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for South-western Canada
Page 7 (1890 - 1893)

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1890B.C.: CPR agrees to lease the Shuswap and Okanagan Railway for twenty-five years upon its completion.
1890B.C.: Captain T.D. Shorts launches the City of Vernon steam barge onto Lake Okanagan.
1890WA: W.R. Rust buys Dennis Ryan’s Tacoma Smelter and incorporates the Tacoma Smelting and Refining Company.
1890B.C.: Joe Wilson engaged to widen the packtrail between Taghum and the Columbia River into a waggon road.
1890B.C.: R.W. (Bob) Yuill contracted build a trail from Taghum to “Stanley,” now Nelson, BC.
1890B.C.: J.A. Manly purchases land on “Grande Prairie” from C.S. McRae.
1890I.R. 148A, N-WT.: John Chantler McDougall orders John Maclean to close the Methodist mission at Lower Agency.
1890B.C. amends its Constitutional Act of 1871 to split the Kootenay Electoral District into two ridings: Jas. Baker continues as MPP for East Riding, J.M. Kellie in the West.
1890Marysville, B.C.: Wm. Meacham first register land on the future townsite.
1890Lethbridge, N-WT: Opera house completed.
1890B.C.: Penticton launched onto Lake Okanagan. Screw steamer of 33 tons owned by Thos. Ellis and Eli Le Quime. Built and captained by T.D. Shorts.
1890B.C.: Frank Fitzgerald establishes a ferry on Slocan River to carry the Kootenay Valley Trunk Trail—Sproat’s Landing to Nelson.
1890B.C.: Nelson Sawmill begins operation. J.H. Tolson and the chief engineer of the Silver King mine, M.S. Davys, principals.
1890B.C.: Davies-Sayward Mill and Land Company, Limited, builds sawmill at Pilot Bay. Closed 1903.
1890B.C.: R.L. Cawston, Thomas Ellis and Captain Jno. Irving of Victoria incorporate the British Columbia Cattle Company.
1890Columbus, OH: United Mine Workers of America founded.
1890Lethbridge, N-WT: Territorial government builds a bridge over the Belly.
1890Lethbridge, N-WT: Galt No. 3 begun.
1890Lethbridge, N-WT: Reading Room and Library Society established with N-WC&N / AR&C sponsorship.
1890Lethbridge, N-WT.: Society of Sisters Faithful Companions of Jesus open a school. Father Van Tighem dedicates their convent.
1890I.R. 147A, N-WT.: Anglicans open St. Cyprian’s Residential School on the Piikani reserve.
1890CircaB.C.: Jack King stakes the Alice near what is today Wynndel.
1890Jan. 1The Great Northern leases the St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway for 999 years beginning January 31, 1890.
1890Jan. 1The Alberta Railway & Coal Company takes over operation of the Northwestern Coal & Navigation Company railroad.
1890Jan. 21Columbia & Kootenay Steam Navigation Company incorportated in B.C.
1890Feb. 27James Baker, the Chairman of B.C.’s Standing Committee on Railways proposed amending the Crow’s Nest and Kootenay Lake Railway Act to extend the completion dates. Baker part-owner of the CN&KL.
1890Mar. 4The B.C. provincial Standing Committee on Railways rejects D.C. Corbin’s proposal to build his proposed Kettle River Valley Railroad from the Columbia to the Coast.
1890Mar. 5Federal political: The Board of Railway Commissioners rejects D.C. Corbin’s application to build the Kettle River Valley Railroad stating that cross-Boundary railroad charters were not in the Dominion’s best interests.
1890SpringB.C.: Whitehead, McLean and McKay crews begin building the Columbia and Kootenay Railway.
1890SpringShelby, MT: Fort Benton Construction Company crews begin laying Great Falls and Canada rail towards Sweetgrass, MT.
