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Time Line
for South-western Canada
Page 5 (1882 - 1887)

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1882Year of Hunger for Prairie Natives as bison gone and Ottawa cutting back on supplies in order to hasten the Natives’ adoption of an agricultural lifestyle.
1882Circa: Isidore succeeds Michel as chief of the upper Ktunaxa.
1882The DIA “supply farms” at Pincher Creek and Fort Calgary shut down after three years of disappointment.
1882R.A. Brown discovered copper on what is now the Granby River and sought money to build a workers’ “Utopia” to develop his Volcanic mine. Earns the sobriquet “Crazy.”
1882George Jennings Ainsworth pre-empts property at the Hot Springs on the west shore of Kootenay Lake.
1882Sir Charles Tupper, the federal Minister of Railways, awards Andrew Onderdonk the contract to lay track down the Fraser River from Emory City to Port Moody.
1882Wm. Sam’l Lee established himself at what is now Lees (should be “Lee” or “Lee’s”) Lake near Lundbreck, AB.
1882Pincher Creek, N-WT.: Chas. Kettles lays out the townsite.
1882St. Albert, N-WT.: Leonard Van Tighem arrives to serve Roman Catholic church.
1882N-WT.: Pincher Creek Stock Association formed.
1882Cecil Edward Denny, former N-WM Policeman, appointed Indian Agent to Treaty 7 nations.
1882N-WT.: I.G. Baker Co. establishes coach service between Fort Macleod and Fort Benton.
1882IR 148, N-WT: Anglican “Reverend Rural Dean” George McKay of the “Society for the Propagation of the Gospel” builds a house and a “day school.”
1882N-WT.: Joseph and Germain Mongeon are among the first of the French families to settle on what is now “Cowley Flats,” AB. Alex “Old” Barbeau, Eduard La Feves, and Max Brouillet, too.
1882Railroad linking Winnipeg, MB, to Port Arthur, ON, completed by federal government.
1882Fort Whoop-Up, N-WT: Dave Akers grows his first commercial garden.
1882Federal political: Lieutenant-Governor Dewdney appoints Hayter Reed to the Territorial Council.
1882N-WT.: Duncan McEachran established the Walrond Ranche on the Oldman River.
1882N-WT.: Garnett brothers finish their “Grand House” on their ranch near what is now Lundbreck, AB.
1882N-WT.: J.R. (John) Craig establishes the Oxley Ranche on Willow Creek near Fort Macleod.
1882The federal government completes the Port Arthur, ON, to Winnipeg, MB, section of Canada’s first trans-continental railroad.
1882JanuaryW.H. Lowe dies at Keremeos, BC.
1882Jan. 1William Cornelius Van Horne takes up his post in Winnipeg as General Manager of the CPR.
1882Jan. 9Northern Pacific arrives in Spokane Falls. Building from the Columbia River eastward to completion in Montana Territory in September of 1883.
1882Jan. 21Wm. R. Lees arrives at Peter McLaren’s Mountain Mill on the Castle River to take over duties as foreman.
1882FebruaryCecil Edward Denny replaces Norman Thos. Macleod as Treaty 7 agent.
1882MarchFred Stimson forms the North-West Cattle Company to ranch in the N-WT.
1882AprilCP surveyors identify the Kicking Horse Pass.
1882Apr. 25London, England: North-Western Coal and Navigation Company registered.
1882MayWm. Cornelius Van Horne, newly appointed general manager of the CPR, decides to route the Mainline through Fort Calgary and the Kicking Horse Pass in the Rocky Mountains, and Eagle Pass through the Monashees.
1882May 8Order-in-Council establishes the provisional Districts of Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Athabaska in the N-WT.
1882May 27N-WT: Nicholas Sheran drowns fording the Oldman River near Fort Kipp.
1882June 6B.C. political: G.A.B. Walkem resigns as premier upon appointment to B.C. Supreme Court.
1882June 13B.C. political: Robert Beaven selected as conservative B.C. premier.
1882June 20Federal political: J.A. Macdonald and Conservatives re-elected.
1882June 20Francis Jones Bernard (Conservative) elected MP for the District of Yale, B.C.
1882SummerWilliam Adolph Baillie-Grohman first visits the Kootenays.
