Trade organized. Alex Morrison, president.
1926Apr. 5Prince Albert, SK: Ausby Auloff dies in the penitentiary.
1926AprilLethbridge, AB: Jock Palmer’s Radio station, CJOC, obtains a broadcasting licence.
1926Apr. 30B.C.: Princeton-B.C. Colliery Company, Limited, falls into receivership.
1926May 26B.C.: Tulameen Gold and Platinum Recovery Company, Limited, formed in Vancouver to mine near Princeton.
1926JuneCawston, BC: Horn Silver Mining Corporation begins operation of its concentration plant nearby.
1926June 20Okanagan Valley, BC: CNR begins lake service between Kelowna and Penticton with the M.V. Pentowna
1926June 28Election, AB: Brownlee’s UFA returned to power in Edmonton.
1926June 28Federal political: Viscount Byng asks Arthur Meigan to form Conservative government.
1926July 3Federal political: Vote of non-confidence ushers Meigan’s government out.
1926July 26AB: The council of the Town of Coleman approves sale of land at Sentinel, AB, to East Kootenay Power & Light for construction of a coal-fired electricity generating plant.
1926Aug. 23Cardston, AB: Mormon temple dedicated.
1926Sep. 14Election, federal: W.L.M. King leads Liberals to power in Ottawa.
1926Sep. 19Hillcrest, AB: two die in an explosion in the Hillcrest/i> mine.
1926Oct. 1B.C.: Granby Consolidated merges Allenby Copper Company into its corporate fabric.
1926Oct. 6Coleman, AB: No. 9, the first Royal Canadian Legion Branch in Alberta, established.
1926Nov. 19Commonwealth adopts the Balfour Report: Dominions ruled autonomous and politically equal to Britain.
1926Nov. 20Burmis, AB: St. Stanislas Kotska’s Church dedicated. Closed and demolished in 1970.
1926Nov. 23Coleman, AB: Ten die in the McGillivray Coal and Coke mine.
1926Dec. 10Chapman Camp, BC: Oughtred Hall opened.
1927BC political: Defunct Railway Companies Dissolution Act of 1927.
1927B.C.: South Okanagan Land Project completes main irrigation canal to Osoyoos.
1927Erie, BC: Both the Second Relief group and the Arlington group again back into production nearby.
1927B.C.: Consolidated Mining and Smelting buys the HB Mine near Salmo as a reserve.
1927B.C.: J.J. Warren appointed president of West Kootenay Power.
1927Federal political: The Department of Indian Affairs establishes a Medical Branch: Dr. E.L. Stove, director.
1927Bellevue, AB: West Canadian Collieries modernizes its Bellevue mine.
1927Cowley, AB: St. Joseph’s RC Church completed.
1927Kimberley, BC: MacDougall Hospital expanded.
1927AB: The Province takes over administration of the Lethbridge Northern Irrigation District.
1927AB: St. Mary’s River Railway extended from Cardston to Glenwood, and from Kimball to Fareham (“Whiskey Gap” after 1931).
1927Federal political: Indian Act amended to prohibit any Band from engaging legal counsel in their dealings with the DIA.
1927Princeton, BC: Lynden Coal Mines, Limited, organized and opens a mine nearby.
1927B.C.: Associated Mining and Milling Company acquires the Valparaiso group in the Sheep Creek valley.
1927Ymir, BC: Yankee Girl, Limited, leases the Yankee Girl group to Porcupine Goldfields Development and Finance Company for a year.
1927Coleman, AB: Ukrainian Labor Temple completed.
1927B.C.: Province begins creating a road along the east shore of Kootenay Lake north from Kuskonook, BC.
1927B.C.: New Auto-route up the Fraser River opened.
1927Kimberley, BC: CM&S begins planting “Cominco Gardens.”
1927Kimberley, BC: Roman Catholic congregation raises Sacred Heart Church.
1927Kimberley, BC: Presbyterian congregation buys former Catholic church.
1927Federal political: DIA established a Medical Branch under Dr. E.L. Stove.
1927Sentinel, AB: East Kootenay Power & Light brings its coal-fired generating plant on stream.
1927B.C.: Horn Silver Mining receives Dominion charter as Big Horn Mines, Limited.
1927B.C.: The Moyie Mining Syndicate shuts down operations at the Aurora on BC’s Moyie Lake.
1927Wycliffe, BC: Otis Staples Lumber Company, operators of the St. Mary and Cherry Creek Railway, shut down operations.
1927Peter P. “the Purger” Verigin, son of “the Lordly,” arrives in Canada.
1927The South African-financed Hecla Mining Company of Wallace, Idaho, bonds the Union group and the Maple Leaf properties north of Grand Forks, BC. Mill and accommodations constructed by 1929.
1927Trail, BC: CP builds new station in downtown.
1927Jaffray, BC: Andrew Rosen killed.
1927Chapman Camp, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting concentrator begins to recover cadmium-rich ore.
1927Bull River, BC: Tourist Hotel re-built.
1927Kimberley, BC: Porcupine Goldfields Development and Finance Company suspends work on the Stemwinder.