1890Mar. 2653 Victoria Chapter 85, “An Act to amend the Act to incorporate the Alberta Railway and Coal Company,” permitts the AR&C to reduce the gauge of its Montana-bound branch line to three feet.
1890Apr. 2MT: Shelby-Sweetgrass reach of the Great Falls and Canada Railway opened.
1890Apr. 15N-WT: Lieutenant-governor Edgar Dewdney turns the sod on the Calgary and Edmonton Railway (C&E).
1890Apr. 24N-WT.: With the passage of 53 Vic., chap. 84, the C&E buys the interests of both the Calgary, Alberta and Montana Railway, and the North-Western Railway Company of Canada.
1890Apr. 25I.R. 146, N-WT.: Isapo-Muxika (Chief Crowfoot) of the Siksika nation dies of tuberculosis at Blackfoot Crossing.
1890Apr. 24B.C. political: Province passes the Constitution Amendment Act which divides the Kootenay District into the East Kootenay and West Kootenay Districts.
1890Apr. 29Crow’s Nest and Kootenay Lake Railway Act amended allowing a change in directorship. Completion dates reset.
1890MayLethbridge, N-WT: Donald Grant & Co. begin laying AR&C rails southwards towards Coutts.
1890MayRevelstoke, B.C.: C&KSN launches Lytton (451 tons). Cost $40,000. Dismantled 1902.
1890May 16Owned by Jas. Ross, Herbert Holt, Wm. Mackenzie and Don. Mann, the Calgary and Edmonton Railway is federally enchartered to construct a line of rail from Calgary to Edmonton, from Edmonton into the Peace River Country, and from Calgary to the Boundary via Fort Macleod.
1890May 20WA: D.C. Corbin pushes his Spokane Falls and Northern Railway to Marcus on the Columbia.
1890June 13B.C. political: John Robson returned as the premier.
1890June 18Lethbridge, N-WT: Charles Magrath completes a [re]survey of townsite.
1890SummerB.C.: E.S. Topping and Frank Hanna pre-empt property at the mouth of Trail Creek.
1890July 2B.C.: Joe Moris and Joe Bourgeois stake claims on Red Mountain at what is now Rossland.
1890July 3U.S.A.: Sherman Silver Purchase Act enacted in U.S. congress. Required the U.S. mint to buy 4.5 million ounces of silver per month.
1890July 3Columbia River, WA. & B.C.: Lytton undertook her first revenue earning voyage.
1890July 3U.S.A.: State of Idaho admitted to Union as 43rd state.
1890July 17Nelson, B.C.: Joe Moris and Joe Bourgeois register the Center Star, War Eagle, Idaho and Virginia claims on Red Mountain. Eugene Sayer Topping registers the Le Roi.
1890July 19Lethbridge, N-WT: Plebicite on incorporation.
1890July 21Calgary, N-WT: First spike driven on the Calgary and Edmonton Railway.
1890Aug. 15WA: D.C. Corbin formally opens his Spokane Falls and Northern Railway between Spokane and the Little Dalles.
1890Aug. 15B.C.: Lytton begins scheduled service between Revelstoke and the Little Dalles to connect with the Spokane Falls and Northern Railway to Spokane on the Northern Pacific, and, from 1892, the Great Northern, mainlines.
1890Aug. 20CPR leases Columbia and Kootenay Railway and Navigation Company’s railroad for 999 years.
1890OctoberB.C.: Sisters of Providence build and staff school at St. Eugene’s Mission.
1890Oct. 1N-WT: Alberta Railway and Coal Company (AR&C) completes its line between Lethbridge and Coutts to connect to its Great Falls and Canada Railway at the Boundary.
1890Oct. 22Lethbridge, N-WT: First AR&C train of coal departs for Montana.
1890Oct. 24N-WT: Father Van Tighem drives the last spike in the AR&C Lethbridge-Coutts rail line.
1890Nov. 29N-WT: Ordinance 24 of the First Legislative Assembly of the N-WT, “An Order to Incorporate the Town of Lethbridge,” receives royal assent and confirms civic bounds.
