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Page 8 (1893 - 1896)

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1893B.C.: John Hendry, Alexander Ewan and J.D. Munn receive a B.C. charter for Kootenay Lake Shore and Lardo Railway Co.
1893Nelson, B.C.: Nelson Brewing Company begins operations in the “old” brewery.
1893B.C.: Pyritic Smelting Company of San Francisco bonded the War Eagle claim near Trail Creek Landing, examined the property and pronounced it worthless.
1893Idaho: Pend Oreille renamed “Sandpoint.”
1893Federal: The Department of Indian Affairs prohibits futher polygamous marriages among its “wards.”
1893Stand Off, I.R. 148A, N-WT.: DIA builds hospital. Staffed by Sœurs de la Charité de Nicolet—the Grey Nuns. Soon named Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows hospital.
1893B.C.: R.C. Adams lays out townsite of Boundary City at what is now Midway.
1893Hansen’s Landing, B.C.: Captain Francis Patrick Armstrong of the Upper Columbia Navigation and Tramway Company builds the hull of the Gwendoline. To Golden for fitting out.
1893B.C.: Salmo founded as “Salmon Siding.”
1893Fruitvale, B.C., founded as “Beaver Siding.”
1893B.C.: W.J. and Ernest Waterman first visit the Similkameen region.
1893N-WT: The department of public works completes the first iron bridge in the Territories to carry the the Lethbridge-Cardston trail over the St. Mary“s River.
1893N-WT: CP completes a connection between Pasqua on its Mainline and a branch of the Minneapolis, St, Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railway at Hankinson in south-east North Dakota.
1893B.C.: E.S. Topping and Frank Hanna complete a waggon road between Trail Creek Landing and the Red Mountain mines.
1893B.C.: Rush on the Grouse Mountain lodes in the Purcell Mountains.
1893Oakland, CA: John C. Ainsworth, Sr., dies.
1893B.C.: Kootenay Hydraulic Mining Company working the Pend d’Oreille on a multi-year project.
1893B.C.: Robert Leslie Thomas Galbraith appointed Indian Agent for the Ktunaxa.
1893B.C.: R.L.T. Galbraith lays out the townsite of Fort Steele and begins to sell building lots.
1893CircaSpokane, WA: Cariboo Mining and Milling Company organized to buy the Cariboo and Amelia properties at Camp McKinney, B.C.
1893Jan. 6Scenic, WA: Great Northern last spike.
1893Mar. 1MT: Frederick Augustus Heinze incorporates the Montana Ore Purchasing Company.
1893SpringAlberta and B.C. Exploration crews began dyking the Kootenay and Goat Rivers at what is now “Creston Flats.”
1893Spring“Pielle Tête de Fer” discovers the St. Eugene lode on Moyie Lake.
1893AprilThe Spokane re-launched by Columbia and Kootenay Steam Navigation Company at Nelson after having been re-built to 400 tons. Burned at Kaslo on March 21st, 1895.
1893AprilBonners Ferry, ID: The Bonner’s Ferry and Kaslo Transportation Company launch State of Idaho (500 tons).
1893Apr. 1N-WT: 56 Victoria Chapter 69, “An Act to incorporate the Alberta Irrigation Company,” receives royal assent.
1893Apr. 1N-WT: 56 Victoria Chapter 38, “An Act respecting the Alberta Railway and Coal Company,” receives royal assent. Permits AR&C to dispose of railways and railway charters.
1893Apr. 12B.C.: Royal assent given the Red Mountain Railway Company Act, 1893.
1893Apr. 12B.C.: Royal assent given the Nakusp and Slocan Railway Company Act, 1893.
1893Apr. 12B.C.: Royal assent given the British Columbia Southern Railway Act extinguishing the Crow’s Nest and Kootenay Lake Railway and transferring its assets to the BCS, extending completion dates.