1882JulyFirst Caucasians camp at the site of Nelson, BC: prospectors Jerry O’Donnell, Bill Feeney, and others.
1882July 1Fort Macleod, N-WT.: C.E.D. Wood and E.T. Saunders publish the first issue of the Macleod Gazette.
1882July 24B.C. political: Robert Beaven re-elected premier. Robert Leslie Thomas Galbraith remains MPP for the Kootenay Electoral District.
1882July 24A.B. Rogers discovers Rogers Pass through Selkirk Mountains.
1882July 29N-WMP announce decision to move headquarters from Fort Walsh, N-WT, to Pile-o’-Bones (Regina).
1882July 31R.E. Sproule registers the Bluebell claim, Gay Reeder the Mogul.
1882AutumnIR 148, N-WT: the Reverend H. S. Bourne arrived to run the Anglican “school.”
1882AutumnN-WT: CPR rail-laying crews finish the season at what is now Tompkins, SK,
1882Oct. 13“the coal banks,” N-WT: Wm. Stafford and his Nova Scotia crew begin drifting the first North-Western Coal & Nav’n adit.
1882Oct. 31End of the Mining Season in B.C.
1882Nov. 15Having staked it on top of the Bluebell claim about October 28th, Thomas Hammill registers the Silver Queen at the Government Agency at Wild Horse.
1882Dec. 6Regina, N-WT: N-WMP Headquarters take up official residence.
1882Dec. 8Treaty No. 6 (Part 3) signed in the Cypress Hills between HRH Victoria and Big Bear’s band of Cree.
1882Dec. 11“the coal banks,” N-WT: North-Western Coal & Nav’n mine has been established.
1882Dec. 21Captains John C. & George J. Ainsworth, and Geo. Hearst, et al, apply to B.C. to incorporate the Columbia and Kootenay Railway and Transportation Company.
1883John McRae fires first smelter in the Kootenays, forty-three miles up the Columbia from what is now Golden.
1883B.C.: R.R. Gilpin settles in the Kettle’s valley near today’s Grand Forks.
1883N-WT.: William Winder is killed on his Ranche on Willow Creek near Fort Macleod.
1883N-WT.: William Roper Hull delivers a 1200-head horse herd to southern prairies. Herd formed at Kamloops. N-WMP buy most.
1883N-WT.: Waggon trail established between “the coal banks,” and Medicine Hat.
1883Butte, Montana Territory: Marcus Daly blows in his Anaconda Copper Mining Company smelter.
1883B.C.: J.C. Rykert sent as Collector of Customs for the Kootenays to build a post where the Upper Kootenay re-enters B.C. near today’s Creston.
1883N-WT.: Senator Matthew Henry Cochrane and son, William (Billy) Francis, expand their cattle operation to a lease on the doab between the Belly and Waterton rivers. Form the British-American Ranche Company to run sheep on original lease near Calgary.
1883Jan. 29 B.C. political: Robert Beaven resigns (non-confidence vote) and replaced by William Smithe as conservative premier. (Dies in office 1887/03/28)
1883Mar. 15Federal political: Hayter Reed appointed Assistant Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
1883SpringGovernment of Canada allows the CPR to abandon Yellow Head route in favour of the Kicking Horse Pass route.
1883SpringFort Macleod, N-WT: Flood, and the community begins shifting from Macleod Island to higher ground on the right bank of the Oldman.
1883Spring“the coal banks,” N-WT: Stafford and his crew have 22,000 tons of N-WC&N coal stock-piled.
1883Mar. 15Regina, N-WT.: Elliott Galt’s resignation from the Department of the Interior becomes effective.
1883Mar. 27Territorial Order-in-Council transfers capital of N-WT to Regina in today’s Saskatchewan.
1883AprilN-WT. South West Stock Association formed.
1883Apr. 9Fort Macleod, N-WT.: First N-WC&N barge leaves bound for “coal banks.”
1883May 12B.C.: The Columbia and Kootenay Railway and Transportation Company Act, 1883, receives royal assent. Directors: Jno. C. Ainsworth, Geo. J. Ainsworth, E.W. Blasdel. HQ in Vicroria, permissable capitalisation $5 million.