1890Nov. 29N-WT: Order-in-Council No. 23, “An Ordinance to Incorporate the Lethbridge Waterworks and Electric Light Company,” receives royal assent. Elliott Torrance Galt, Charles Alexander Magrath, Charles Courselles McCaul, Charles Frederick Pringle Conybeare, and John Galt.
1890DecemberHBC buys the I.G. Baker store in Fort Macleod, N-WT.
1890Dec. 8N-WT: AR&C’s Lethbridge-Great Falls line opened for business.
1891 Granite City, B.C.: Fifteen thousand dollar’s worth of platinum found over the years 1891, ‘92 and ‘93.
1891B.C.: “Stanley”-based merchants begin building a waggon road up the Slocan River towards Slocan Lake from the Columbia and Kootenay Railway and the Kootenay Valley Trunk Trail.
1891“Stanley,” B.C.: Nelson Brick Company formed.
1891Dewdney Trail west from Trail Creek Landing, BC, repaired.
1891B.C.: Twelve-foot wide waggon road completed from “Stanley” to the Silver King.
1891“Stanley,” B.C.: Deluge Hook and Ladder Company organized: E.C. Arthur, president.
1891B.C.: “Stanley” connected to Spokane by telegraph.
1891“Stanley,” B.C.: Government wharf completed.
1891Fort Macleod, N-WT.: Acheson Gosford Irvine replaces Wm. Pocklington as Indian Agent for Kainai and Piikani.
1891Stand Off, I.R. 148A, N-WT.: Reverend Frank Swainson replaces Reverend Sam Trivett as principal of St. Paul’s Residential School.
1891Stand Off, I.R. 148A, N-WT.: Girls’ residence completed at St. Paul’s.
1891Lethbridge, N-WT: Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt funds the establishment of a hospital.
1891Lethbridge, N-WT: Bell Telephone Company installs a system.
1891B.C.: Kootenay (British Columbia) Smelting and Trading Syndicate builds a small smelter near Golden.
1891B.C.: “Maryville” prospectors’ camp established on E.N. La France’s pre-emption on east shore of Kootenay Lake.
1891B.C.: Thomas Wall stakes the Snow King on La France Creek on the east shore of Kootenay Lake.
1891N-WT: Dr. A.R.C. Selwyn, director of the Geological Survey of Canada, tours the West.
1891Procter’s Landing, B.C.: Thomas G. Procter buys land and raises what would become the Outlet Hotel.
1891Bonner’s Ferry, ID: Spokane (400 tons) built by G.R. Gray and launched. Burned 1895.
1891WA: Great Northern buys Charles King’s and Nelson Bennett’s Fairhaven and Southern Railway.
1891Pincher Creek, N-WT.: population 150 or so.
1891JanuaryLethbridge, N-WT: Central School opened.
1891Jan. 15N-WT: Corporation of the Town of Lethbridge proclaimed.
1891FebruaryLethbridge, N-WT: C.A. Magrath elected mayor.
1891Feb. 4Gustavus Blin Wright, C.T. Dupont, P.C. Dunlevy, C.G. Major and H.S. Mason provincially incorporate the Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway Company for Daniel Chase Corbin.
1891Feb. 9Father C.J.-B.F. Pandosy (OMI) dies.
1891Feb. 14Blaine, WA: Silver spikes driven to open both the New Westminster Southern Railway from the Boundary to Liverpool (Brownsville) on the Fraser River’s south shore opposite New Westminster, and the Fairhaven and Southern Railway from the Boundary to Bellingham.
1891Mar. 5Federal Election: J.A. Macdonald and Conservatives re-elected to power in Ottawa.
1891Mar. 5Federal Election: Edgar Dewdney re-elected to his Parliamentry seat for Assiniboia East (resigns 1892).
1891Mar. 5Federal Election: John Andrew Mara (Conservative) elected MP for the District of Yale, B.C.