1927Market prices for Lead and Zinc slip.
1927Jan 21Rossland, BC: Fire on Columbia Avenue.
1927Mar. 7The Columbia and Kootenay Railway and Transportation Company dissolved and removed from the Registry of Companies.
1927AprilAB: C.S. Donaldon acquires two sections in Pyami Coulee and begins to dig a mine.
1927Aug. 17B.C.: Premier Oliver dies.
1927Aug. 19Shaughnessy, AB: C.S. Donaldson breaks ground on Silkstone Collieries, better know as the Standard mine.
1927Aug. 20B.C. political: John Duncan MacLean selected as premier.
1927Aug. 22Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Commercial Airways of Charles B. Elliott and John Ender Palmer registers standard J-1 as C-CAHU.
1927Sep. 5Nelson, BC: Capital Theatre, built in 1924 as the Central Garage and renovated in Atr Deco style by A.H. Green, opens.
1927Sep. 23Lethbridge, AB: City obtains Customs Airharbour Licence.
1927Oct. 1Corbin, BC: Two killed by a shot-ignited gas blast in Corbin Coal’s No. 6 mine.
1927Oct. 7Lethbridge, AB: Plebicite OKs a revamping of the City’s administration.
1927Dec. 5AB: Wide-spread blizzard kills several in the south.
1927Dec. 27Blairmore, AB: Fire destroys the Alberta Gov’t Telephones’ building.
1928Copper 14.5¢/lb., Silver 58¢/oz., Gold $20/oz., Lead $21/ton, Zinc $25.3/ton, Cadmium 62.6¢/lb.
1928Salmo, BC: Kootenay Shingle Company ceases operations.
1928Saskatchewan Provincial Police disbanded.
1928Kimberley, BC: McKim High School built.
1928Beasley, BC: Queen Victoria Consolidated Mines, Limited, of Montreal, acquired the Queen Victoria property along with 21 others.
1928Princeton, BC: Pleasant Valley Coal Mining Company, Limited, organized and opens a mine nearby.
1928Grand Forks, BC: Federal Department of Transportation builds airfield.
1928GN begins running a gas-electric railcar service, the “Galloping Goose,” along the Crows Nest Southern between Rexford, MT, and Fernie, BC.
1928Sanca, BC: Sanca Mines, Limited, formed to take over the Valparaiso group and the Iolanthe.
1928Corbin, BC: Road from Michel built in.
1928Kikomun doab, BC: CP pulls its Waldo Subdivision.
1928Coalhurst, AB: Ellison Milling and Elevator Company builds a 40,000-bushel grain elevator. Added a 42,000-bu. annex around 1943.
1928Lethbridge, AB: H. R. Carson buys control of CJOC and installs its studio in the penthouse of the Marquis Hotel.
1928Lethbridge, AB: Bowman High School convertd to an elementary.
1928Lethbridge, AB: St. Augustine’s Church begun.
1928Shaughnessy, AB: Silkstone Collieries transferred to Cadillac Coal Company.
1928“Royal City,” AB: J.C. Chester sells the Chester but stays on as manager.
1928AB: Sections of the “Red Route” gravelled.
1928Frank, AB: the long-abandoned Rocky Mountains Sanatorium building demolished.
1928Ymir, BC: Yankee Girl Consolidated Mines, Limited, takes over Yankee Girl group.
1928Princeton, BC.: Construction of courthouse begins.
1928Yahk, BC: Only church to be built in community completed: R.C.
1928B.C.: CNP Lumber shut down operations in the Little Bull watershed.
1928Chapman Camp, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting concentrator begins to recover bismuth-rich ore.
1928Mar. 7Nelson, BC: CPR launches Granthall (164 tons). Retired 1958.
1928Mar. 11Lethbridge, AB: Federal Coals Limited shuts down its No. 2 mine, the erstwhile Pioneer.
1928Mar. 13Calgary, AB: Emil Sick forms Purple Label Airline Limited. Absorbed by Great Western Airways, Limited, by 1928 end.
1928Mar. 21AB: 18 Geo. V 1928 Chapter 75 receives assent modifying Lethbridge’s charter, implementing an elected seven-councillor administration which then chose the mayor from among themselves.
1928AprilCoalhurst, AB: North American Collieries disolved and operation of the Imperial mine transferred to Coal Producers, Ltd.
1928Apr. 19Rosebery, BC: CPR launches Rosebery (132 tons). Re-built 1943, retired 1956.
1928May 8B.C.: CPR’s Tie and Timber Branch shuts down its Bull River saw mill.
1928May 15New York: Elliott Torrance Galt dies. Buried in Montréal.
1928JuneLethbridge, AB: Miners’ Memorial dedicated in Galt Park.
1928JuneCalgary, AB: Great Western Airways, Limited, formed by Sick and F.R.G. McCall to absorb assets of Purple Label Airlines, including the latter’s Stinson “Detroiter.” Company begins promoting a Calgary–Lethbridge–Great Falls, MT, route.
1928June 14Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Commercial Airways completes hangar at Lethbridge Airharbour.
1928JulyB.C.: D.H. Wells buys Santo group on the Bull River.