1883May 29Fort Macleod, N-WT.: Second N-WC&N barge leaves bound for “coal banks.”
1883June 1London: A.T. Galt resigns as Canadian High Commissioner to London. Replaced by Chas. Tupper.
1883June 10CPR Saskatchewan River Crossing, N-WT.: CPR rails laid to the South Saskatchewan River at what is today Medicine Hat, AB.
1883June 14Department of Indian Affairs moves its headquarters from Winnipeg to Regina.
1883June 21Fort Calgary, N-WT: Langdon, Shepard and Co. graders arrive.
1883SummerB.C.: Wild fire savages the Purcell Trench around Kootenay Lake.
1883July 2Coalbanks, N-WT.: The hull of the Baroness launched.
1883July 10Edward Kelly appointed Gold Commissioner for the Kootenay District of BC.
1883July 12W.A. Baillie-Grohman appointed provincial Justice of the Peace for the Kootenay district of B.C.
1883July 27CPR Saskatchewan River Crossing, N-WT.: The Baroness declared complete and re-launched. 320 tons.
1883AugustLake Osoyoos, B.C.: General W.T. Sherman, Commander of the U.S. Army, visits the J.C. Haynes family residence.
1883Aug. 9Fort Calgary, N-WT. CPR steel arrives.
1883Aug. 10CPR Saskatchewan River Crossing, N-WT.: Baroness makes maiden voyage to “Grand Forks” and back.
1883Aug. 11Fort Calgary, N-WT: First train crosses the Elbow River.
1883Aug. 20Regina, N-WT: First meeting of the North-West Council.
1883Aug. 23A Memorandum of Association declares that the British Columbia Copper Mining Company, Limited, had been formed to exploit ore bodies on Copper Mountain.
1883Aug. 23Northern Pacific Railroad completed.
1883Aug. 31Kootenay Lake, B.C.: Gold Commissioner Edward Kelly and Queen’s Counsel A.E.B. Davie arrive at Sproule’s camp to adjudicate the contested Bluebell claims.
1883SeptemberSir Francis De Winton and Sir F.F. Mackenzie bought Collins’ and Allen’s spread east of Pincher Creek, purchased the Indian Department’s cattle herd and founded the Alberta Ranch Company. Soon spread to 15,000 acres.
1883Sep. 8President Henry Villard of the Northern Pacific Railroad drives the road’s official last spike at Cold Creek, Montana Territory.
1883AutumnFirst shipment of grain to the Canadian lakehead: Jas. Richardson & Sons ship for Winnipeg.
1883OctoberOttawa: A.T. Galt petitions Mcdonald cabinet for lineal grant of N-WT land for a railroad to Coalbanks from Dunmore on the CPR Mainline. Petition sent to Parliament for approval.
1883Oct. 16Kootenay Lake, B.C.: Gold Commissioner Edward Kelly finds for R.E. Sproule in the Bluebell dispute.
1883Oct. 17Federal political: Honourable Sir D.L. Macpherson appointed Minister of the Interior.
1883Oct. 19N-WC&N was assigned Coal Lease No. 4.
1883Oct. 23Federal political: The Most Honourable Marquis of Lansdowne appointed governor general of Canada.
1883NovemberJ.J. Hill sells his remaining CPR shares and declares war on Van Horne and the Company.
1883Nov. 18The inauguration of Standard Time in North America. Invented by Sanford Fleming.
1883Dec. 2Regular passenger service established between Winnipeg and Calgary.
1883Dec. 10Baillie-Grohman issued a provincial concession for a one-year lease on 47,500 acres of Kootenay Lake wetlands.
1883Dec. 19B.C. political: Railway Belt Act passed.
1883Begins the “starvation winter” duing which some 600 Piegans on their reserve in Montana die for lack of rations.
1884The J.J. Jameson family settles in the upper Similkameen River valley in BC.
1884B.C.: J.C. Haynes sends James McConnel to establish a ranch on Grande Prairie near today’s Grand Forks.
1884Nakota emissaries persuade the Ktunaxa to support Louis Riel in his demands for Native rights.
1884B.C.: E.E. Spraggett and S.R. Almond take up land in the Kettle’s valley at the mouth of Fourth of July (now, July) Creek near today’s Grand Forks.