1891Mar. 13Lethbridge, N-WT: By-law No. 2 passed providing for the organization of a fire brigade and the raising of old Fire Hall No. 1.
1891Mar. 19I.G. Baker sells Alberta District assets to Hudson’s Bay Coy.
1891SpringBalfour, B.C.: Charles Wesley Busk opens the Balfour House Hotel.
1891SpringSpokane, WA: Colonel W.W. and George Turner, Colonel W.W Ridpath, G.M. Forster, Oliver Durant, Colonel I.N. Peyton, and W.J. Harris form the Le Roi Gold Mining Company and buy the Le Roi claim on Red Mountain for $30,000.
1891SpringLethbridge, N-WT: AR&C sells its sawmill to the Mormons who remove it to Cardston.
1891AprilB.C.: Ross Thompson arrives at Red Mountain Camp.
1891?Apr. 12?Crow’s Nest and Kootenay Lake Railway Act re-written to transfer assets to the British Columbia Southern Railway and extend its mandate to build from the Corwsnest Pass through to the Coast.
1891Apr. 13Kootenay (later, British Columbia) Smelting and Trading Syndicate smelter at Revelstoke begins first ore roast.
1891Apr. 19B.C.: J.W. Dow filed a pre-emption to 120 acres on what is now the townsite of Creston.
1891Apr. 20B.C.: F.G. Little pre-empted property adjacent to J.W. Dow at what is now Creston.
1891Apr. 20B.C.: Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen Coal and Railway Company receives provincial charter.
1891Apr. 20B.C.: Vernon and Nelson Telephone Company enchartered provincially.
1891?Apr. 22?B.C.: The Alberta and British Columbia Exploration Company, Limited, incorporated provincially. Capitalized to £20,000.
1891May 27Canada: Prime Minister Macdonald suffers a stroke.
1891May 28Deadwood, B.C.: Richard Thompson and William McCormick staked the Mother Lode.
1891May 31B.C.: CP opens Columbia and Kootenay Railway between Sproat’s Landing and Nelson.
1891June 6Ottawa: Sir John A. Macdonald dies at 2015 hrs.
1891June 11Stanley/Nelson, B.C.: C&KSN launches the Nelson (496 tons). Burned as climax to the Chahko Mika celebration in 1914.
1891June 16Canada: John Joseph Caldwell Abbott succeeds as Conservative prime minister.
1891June 16Canada political: Edgar Dewdney appointed Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs.
1891June 22B.C.: The Le Roi Mining and Smelting Company incorporated provincially, $2.5 million in capital, headquarters at Trail Creek Landing, BC: president, G.M. Forster
1891JulyN-WT: Walrond Ranche Company evicts Dunbar family from their farm.
1891July 15Strathcona, N-WT: On the south bank of the North Saskatchewan River opposite Edmonton, Jas. Ross drives last spike on the Calgary and Edmonton Railway (C&E).
1891July 20Revelstoke, B.C.: Kootenay (later, British Columbia) Smelting and Trading Syndicate smelter begins smelting.
1891July 23CP takes over operation of the Calgary and Edmonton Railway.
1891July 25Phœnix Mountain, B.C.: Henry White and Matthew Hotter respectively stake the Knob Hill and Old Ironsides properties.
1891July 31North-Western Coal and Navigation Company extinguished, its assets and debts transferred to the Alberta Railway and Coal Company.
1891AugustLethbridge, N-WT: Malcolm Mckenzie opens McKenzie House.
1891Aug. 1N-WT: First spike driven in southern extension of C&E.
1891Aug. 4Lethbridge, N-WT: Fire brigade organized.
1891Aug. 10Strathcona, N-WT: First train to travel the C&E arrives.
1891Aug. 23N-WT: Regular service begins on C&E.
1891Aug. 24Dr. A.R.C. Selwyn of the Dominion Geological Survey in the Flathead River valley sampling the crude oil.
