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Time Line
for South-western Canada
Page 6 (1887 - 1890)

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1887Enfranchised citizens in the North-West Territories allowed to vote in Federal election.
1887The Georges Leyson and Bowerman stake the Big Copper claim on Deadwood Creek near Greenwood. Lapsed.
1887Lake Osoyoos in B.C.: T.J. Kruger family builds large house overlooking lake.
1887N-WT: The Chas. La Fontaine family settles on “French Flats” at what is now Cowley, AB.
1887N-WT: Mormon sect of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints buys 9,690 acres of N-WC&N land.
1887Lethbridge, N-WT.: Lethbridge Curling Club organized.
1887Lethbridge, N-WT.: John Bruce founds a brickyard.
1887Lethbridge, N-WT.: Brick-built St. Augustine’s Anglican completed.
1887Lethbridge, N-WT.: Stone-built Union Bank of Lower Canada completed.
1887Lethbridge, N-WT.: Father Leonard Van Tighem, OMI, arrives.
1887The Canadian North-West Territories Stock Association becomes the Alberta Stock Growers Association.
1887B.C.: Fred. Gwatkins and Geo. Sheenan register the Stemwinder claim near today’s Oliver.
1887Pincher Creek, N-WT.: John Herron family builds the first framed house in the settlement.
1887N-WT: Second wave of French settlers descends on “French Flats,” now Cowley, AB. Including Alphonse Bouthillier, Philip Fortier, and the Charles La Fontaine family.
1887Camp McKinney, B.C.: Cariboo vein located off Rock Creek.
1887JanuaryLethbridge, N-WT: Barracks completed for N-WMP.
1887Jan. 1Alberta, N-WT: Begins the cattle killing blizzard. Eighty days of storm.
1887Jan. 5B.C.: Kootenay District divided into North and South Districts.
1887Jan. 14Edward Bray, J.E. Humphries, William Fernie and F.W. Aylmer apply to the B.C. government for a permit to prospect for coal in the Elk River valley.
1887Feb. 8B.C. political: Honourable Hugh Nelson commissioned lieutenant-governor.
1887Feb. 1Lethbridge, N-WT: Fire consumes eight cottages.
1887Feb. 22Federal Election: J.A. Macdonald and Conservatives re-elected to power in Ottawa.
1887Feb. 22John Andrew Mara (Conservative) elected MP for the District of Yale, B.C.
1887MarchMedicine Hat, N-WT: Boilers stripped from Baroness and sent up to Lethbridge for eventual use in Galt No. 3.
1887SpringLethbridge, N-WT: Galt miners out on strike.
1887SpringN-WT: Storm locks the grasses under ice in southern Alberta causing great cattle loses.
1887Mar. 28B.C. political: Premier Wm. Smithe dead.
1887Mar. 29B.C.: Province grants coal mining Licence Number 21 to Edward Bray, J.E. Humphries, William Fernie and F.W. Aylmer.
1887AprilBaillie-Grohman forms the Kootenay Valleys Company, Limited, in England and gifts it with much of his personal wealth.
1887Apr. 1B.C. political: Alexander Edmund Batson Davie selected as conservative premier. (dies in office August 1, 1889).
1887Apr. 7Royal assent given to B.C.’s “An Act to aid the Development of Quartz Mines” allows cash advances to $60,000 and a $12,000 grant to erectors of a mill or smelter capable of treating 20 tons of quartz per day.
1887Apr. 30First waggon train of Mormon settlers arrive and camp on Lee’s Creek in Southern Alberta.
1887May 2Selkirk Mining and Smelting Company incorporated by Chas. E. Pooley, Gustavus Blin Wright, and Edgar Marvin.
1887May 20Commissioner Herchmer orders Colonel Samuel Benfield Steele at Fort Macleod to take “D” Division into Ktunaxa territory in the Rocky Mountain Trench.
1887May 23First CPR passenger train arrives in Vancouver.