1884U.S. builds a customs post on the Columbia River near Ft. Shepherd, B.C.
1884I.R. 148, N-WT: Anglicans commence building a school complex on Big Island—“Omoksene”—in the Belly River, close to Stand Off.
1884St. Albert, N-WT.: Leonard Van Tighem elevated to the priesthood in the Order of Mary Immaculate.
1884N-WT.: Captain John Stewart organizes the Rocky Mountain Rangers to patrol the range.
1884Pincher Creek, N-WT.: Father LaCombe builts the “Hermitage” over the course of a few months.
1884Pincher Creek, N-WT.: St. John’s Anglican built on Scobie land east of the settlement. Moved in 1886.
1884Pincher Creek, N-WT.: Timothé Lebel, Tom Hinton and silent partner Chas. Kettles organize the general store which will become “Lebel’s.”
1884“Indian Advancement Act” of 1884 prohibited Natives from gathering to celebrate ceremonies like sun dances and gifting each other through pot-latches.
1884N-WT: Cecil Edward Denny quits as Agent for Treaty 7 tribes. Replaced by two agents, William B. Pocklington appointed to the Kainai and the Piikani. Hdqtrs in Fort Macleod.
1884Hayter Reed appointed Assistant Commissioner of Indian Affairs.
1884Fred’k. W. Godsal buys the eastern half of the Garratt brothers’ 40,000-acre ranch—including “French Flats”—in the N-WT.
1884Sheep prohibited from ranging south of the Highwood River in the District of Alberta, N-WT
1884Dr. George Mercer Dawson of the Geological Survey of Canada again examines the Crowsnest Pass area.
1884The F.X. Richter family sells its original ranch near today’s Cawston, BC, to R.L. Cawston and Mrs. W.H. Lowe and moves to lands down the Similkameen on the Boundary.
1884Henry Nicholson settles near what is today Midway, BC.
1884Indian Agent Pocklington agrees to lease part of I.R. 148A grasslands to the Cochrane Ranche. Kainai disagree.
1884Port Arthur, ON.: CPR builds a “terminal” grain elevator.
1884Fr. Albert Lacombe appointed the first principal of the Dunbow (St. Joseph’s) Indian Industrial School east of what is now High River, Alberta.
1884Fr. Constantin Scollen contracts cholera and retires from ministering to the Kainaa.
1884Col. Jas. Baker buys 18,000 acres of Joseph’s Prairie in East Kootenay, BC, from the Galbraiths.
1884The steam launch Alpha is chartered by the North American Construction Company, re-assembled at Colville Landing and sailed up the Columbia River to Farwell to assist Gustav Blin Wright in the construction of the Eagle Pass waggon road.
1884The Victoria vein located in upper Rock Creek valley, BC.
1884JanuaryAndrew Onderdonk completes the Yale-Savona part of his CPR contract.
1884Jan. 22Onderdonk completes the Yale-Port Moody section of the CPR.
1884Feb. 4Valantine Baker Pasha, James Baker’s brother, defeated by Osman Digna and his “Fuzzie-Wuzzies” in the Sudan.
1884Feb. 13Port Moody, BC: At 13:30 first train arrives.
1884Mar. 10AB: Moise LaGrandeur buys W.S. Lee’s ranching operation at the old HBC post at the mouth of Pincher Creek just west of what is now Brocket, AB.
1884Mar. 25B.C.: The Ainsworths’ appeal of the Bluebell decision commences in Victoria before M.B. Begbie, H.P.P. Crease & Geo. Walkem.
1884Mar. 28Decision in Ainsworths’ Bluebell appeal handed down.
1884SpringLawrence Vankoughnet, Deputy Superintendent of the DIA, comes West on his first tour of inspection.
1884SpringCoal Banks, N-WT: The machinery of the N-WC&N sawmill rafted down from Fort Macleod.
1884Apr. 9London: The principals in the N-WC&N and Alexander Stavely Hill incorporate the Alberta Railway and Coal Company.
1883Apr. 15Medicine Hat, N-WT: N-WC&N launches Alberta. 150 tons
1883Apr. 19Medicine Hat, N-WT: N-WC&N launches Minnow. 20 tons.