1891Aug. 20Little Dalles, WA: Maiden voyage of C&KSN Columbia (534 tons) built in Portland and assembled by A. Watson at Little Dalles. Burned 1894.
1891AutumnLethbridge, N-WT: School opened in “Slavtown.”
1891AutumnOkanagan valley, B.C.: Lord Aberdeen buys the Coldstream Ranche of brothers Chas. A. and Forbes George Vernon.
1891SeptemberMT: Great Northern Railway builds over Marias Pass in Rockies.
1891Sep. 9Slocan Mountains, B.C.: Eli Carpenter and J.L. Seaton staked the fabulous Payne claim.
1891Sep. 18Northport, WA: The Spokane Falls and Northern arrives.
1891?Sep. 26?Forbes George Vernon forms the Alberta and British Columbia Exploration Company, Limited. Voluntarily liquidates in 1900.
1891OctoberMidway, BC: No. 7 claim staked nearby.
1891Oct. 1“Stanley,” BC: Jennie Rath convenes classes in the brand-new school.
1891Oct. 10Federal political: C.A. Magrath proclaimed elected to the N-W Territorial Assembly in Regina.
1891Nov. 17at Golden, BC: The Galena Mining and Smelting Company granted federal land upon which to build its smelter. Never fired. S.S. Fowler, Calgary money, and George Alexander of Kootenay Lake Trading Company.
1891DecemberN-WT: The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints leases 1125 square miles of AR&C land with the option to buy.
1891Dec. 7Lethbridge, N-WT: Fire guts several CBD buildings.
1891WinterJennings, MT: Annerly constructed by the Upper Kootenay Navigation Company of Walter Jones and H.S. DePuy.
1891EndB.C.: Aided by the Honourable James Baker, MPP, the Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway receives an unsubsidized provincial charter.
1892Revelstoke, B.C.: British Columbia Smelting and Trading Syndicate abandons smelter.
1892B.C.: Peter McIntyre buys irrigable land near today’s Oliver from the J.C. Haynes estate.
1892The Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway granted a provincial subsidy of 10,240 acres of land per mile of laid rail.
1892CPR announces intention to build a line of railroad through the Crow’s Nest Pass into BC’s West Kootenay.
1892Grand Forks, B.C.: The Kettle River School opens.
1892Grand Forks, B.C.: Post Office opens a bureau.
1892Federal political: Parliament narrowly upholds the legality of the Walrond’s action in evicting the Dunbar family, despite the latter having a valid patent to their homestead.
1892B.C.: Louis Eholt sells his ranch at what is now Midway to R.C. Adams and associates. Eholt settles at what became Eholt in the upper Boundary Creek valley.
1892B.C.: R.A. Brown stakes the Sunset claim on Copper Mountain.
1892Stand Off, I.R. 148A, N-WT.: Rob’t Nathaniel Wilson buys David Lambert’s trading post.
1892I.R. 148A, N-WT.: Heavy Gun opens his coal mine.
1892I.R. 148A. N-WT.: Dept. of Indian Affairs subdivides part of the Kainai Reserve into 80-acre plots with the idea of transferring them to the private ownership of Reserve residents.
1892N-WT: The James Carney family settles on “Cowley Flats.”
1892N-WT: Liquor Licence Ordinance enacted by legislature of N-WT allowing for the limited sale of alcohol in the four provisional districts.
1892Ainsworth, BC: Nelson and Lardo Steam Navigation Co. launches City of Ainsworth. Foundered 1898.
1892B.C.: Mr. Stanton inaugurates stage service between Oroville, WA, and Penticton, BC.
1892Osoyoos, BC: The Post Office opens a bureau and names T.J. Kruger as post master.
1892Camp McKinney, BC: The Post Office closes its bureau.
1892Bonners Ferry, ID.: The Spokane built and launched.
1892B.C.: Forerunner of the Colonization Road south down the Rocky Mountain Trench from Golden on the CP Mainline completed.