1887JuneN-WT/Montana: Kainai (Bloods) and Issapo (Crows) conclude a brief treaty to discontinue mutual horse stealing.
1887JuneLethbridge, N-WT: Galt miners again out on strike.
1887June 3Mormons found Cardston on Lee’s Creek in the District of Alberta.
1887June 28“D” Division arrives at Golden City, B.C.
1887JulyF.P Armstrong’s Duchess capsizes in the Columbia with “D” Division’s supplies.
1887JulyGeo. Leyson and Geo. Bowerman file two claims in the Trail Creek basin.
1887July 1Michael Phillipps appointed resident Indian Agent at Tobacco Plains.
1887July 6Winslow and Osner Hall register their Kohinoor, American Flag, Silver King and Kootenay Bonanza for their Kootenay Bonanza Mining Company.
1887July 31Colonel S.B. Steele and “D” Company of the N-WMP arrive at Galbraiths’ Ferry.
1887Aug. 1Post Office opens a bureau at the Daly Ranch near present-day Keremeos.
1887Aug. 18Captain John Palliser dies in County Waterford, Ireland.
1887Aug. 23J.C. Rykert registers a 320-acre pre-emption (Lot 252) on the Kootenay River just north of the Boundary near what is now Creston.
1887SeptemberEast Kootenays, B.C.: Surveyor T.T. McVittie lays out two lots at the confluence of Big Sand Creek and the Kootenay River. Registered in November.
1887Sep. 2Jubilee launched onto Okanagan Lake by Captain Shorts.
1887Sep. 5Col. Steele conducts the trial of Kapula and Little Isidore: released for lack of evidence.
1887AutumnB.C. government lays out the main street of “McKinneyville” on its own property near Rock Creek Quartz Camp.
1887AutumnMedicine Hat, N-WT: N-WC&N sells Minnow to Joseph and François Lamoureux who take it up to the North Saskatchewan River.
1887Oct. 1Northern Pacific Railroad leases Corbin’s Spokane Falls and Idaho for 50 years.
1887Oct. 14Opening of the 9th and final session of the N-WT Council (ended November 19). Six appointed and 14 elected members.
1887Oct. 15East Kootenay, B.C.: Father P.N.J. de Coccola, O.M.I., arrives in the St. Mary’s valley to help Father Fouquet run the St. Eugene Mission.
1887Oct. 22First wedding in St. Cyrian’s Anglican on Piikani reserve: Jas. Burgess Miller to Mary Agnes Sexton.
1887Nov. 7John T. Galbraith dead (58 yrs.)
1887Dec. 16The province grants coal mining Licence Number 25 to F.W. Aylmer, Number 26 to William Fernie, Number 27 to C.S. Lewis, and Number 28 to Peter Creake Fernie.
1887Dec. 19Fort Macleod, N-WT.: General Hospital incorporated.
1887EndGranite City calculated to be the third largest Caucasian settlement in B.C. All but deserted within a year.
1888Sto:los’ prohibited from fishing commercially.
1888G.B. Wright buy the Ainsworth pre-emption at Hot Springs on Kootenay Lake.
1888F.P. Armstrong contracts the construction of his second Duchess (145 tons). Alex Watson of Victoria, builder.
1888CPR forms the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railway.
1888Princeton, B.C.: J.J. Jameson finds copper on Copper Mountain.
1888Ottawa creates a Supreme Court for the N-WT.
1888Lethbridge, N-WT.: St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church completed (begun in 1887).
1888Lethbridge, N-WT.: Queen’s Hotel opened.
1888Lethbridge, N-WT.: N-WC&N begins digging vertical shaft of Galt No. 1 opened.
1888Lethbridge, N-WT.: Chas. McKillop arrives as minister to Knox Presbyterian’s congregation.
1888Lethbridge, N-WT.: Captain Richard Burton Deane assumes command of “K” Company.
1888B.C.: Sicamous (later Shuswap) and Okanagan Railway incorporated.