1884Apr. 19Indian Act amended to prohibit potlatches.
1884Apr. 1947 Victoria Chapter 74, “An Act to empower the North-Western Coal and Navigation Company (Limited), to construct and work a line of railway between Medicine Hat and the Company’s mines on the Belly River, and for other purposes ...” receives royal assent.
1884Apr. 1947 Victoria Chapter 86, “An Act to incorporate the Alberta Railway and Coal Company” (AR&C) receives royal assent.
1884Apr. 20Walrond Cattle Ranche Limited registers its “running WR” brand in the N-WT.
1884SummerN-WT.: John Baring of London examines the oil seeps in the Waterton area.
1884JulyB.C. Indian Commissioner Peter O’Reilly lays out reserves for the Ktunaxa in the Purcel and Rocky Mountain trenches.
1884JulyCrowfoot of the Siksikah, Red Crow of the Kainaa, and Sitting on an Eagle Tail of the Piikani confer with Lieutenant-Governor and Commissioner of Indian Affairs for the N-WT, Edgar Dewdney, in Regina, who promised them more aid.
1884Aug. 20St. Mary’s Reserve No. 1 registered for the Ktunaxa.
1884SeptemberBarrington Price sells his original pre-emption near Keremeos to T.A. Daly and moves to lands on the banks of the Similkameen River.
1884AutumnRumour of gold in the upper Similkameen.
1884AutumnFred. Willock plants “White Clawson” wheat as an experimental winter crop near Pincher Creek, N-WT. Success.
1884AutumnA.T. Galt and C.S. Stanislaus off to London to raise money for N-WC&N.
1884AutumnConnecticuit: The Hendryx brothers incorporate the Kootenay Mining and Smelting Company, Limited.
1884Sep. 27Ottawa: Cabinet approves N-WC&N gauge reduction to three feet.
1884Oct. 1G.B. Wright completes the Eagle Pass waggon road between Farwell and Shuswap Lake.
1884OCt. 13Medicine Hat, N-WT: Staking of the N-WC&N’s railroad begins.
1884Oct. 14London: A.T. Galt signs construction contract for the N-WC&N’s railroad.
1884Nov. 7N-WT: Calgary incorporated as a Town.
1884Dec. 16Louis “David” Riel posts petition to settle Métis, Indian grievances.
1885Louis Eholt settles at what is today Midway.
1885Alberta Settlers’ Rights Association formed.
1885Winter and SpringN-WT: From tribe to tribe the information is conveyed that resistance to the rude New-comers would co-alesce around Louis Riel.
1885District of Alberta, N-WT.: “Kootenai” Brown’s wife, Olivia (neé Lyonais) dies.
1885Ban on immigration from Japan lifted.
1885Coal Banks, N-WT: N-W Coal & Navigation mine 21,000 tons of coal in 1885.
1885Coalbanks, N-WT: Henry Bentley establishes a store.
1885Stand Off, I.R. 148A, N-WT.: N-WMP establish a permanent post.
1885Ottawa imposes a 20% import duty on American cattle.
1885R.A. “Volcanic” Brown stakes his Volcanic and Fontentine claims in the Granby River valley.
1885Col. James Baker appointed Justice of the Peace in the East Kootenays.
1885circaCarson, B.C., townsite laid out John and Dan McLaren’s land in the Kettle Valley near Grand Forks.
1885JanuaryI.R. 148A, N-WT: Cochrane cattle turned loose on Kainai range for a month.
1885Mar. 19Louis Riel declares Provisional Government of the Saskatchewan at Batoche.
1885Mar. 23Major-General Fred’k. D. Middleton and the Canadian Militia instructed to proceed to the N-WT and crush the Métis rebellion.
1885Mar. 26Under Inspector Lief Crosier, N-WMP lose 10 (some say 3 policemen and 9 volunteers) killed and 14 wounded to Gabriel Dumont and his Métis at Battle of Duck Lake, Saskatchewan.
1885Mar. 30Poundmaker and Little Pine’s Newiyawak (Cree) warriors molest Battleford, Saskatchewan Territory.