1892on Boundary Creek, B.C.: Spokane and Great Northern Mining Company set up a two-stamp mill and commenced crushing ore from the American Boy property.
1892B.C.: “Stanley” officially renamed “Nelson.”
1892Canmore, N-WT: H.W. McNeill and Company opens a bituminous mine woth CPR backing.
1892Lethbridge, N-WT: Galt No. 3 becomes operational. Worked till 1924.
1892Lethbridge, N-WT: The re-organized Lethbridge Waterworks and Electric Light Company begins generating and distributing electricity.
1892E.T. Galt, et al, receive federal permission to extend Alberta Railway and Coal Company trackage from Lethbridge to Hope through the Crowsnest Pass.
1892Stanley/Nelson, BC: Messrs. Allen and Applewhaite open a private bank.
1892I.R. 147A, N-WT: Big Swan opens a stopping house on the Piikani reserve on the Fort Macleod-Pincher Creek Trail.
1892JanuaryB.C.: Ross Thompson files for a 160 acre pre-emption on Red Mountain.
1892Jan. 2Stanley/Nelson, BC: The Bank of Montreal opens an office.
1892Jan. 11Federal, political: Honourable J.G. Haggart appointed Minister of Railways and Canals.
1892Jan. 25Regina, N-WT: Assent granted to Territorial Legislative Assembly Ordinace No. 18 of 1891-1892, An Ordinance Respectine the Sale of Intoxicating Liquors and the Issue of Licenses Thereof. Prohibition ended in the N-WT.
1892Feb. 10Lethbridge, N-WT: Application made to incorporate the Lethbridge Turf and Athletic Association.
1892Feb. 29Calgary, N-WT: Minister of the Interior, Edgar Dewdney, informs Ranchers that they could buy one tenth of their current holdings for $2.00 per acre: the remainder could be re-leased, but with the understanding this it would be subject to forfeit at the government’s whim.
1892MarchB.C.: Columbia and Kootenay Steam Navigation Company hire Captain J.W. Troup as manager.
1892MarchN-WT: C.O. Card of the Mormons proposes an irrigation project to the AR&C.
1892MarchStanley/Nelson, BC: The Bank of British Columbia opens an office.
1892MarchLethbridge, N-WT: Fire destroys four downtown businesses.
1892Mar. 12Bonner’s Ferry, ID: Great Northern steel arrives. First train arrives May 18.
1892Mar. 31Lethbridge, N-WT: Lethbridge Fire Brigade No. 1 established.
1892SpringB.C.: The Nakusp and Slocan Railway (N&S) receives B.C. charter.
1892SpringB.C.: John Hendry, Alexander Ewan, J.D. Munn and Robert Irving granted a B.C. charter for the Kaslo and Slocan Railway (K&S).
1892SpringWA: GN begins laying its mainline up into the Cascades from Everett.
1892Apr. 23B.C.: The Nelson Electric Light Company incorporated.
1892Apr. 23B.C.: The Consumers Waterworks Company at Nelson incorporated.
1892Apr. 24AB: Begins a torrential all-night rain in southern Alberta, which turned to snow driven by a bitter north wind. Livestock losses significant.
1892MayB.C.: Grubstaked by mining entrepreneur Jas. Cronin of Spokane, Patrick Sullivan and Michael Holland begin their explorations of the East Kootenay region.
1892May 12B.C.: The Shuswap and Okanagan Railway opens for business.
1892May 28WA: First GN through-train arrives in Hillyard, Spokane.
1892May 28B.C. political: James Baker appointed B.C. Minister of Education and Immigration.
1892June 1Spokane, WA: GN steel laid to Union Station.
1892June 2Nelson, BC: First C&K passenger train arrives.
1892June 7Federal political: D.C. Corbin informed that in one year he would receive permission to build his Spokane Falls and Northern/Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway across the Boundary.