1888B.C.: The Government built trail to Rock Creek through Camp McKinney from the Okanagan Band’s community at Nk’mip.
1888W.A. and Andrew Hendryx register the Kootenay Mining and Smelting Company in Idaho.
1888Fort Macleod, N-WT.: McLaren Lumber builds a sawmill.
1888The U.S. drops its import duties on lead.
1888Great Falls, Montana Territory: Montana Mining and Smelting Company begins smelting.
1888East Helena, Montana Territory: American Smelting and Refining Company blows in its lead smelter.
1888Jan. 17N-WT: Big Bear dies on his reserve near Battleford.
1888Jan. 26Charter of the Columbia and Kootenay Railway and Transportation Company cancelled.
1888Mar. 14B.C. political: North and South Kootenay Districts re-organized into East and West Districts.
1888Apr. 14D.C. Corbin et al charter Spokane Falls and Northern Railway in Washington Territory.
1888Apr. 18Federal political: The Dominion “buys back” the guaranteed monopoly on rail line expansion that the CPR enjoyed south of its Mainline.
1888Apr. 28The Province of B.C. passes the Crow’s Nest and Kootenay Lake Railway Act: reqires a line of not less than three-foot gauge built from the apex of the Crow’s Nest Pass to the mouth of the Goat River on Kootenay Lake.
1888May 1Albert McCleary granted a 320 acre pre-emption at the end of the Fort Colville Trail on what is now the townsite of Castlegar.
1888May 18B.C.: R.E. Lemon lands his scow loaded with trade goods and liquor in what is now Mill Pond near Castlegar.
1888May 2251 Victoria Chapter 32, “An Act respecting a certain agreement between Canada and the Canadian Pacific Railway Company,” received royal assent, striking Clause 15 of “An Act Respecting the Canadian Pacific Railway, Victoria 41, Chapter 1” which prohibited any entity but the CPR from constructing a line of rail South and West of the CPR Mainline.
1888May 28T.A. Sproat granted 320-acre pre-emption on the Pass Creek delta near what is today Castlegar’s Mill Pond. “Sproat’s Landing” mushrooms into existence.
1888June 11The Right Honourable Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley, 1st Baron of Preston, appointed governor-general of Canada.
1888SummerProvincial agent G.M. Sproat visits Sproat’s Landing on a tour of the district. Sets aside a half square mile reserve for the government at what is today Robson.
1888June 27Elections held for the Legislative Assembly of the N-WT.
1888JulyBankhead, N-WT.: Canadian Anthracite Company fails.
1888July 4Joseph Royal appointed Commissioner of the North-West Territories.
1888July 6Judge J.C. Haynes dies at the Allisons’ ranch near Princeton (Cork, June 6, 1831).
1888July 11The Kootenay Mining and Smelting Company launches Galena onto the Upper Kootenay at Bonners Ferry.
1888July 14Columbia Transportation Company launches Despatch [sic] (37 tons) onto the Columbia River at Farwell/Revelstoke. Dismantled 1893.
1888July 19The Okanagan launched onto Lake Okanagan. Built by Pringle and Harris at Spallumcheen.
1888July 26Ex-Hudson’s Bay Company steamer Beaver wrecked in the mouth of Burrard Inlet.
1888Aug. 3Edgar Dewdney elected Member of Parliament for Assiniboia East. (returned in 1891 and resigned October, 1892)
1888Aug. 3Hayter Reed succeeds Dewdney as Commissioner of Indian Affairs. Amédée Emmanuel Forget appointed as Assistant.
1888Aug. 7Guided by John George “Kootenai” Brown, Sam Steele and Company “D” leave Ft. Steele to return over the Crowsnest Pass to Ft. MacLeod. Arrive on the 16th.
1888Aug. 7W.C. Van Horne elected president of the CPR.
1888Aug. 8B.C.: A Thursday. Columbia Transportation Company’s Despatch leaves Revelstoke.