1885AprilCommissioner of Indian Affairs Dewdney visits Crowfoot at Blackfoot Crossing, bringing extra rations and gifts to keep the Niitsitapi from joining Riel.
1885Apr. 2Warriors of Big Bear’s Newiyawak (Cree) people led by Wandering Spirit massacre 2 priests and 7 Caucasians settlers at Frog Lake in the District of Saskatchewan, N-WT. Two women taken captive.
1885Apr. 2The sternwheeler Kootenai (558 tons) launched at the Little Dalles on the Columbia by CP’s contractors, Henderson and H.M. McCartney. Dismantled 1895.
1885Apr. 9J.F. Allison appointed Gold Commissioner for the Tulameen region.
1885Apr. 10circa: Chief Crowfoot and the Niitsitapi peoples decide not to join with the Newiyawak and Riel’s Métis in rebellion against colonial rule.
1885Apr. 12Calgary, N-WT: The 65th Carbiniers of Mount Royal, Quebec, arrive, 700 strong.
1885Apr. 13An Act to Restrict and Regulate Chinese Immigration introduced in federal Parliament.
1885mid-AprilMaj.-Gen’l. Middleton’s North-West Field Force arrives in the District of Assiniboia, N-WT.
1885Apr. 18Fort Macleod(?), N-WT: First muster and drill of Captain John Stewart’s Rocky Mountain Rangers.
1885Apr. 20Calgary, N-WT: The first contingent of “The Alberta Field Force,” consisting of Stewart and some of his Rocky Mountain Rangers, and the 65th Carbiniers, leave for Fort Edmonton.
1885Apr. 23Calgary, N-WT: The second contingent of “The Alberta Field Force” leaves for Fort Edmonton and points in between.
1885Apr. 24Battle of Fish Creek, Saskatchewan.
1885Apr. 28Maiden voyage of the Kootenai at Nelson, BC.
1885Apr. 29A contingent of the Rocky Mountain Rangers ordered to patrol the Coal Banks-Medicine Hat telegraph line, and the crews building the North Western Coal and Navigation’s railroad.
1885May 2Battle of Cut Knife Hill, Saskatchewan.
1885May 7Fire consumes much of Farwell, B.C.
1885May 9–12Battle of Batoche: Louis Riel, Gabriel Dumont vs. Middleton.
1885May 15Riel surrenders.
1885May 16Ontario: The last spike in the North Shore Section of the CPR Mainline along Lake Superior was driven at Noslo.
1885May 18The Kootenay Lake Syndicate Company incorporated in England to support Baillie-Grohman’s endeavours in the Kootnays.
1885May 25Lethbridge, N-WT: Chas. Alex’r Magrath accepts the position of Land Agent for North-Western Coal and Navigation.
1885June 1B.C.: Thomas Hammill murdered at the Bluebell claim.
1885June 2Big Bear finally surrenders, bringing the hostilities of Riel’s second rebellion to a close.
1885SummerIn the aftermath of the Riel Rebellion, Hayter Reed, Indian Agent for the Battlefords, promotes his “pass system” for curtailing Natives’ freedom of movement. Illegal, but became informally institutionalized.
1885July 5J.M. “Johnnie” Chance claims to have found a nugget of gold at the confluence of Granite Creek and the Tulameen kicking off the Similkameen gold rush.
1885July 18Rocky Mountain Rangers disbanded, each veteran receiving either $80 in scrip, or 320 acres.
1885July 2048-49 Victoria Chap 7, An Act to restrict and regulate Chinese immigration to Canada, receives royal assent in Ottawa. Head tax of $50 imposed.
1885Aug. 5Honourable Thomas White appointed Minister of the Interior.
1885Aug. 25Coal Banks, N-WT: North-West Coal & Navigation Company completes the 109 mile “Turkey Trail” : Dunmore to Coal Banks.
1885Aug. 29Dunmore, N-WT: First train of N-WC&N coal arrives.
1885Sep. 4The Kootenai grounded and damaged. Mothballed while under repairs at the Little Dalles.
1885Sep. 7B.C. grants Baillie-Grohman and the Kootenay Lake Syndicate Company 73,100 acres of land in several blocks on Kootenay Lake and a pre-emption on a strip of 2,000 acres linking the Columbia and Kootenay systems across Canal Flats.