1892June 15B.C.: Shuswap & Okanagan Railway (S&O), 51 miles from Sicamous to Okanagan Landing, completed and awarded provincial subsidy of $200,000.
1892SummerB.C.: Joe Bourgeois and Jim Langhill stake the North Star.
1892June 29B.C. political: Premier Robson dead.
1892July 2B.C. political: Theodore Davie selected the dead Robson as conservative premier of B.C.
1892July 955-56 Victoria, Chapter 30, “An Act respecting the Alberta Railway and Coal Company,” permitted the N-WC&N / AR&C to build into the Kootneay.
1892Aug. 4B.C.: CP leases the Shuswap & Okanagan Railway for 25 years. (Re-leased July 1915 for 999 years).
1892Aug. 23Kootenay Mining and Smelting Company incorporated, capitalized to $30,000: Dr. W.A. Hendryx. Bluebell mine.
1892Aug. 23B.C.: Kootenay Lake Reduction Company incorporated, capitalized to $250,000: Dr. Willard A. Hendryx. Bluebell mine.
1892Aug. 29B.C.: John W. Cleaver, Patrick Sullivan, E.C. (Edwd.) Smith and W. (Walter) C. Burchett register the Hamlet and the Shylock on what would become the Sullivan property.
1892SeptemberB.C. political: Jas. Baker appointed provincial secretary and Minister of Mines.
1892Sep. 8District of Alberta, N-WT: Last rail in southern branch of the Calgary and Edmonton Railway (C&E) laid at West MacLeod.
1892Sep. 18WA: SF&N completed to Northport.
1892Sep. 19Lethbridge, N-WT: Lethbridge Fire Department established by adoption of By-law No. 31.
1892AutumnLethbridge, N-WT: A Ronald No. 4 fire engine—“Clanging Billy”—acquired.
1892OctoberB.C.: Honourable Edgar Dewdney appointed lieutenant-governor.
1892Oct. 12Federal political: Order-in-Council terminates the “closed” lease system in the N-WT as of December 31st, 1896. Thenceforth all leases to be “open” and subject to forfeit.
1892Oct. 16Federal political: Edgar Dewdney resigns as Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs.
1892Oct. 17Federal political: Thomas Mayne Daly appointed Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs.
1892Oct. 25B.C.: John Arrowsmith pre-empted what is now lot 526 at Creston.
1892Oct. 30C&KSN launches the Illecillewaet (98 tons) at Revelstoke. Scrapped 1902.
1892NovemberFort Macleod, N-WT: James Wilson replaces A.G. Irvine as Indian Agent.
1892NovemberLethbridge, N-WT: William Oliver elected chief of Fire Department.
1892Nov. 2B.C.: Honourable Edgar Dewdney commissioned lieutenant-governor.
1892Nov. 3Mekastoe (West Macleod), N-WT: First C&E train arrives.
1892Nov. 7Slocan City, B.C.: William Hunter (51 tons) launched for Slocan Trading and Navigation Co. Scrapped 1903.
1892Nov. 9B.C. political: Honourable Edgar Dewdney sworn in as lieutenant-governor.
1892Nov. 30District of Alberta, N-WT: CPR registers a townsite plan for West Macleod.
1892Dec. 1Fairview, B.C.: Post Office opens a bureau.
1892Dec. 5Federal political: John Sparrow David Thompson succeeds as Conservative prime minister.
1892Dec. 5Federal political: Thomas Mayne Daly appointed Minister of the Interior and Superintendent-General of Indian Affairs.
1892Dec. 15MT: “Jemmy Jock” Bird dies.
1892Dec. 30B.C.: Vernon receives its letters patent of incorporation as a city.
1892Dec. 28Lethbridge, N-WT: Noel’s Brewery burns.
1892Dec. 31Fort Macleod, District of Alberta, N-WT.: “Town of Macleod” incorporated.
1892WinterB.C.: Cattle-killing weather in the Okanagan.
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