1928July 3Corbin, BC: Fire originating in the new coal drier consumes the tipple at Coal Mountain.
1928July 18B.C. political: 17th General Election.
1928Aug. 20B.C. political: Premier J.D. MacLean and government resign.
1928Aug. 21B.C. political: Simon Fraser Tolmie installed as Conservative premier of B.C.
1928Aug. 30Coal Creek, BC: Six miners dead in blow-out at mine No. 1 East.
1928Oct. 25Bull River, BC: CP’s Tie and Timber Branch shuts down its planer mill.
1928Oct. 25B.C.: Rossland Power Company, Limited, dissolved.
1928Nov. 5Bank of Commerce and the Standard Bank of Canada merge to form the Canadian Bank of Commerce.
1928Nov. 27Lethbridge, AB: Federal Coals Limited shuts down its No. 1 mine, the old Sheran works.
1928DecemberNelson, BC: West Kootenay Power’s Plant No. 3 at the new South Slocan dam begins generating.
1928ChristmastimeCoalhurst, AB: CPR removed its station from Kipp, AB., and rolls it two miles down the Crowsnest Line to Coalhurst.
1929Rossland, BC: Consolidated M&S closed the last of Rossland’s mines, Le Roi.
1929Salmo, BC: Relief-Arlington Mines, Limited, suspended work at the Arlington nearby.
1929Trail, BC: New Crown Point Hotel finished.
1929Bellevue, AB: West Canadian Collieries builds new, concrete portal for its Bellevue mine.
1929Sentinel, AB: East Kootenay Power & Light doubles the output of its coal-fired generating plant.
1929AB: George Fay and Harold Olson formed Canadian Greyhound Coaches Limited and began running a coach between Calgary and Lethbridge.
1929Blairmore, AB: Sisters of St. Martha open St. Anne’s parish convent.
1929West Princeton, BC: Till 1937, the Blue Flame (aka Lynden) operating.
1929Princeton, BC: Tulameen Valley Coal Company reorganized as Tulameen Coal Mines, Limited; erects a new tipple.
1929Balfour, BC: Hotel Kootenay Lake demolished.
1929Michel, BC: Present Michel Hotel completed.
1929Cowley, AB: Cowley Hotel burned down.
1929Middleton, BC: “Big school” completed.
1929Kimberley, BC: Sullivan Mine generally recognized as the biggest producer of lead and zinc in the World.
1929Kimberley, BC: Last of the 4 buildings of the Central School complete.
1929Kimberley, BC: Kimberley Ski Club organized. (? 1930)
1929B.C.: Wild fire in Moyie valley near the Lake.
1929Sanca, BC: Post Office establishes a bureau.
1929Macleod, AB: The RCMP surrender their erstwhile fort property to the Department of the Interior.
1929Lethbridge, AB: Sisters of St. Martha bought Maria Van Haalem’s private hospital and renamed it “St. Michael’s.”
1929Moyie, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting closes and salvages its new mill.
1929Cowley, AB: Alberta Wheat Pool builds elevator.
1929JanuaryB.C.: S.S. Fowler and B.L. Eastman incorporate the Blue Bell Mines Limited, capitalization, $2 million.
1929Jan. 2Mike and Maria Dumont buy the A. McDonald and Company operations at Galloway for $30,000.
1929Jan. 28Golden, BC: 07:45hrs. Bridge spanning Surprise Creek on the CPR Mainline nearby collapses.
1929Mar. 1Rossland, BC: Fire in Columbia Avenue.
1929Mar. 25Coal Creek, BC: Fire discovered in a collapsed roadway in the No. 1 East mine.
1929Apr. 6Hope, BC: incorporated as a District.
1929Apr. 13Coal Creek, BC: Ten burned in mine explosion.
1929May 1Lethbridge, AB: Charles B. Elliott forms Southern Alberta Air Lines, Ltd, and acquired a de Havilland “Gipsy Moth,” CF-ADJ.
1929May 9Grand Forks, BC: Airfield at Grand Forks granted the first federal licence in B.C.
1929May 31Coal Creek, BC: CNP Coal announced that the mines would be closed.
1929June 3Ottawa announces that the Dominion will buy enough Pass coal to keep Coal Creek, B.C., mines working.
1929June 17Standoff, AB: new St. Paul’s Anglican Church dedicated.
1929AugustThe “great fire” on the western shores of B.C.’s Kootenay Lake caused by Railway construction.
1929AugustFire on the delta of the Elk River ruins Baker Lumber Company’s timber berth.
1929Aug. 31Waldo, BC.: Baker Lumber shut down operations.
1929OctoberBlue Flame Collieries, Limited, organized to mine coal near Princeton, B.C.
1929Oct. 18Britain’s Privy Council declares that women are Persons under the British North America Act and are thereforwe allowed to vote, own property, assume debt, et cetera.
1929Oct. 28Lethbridge, AB: George Graham Ross buys into Southern Alberta Air Lines.
1929Oct. 29“Black Tuesday”: stock market crash ushers in the Depression.
1929Nov. 14Macleod, AB: Empress Theatre screens its first “talkie.”
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