1888Aug. 10Captain Robert Sanderson brings Despatch into Mill Pond at what is soon “Sproat’s Landing” to let off his partner, John Frederick Hume, who begins building a warehouse nearby.
1888AutumnB.C.: Province orders G.M. Sproat to build what would be named the Kootenay Valley Trunk Trail from the Silver King mine to Sproat’s Landing at the confluence of the Kootenay and Columbia Rivers.
1888Sep. 25Honourable Edgar Dewdney appointed Minister of the Interior and Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs.
1888OctoberB.C.: Gilbert Malcolm Sproat subdivides his pre-emption on the West Arm of Kootenay Lake and subdivides it into building lots as “Stanley.”
1888OctoberThe CPR buys the railroad charter of the defunct Columbia and Kootenay Railway and Transportation Company.
1888OctoberLethbridge, N-WT.: Scientific and Historical Society founded.
1888Oct. 1Northern Pacific Railroad leases Corbin’s Couer d’Alene Railway & Navigation Company for 999 years.
1888Oct. 4Sylvia Convert born: first Caucasian child in the Grand Forks area.
1888Oct. 31Lieutenant-Governor Royal convenes first session (till December 11) of the first Legislature of the N-WT under the authority of the N-WT Amendment Act of 1888. F.W.G. Haultain head of the advisory council to the lieutenant-governor.
1888Nov. 23Fort Macleod, District of Alberta, N-WT.: Board of Trade formed.
1888Dec. 5Fort Whoop-Up, District of Alberta, N-WT.: N-WM Police post destroyed by accidental fire.
1888EndB.C.: Granite City all but deserted.
1889“Hot Springs Camp” on Kootenay Lake renamed “Ainsworth.”
1889Osoyoos, B.C.: T.J. Kruger appointed Customs Officer.
1889Sir Frederick Arthur Stanley, 1st Baron of Preston, the governor-general of Canada, and his entourage process through the West.
1889B.C.: R.G. Sidley settles on Anarchist Mountain in the Okanagan Highlands.
1889B.C.: Baillie-Grohman contracts Harry Selous and Fred Lewis to widen what is now called Grohman Narrows at the end of the West Arm of Kootenay Lake.
1889Tacoma, WA: Dennis Ryan builds a smelter.
1889Lethbridge, N-WT: Galt No. 2 begun.
1889Lethbridge, N-WT.: Society of Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus arrive.
1889I.R. 146, N-WT.: Dept. of Indian Affairs subdivides part of the Siksikah Reserve into 80-acre plots with the idea of transferring them to the private ownership of Reserve residents.
1889Stand Off, I.R. 148A, N-WT.: Chief Moon first Kainai to get into the haying business.
1889Stand Off, I.R. 148A, N-WT.: OMI Father &3201;mil Legal takes up residence on the Kainai Reserve.
1889Stand Off, I.R. 148A, N-WT.: The Anglican Church Missionary Society completes St. Paul’s school.
1889Waterton, N-WT.: A.P. Patrick files first petroleum claims in Alberta.
1889East Kootenays, B.C.: Kootenay Land Company acquires properties at the mouth of Big Sand Creek. In the early ‘90s Wm. Santo and W.E. Johnson here established a way station on the Kalispell–Fort Steele Road.
1889B.C.: G. K. Stocker of Spokane visits the Kettle valley and begins to buy land.
1889D.C. Corbin submits to the B.C. legislature his proposal to build his “Kettle River Valley Railway” up the Kettle valley from Marcus, Washington, and onward to the Coast.
1889B.C.: Kootenay Valley Trunk Trail completed between the Silver King and Sproat’s Landing.
1889B.C.: Kootenay Lake Marble Quarry begins operations on Kootenay Lake’s eastern shore opposite Kaslo.
1889Jan. 7B.C. Cattlemen’s Association formed at Kamloops.
1889Feb. 14The British Columbia Smelting Company on Powell St. in vancouver blows in it s first furnace to treat ore from the Monarch mine near Field, B.C. Couldn’t handle the sulphur contamination and furnace shut down on February 25th.