1885Sep. 24Coal Banks, N-WT: Official opening of the “Turkey Trail” between Dunmore and Coal Banks in the District of Alberta.
1885AutumnThe “Great Round-up” in southern Alberta under the captaincy of James Dunlap of the Cochrane Ranche.
1885Sep. 25Federal political: Honourable J.H. Pope appointed Minister of Railways and Canals.
1885Oct. 1Coalbanks, N-WT: Post Office opens “Lethbridge” bureau.
1885Oct. 15N-WT: “Coal Banks” officially re-named “Lethbridge.”
1885Nov. 5Kootenay, B.C.: Baillie-Grohman publicly posts his circular describing his project on Canal Flats.
1885Nov. 7Craigellachie, B.C.: At 09:21 hours, the Hon. D.A. Smith, surrounded by navvies and with W.C. Van Horne, Maj. A.B. Rogers, Sanford Fleming looking on, bent the last spike on the CPR Mainline.
1885Nov. 16Regina, N-WT: Louis “David” Riel hanged.
1885Nov. 23Port Moody, B.C.: First CPR through-freight arrives from the East.
1885Nov. 27Lethbridge, N-WT: E.T. Saunders and Geo. Allan Kennedy publish the first issue of the pro-ranching Lethbridge News weekly.
1885Nov. 28Battleford, N-WT, District of Saskatchewan: Wandering Spirit, five of his Newiyawak/Cree accomplices and two Stoneys hanged.
1885EndRed Crow and chief One Spot of the Kainai, North Axe of the Piikani, Crowfoot and Three Bulls of the Siksika, off on the CPR to Ottawa and Toronto for an extended state visit in company with Fr. Albert Lacombe.
1886Mild winter in Alberta.
1886B.C.: The peak year of the Granite Creek/Tulameen River gold rush with nearly $200,000’ worth of gold known to have been extracted from the Creek.
1886B.C.: The Laura Hydraulic Company of Vancouver begins a four-year effort in Rock Creek’s valley.
1886Golden City, B.C.: F.P. Armstrong launches the first Duchess onto the Columbia River.
1886B.C.: Fred. Rice and Al. McKinney staked their Cariboo claim: Rock Creek Quartz Camp mushrooms.
1886Dominion Trades and Labour Council formed.
1886Lethbridge, N-WT: Exhibition Board formed.
1886Lethbridge, N-WT: First contingent of “Hungarians” hired by Galt mines.
1886Stand Off, I.R. 148A, N-WT.: David Lambert builds a post.
1886Fort Macleod, N-WT: HBC opens a store.
1886N-WT: N-WMP form “K” Division and staion it at Lethbridge.
1886Fort Macleod, N-WT: Christ Church Anglican completed.
1886I.R. 147A, N-WT.: Fr. Emile Légal builds the Church of the Conversion of St. Paul, a rectory, and the Sacred Heart day school on the Piikani reserve.
1886The Bell brothers send the first shipment of N-WT cattle to the British beef market.
1886Crowsnest Lake, N-WT: The North-West Mounted Police establish a post.
1886Lethbridge, N-WT: Volunteer fire brigade organized.
1886Lethbridge, N-WT: Hospital opened.
1886Lethbridge, N-WT, “the bottoms”: Elliot Torrance Galt builds grand house, “Coal Dale.”
1886Lethbridge, N-WT: George Harding begins operating a ferry across the Belly/Oldman.
1886N-WT: R.T. Urch and W.H. Long build what became “The Stopover House” on the banks of the Oldman River in the District of Alberta near Coal Banks. Installed a reaction ferry on the Oldman to carry a branch of the Old North Trail across the River in times of high water.
1886Hedley, B.C.: The boundaries of the Chuchuwayha Indian Reserve #2 in the Similkameen valley are re-adjusted to their present alignment.
1886FebruaryLethbridge, N-WT: Knox Presbytrian Church consecrated.
1886FebruaryN-WT: School District formed for Lethbridge.
1886MarchLethbridge, N-WT: Galt workers laid off and only family men hired back, at a 25% reduction in wage.