1889Feb. 16Having sold his Idaho railroads to the Northern Pacific, D.C. Corbin takes his own contract to build the Spokane Falls and Northern Railway.
1889Feb. 21Kootenay (British Columbia) Smelting and Trading Syndicate incorporated in London with £40,000 capital. Begins building Revelstoke plant. Completed, it worked a few weeks in 1891. The effort was abandoned in ‘92, and the remains were carried away by the Columbia in 1899.
1889Mar. 20Crown sells 1,350 acres of Elk valley coal lands to Edward Bray, J.E. Humphries, F.W. Aylmer, and Valentine Hyde Baker.
1889Mar. 20Canada: 52 Victoria Chapter 50 reincorporates the Alberta Railway and Coal Company.
1889Mar. 25The Crow’s Nest Coal and Mineral Company, Limited, is incorporated in B.C.: trustees; Colonel Baker, Wm. and Peter Creake Fernie, Edwd. Bray and J. Despard Pemberton. Capitalization, $2 million.
1889AprilAB.: Kainai ride across the “Medicine Line” on their last great horse raid into Crow country.
1889Apr. 6The province of B.C. encharters the Columbia and Kootenay Railway and Navigation Company. R.P. Cooke, A.G. Ferguson, Geo. Turner. Harry Abbott. Capitalized to $5 million.
1889Apr. 12Robert Dunsmuir dies at Victoria: age 64
1889May 24Carl Sutterly and Charles Wesley Busk register their pre-emptions on properties at today’s Balfour.
1889SummerOliver Bordeau and Newlin Hoover re-register Leyson and Bowerman’s claims in the Trail Creek basin, one of them as the Lily May.
1889July 12Geo. Owen Buchanan’s lumber mill at today’s Harrop commences operations.
1889July 17Joseph William Cockle files a 320-acre pre-emption on the west side of Crawford Bay.
1889July 29Baillie-Grohman’s canal across Canal Flats declared complete: 6700 feet long by 45 feet wide by 11 feet deep.
1889Aug. 1B.C. political: Premier Davie dead.
1889Aug. 2B.C. political: John Robson selected as conservative premier. (dies in office June 29, 1892)
1889Sep. 16 (18?)U.S.A.: James Jerome Hill incorporates the Great Northern Railway.
1889Sep. 18Lethbridge, N-WT.: Board of Trade founded.
1889Autumn“Stanley,” B.C.: Grand Hotel completed. First permanent hostelry.
1889Oct. 2Montana Territory: Great Falls and Canada Railway incorporated.
1889Oct. 18Fort Colville, WA.: steel of Spokane Falls and Northern Railway spiked into town.
1889Nov. 1East Kootenay, B.C.: Father Fouquet surrenders management of the St. Eugene Mission to Father Coccola.
1889Nov. 8U.S.A.: Montana admitted to Union as 41st state.
1889Nov. 11U.S.A.: State of Washington admitted to Union as 42nd state.
1889Nov. 20Kootenay Smelting and Trading Syndicate accepts first load of ore at Revelstoke building site.
1889Nov. 28Right Honourable Sir J.A. Macdonald appointed Minister of Railways and Canals.
1889DecemberCorbin applies for B.C. charter for Kettle River Valley Railway and Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway: refused.
1889DecemberOkanagan Landing, B.C.: Jubilee frozen into the ice and sinks in the spring.
1889Dec. 18The Crow’s Nest Coal and Mineral Company purchases 960 acres in the Elk River’s valley at the mouth of Morrissey Creek.
1889Dec. 21Columbia and Kootenay Steam Navigation Company formed by Captain Robert Sanderson, John Frederick Hume and William Cowan of the Columbia Transportation Company, and Captain John Irving, F.S. Bernard, and John Andrew Mara.
1889Dec. 31Alberta Railway & Coal Company (AR&C) leases North Western Railway & Coal Company’s “Turkey Trail.”
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