1886Mar. 6Residents in the Upper Columbia valley dispatch a letter to their Member of Parliament expressing concern over Baillie-Grohman’s Canal Flats diversion project.
1886SpringFederal political: J.A Macrae appointed Inspector of Schools for Manitoba and the N-WT. To fix the educational system, especially the delivery of schooling to Natives.
1886AprilLethbridge, N-WT: School Board organized.
1886AprilLethbridge, N-WT: School classes begin under B.L. Latimer.
1886Apr. 1Federal political: Lawrence William Herchmer appointed fifth Commissioner of the N-WMP (to July 31, 1900).
1886Apr. 6B.C.: City of Vancouver incorporated by provincial charter.
1886Apr. 6B.C.: Royal assent given to “An Act to encourage the erection of Smelting Works” promising a $7,000 award to pre-approved projects capable of treating 30 tons/day.
1886Apr. 13Fort Macleod, N-WT: Canadian North-West Territories Stock Association organized.
1886Apr. 21B.C.: The Mary Victoria Greenhow launched on Lake Okanagan. Screw steamer built by Pringle & Hamill of Lansdowne for Capt. T.D. Shorts and Thos. Greenhow.
1886Apr. 28Lethbridge, N-WT: Union Bank of Lower Canada opens a branch.
1886May 8Golden City, B.C.: The Duchess launched onto the Columbia River.
1886May 11Fort Macleod, District of Alberta: John Herron elected president of the Canadian North-West Territories Stock Association.
1886JuneKelowna, B.C.: Mary Victoria Greenhow burns.
1886JuneMedicine Hat, N-WT: N-WC&N sends its Baroness and Alberta to Lethbridge with supplies. Baroness fails to make it, returning to Medicine Hat.
1886JuneB.C. political: Fifth General Election. Wm. Smithe premier. Jas. Baker wins Kootenay District.
1886June 2Federal political: An Act Respecting Experimental Farm Stations to be run by the Department of Agriculture receives royal assent.
1886June 13Vancouver razed by fire. Fifty dead. Only four buildings survive.
1886June 24N-WC&N Alberta arrives in Lethbridge and is soon stripped, her boilers and engine used to power the company’s the saw mill.
1886June 28At 20:00 hours the first CPR transcontinental passenger train departs from Dalhousie Station in Montréal.
1886JulyLethbridge, N-WT: Wesley Methodist Church completed.
1886July 4Port Moody, B.C.: At noon on Sunday, first CPR transcontinental passenger train, the Pacific Express, arrives.
1886July 4J.J. Hill incorporates his New Westminster Southern Railway Company (See 1891).
1886July 6CP’s first Atlantic Express departs Port Moody for the East.
1886July 7B.C. Election: Wm. Smithe returned as premier. Colonel James Baker elected as MPP for the Kootenay Electoral District (to 1900).
1886July 27Initiating the CPR’s trans-Pacific trade, the Co.-chartered barque W.B. Flint sails into Port Moody.
1886AugustWinslow and Osner Hall lead a party of fifteen into B.C.’s Kootenays looking for fortune.
1886Aug. 13Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway completed.
1886Aug. 18Sir J.A. Macdonald drives last spike in E&N at Cliffside Station.
1886Sep. 13Canada: Order-in-Council doubles the lease rent rate to 2¢/acre in the N-WT. All leases cancellable with 2 weeks notice.
1886OctoberBankhead, N-WT: McLeod Stewart opens Canadian Anthracite Company mine on the CPR Mainline.
1886Oct. 4Victoria, B.C.: Sicamous and Okanagan Railway Company opens offices in Bastion Square.
1886Oct. 24D.C. Corbin and the Northern Pacific Railroad form the Spokane Falls and Idaho Railroad Company.
1886Oct. 29Robert Evan Sproule hanged in Victoria for the murder of Thomas Hammill.
1886Oct. 30B.C. extends the completion date of Baillie-Grohman and the Kootenay Lake Syndicate Company’s Canal Flats project.
1886Nov. 27Lethbridge, N-WT: School building opens.
1886DecemberCorbin completes the three-foot gauge Coeur d’Alene Railway and Navigation Company line in Idaho.
1886WinterMass starvation among tribes on the Prairies. Heavy losses of cattle.
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