1893Apr. 17B.C.: The British Columbia Coal, Petroleum and Mineral Company, Limited, incorporated to absorb the assets of the Crow’s Nest Coal and Mineral Company.
1893Apr. 22Federal: Order-in-Council reduces the price per acre charged to Ranchers to buy a home range to $1.25.
1893MayButte, MT: The Western Federation of Miners formed.
1893May 1Waneta, B.C.: Post Office established by J. Reith.
1893May 5Washington, U.S.A.: Sherman Silver Act of 1890 repealed. Silver falls from US$33.63 per kilogram to $20.25 in 4 days precipitating the Great Market Decline.
1893May 6Bonner’s Ferry, ID: First sailing of the State of Idaho (508 tons). Launched by the Bonners Ferry and Kaslo Transportation Company.
1893May 15Lethbridge, N-WT: The NWC&N/AR&C shuts down its “inclined railway.”
1893May 22CPR launched Aberdeen (544 tons) at Okanagan Landing. Retired in 1916.
1893JuneOttawa grants Corbin permission to build his SF&N/N&FS across the Boundary, plus a $3,200 per mile subvention.
1893June 7GN transcontinental completion celebrated big in Minneapolis-St. Paul.
1893SummerB.C.: Jas. Cronin up from Spokane to evaluate B.C. finds. Gives up his interests on Mark Creek.
1893SummerB.C.: Joe Bourgeois and Jim Langhill sell the North Star for $40,000 to an Eastern consortium headed by Donald D. Mann.
1893June 25B.C.: Father Coccola, “Pielle Tête de Fer” and Jas. Cronin register the St. Eugene, the Peter and the Society Girl claims.
1893June 27New York: Stock Market plunge begins: 600 banks and 74 railroads defunct by year’s end.
1893JulyN-WT: CPR agrees to lease AR&C’s “Turkey Track.”
1893July 16B.C.: SF&N/N&FS steel crosses the Boundary.
1893July 27Federal political: Under pressure from the Minister of the Interior, Lawrence Vankoughnet resigns as Deputy Superintendent-general of Indian Affairs. Succeeded by Hayter Reed.
1893AugustNelson, B.C.: Twelve bed hospital built by public subscription.
1893AugustU.S.A.: Northern Pacific Railroad declares bankruptcy.
1893Aug. 14B.C.: Kaslo incorporated as a Village.
1893Sep. 14Service between Minneapolis and Vancouver inaugurated on CP and the ‘Soo’ Line (Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railway).
1893Sep. 16N-WT: Ordinance No. 5 of 1893, “An Ordinance to make Regulations with respect to Coal Mines” receives royal assent.
1893Sep. 18Federal political: The Right Honourable the Earl of Aberdeen appointed governor-general.
1893Sep. 19Montrél, QC: Sir Alexander Tilloch Galt dies.
1893AutumnStand Off, I.R. 148A, N-WT.: Boys’ residence completed at St. Paul’s.
1893OctoberB.C.: Inland Construction and Development laying Nakusp and Slocan Railway trackage from Nakusp on behalf of the CPR.
1893Oct. 13B.C.: Wm. Jessup Snodgrass registers the street plan of Okanagan Falls.
1893Nov. 1Federal political: Charles Herbert Mackintosh takes seat as lieutenant-governor of the North-West Territories.
1893Nov. 10Ainsworth, B.C.: State of Idaho grounded and damaged. Purchased, rebuilt and renamed Alberta by the Alberta and British Columbia Exploration Company, back at work by May of 1895. Sank and scrapped 1905.
1893Nov. 18Nelson, B.C.: The rails of the Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway reach the site of Mountain Station.
1893Nov. 27N-WT: Agreement finalized. CPR leases “Turkey Track” from Alberta Railway and Coal Co.
1893Nov. 28Lethbridge, N-WT: First standard-gauged CPR locomotive arrives. (Nov. 23rd?)
1893Nov. 30B.C.: CPR telegraph line completed into Nelson.
1893DecemberNelson, B.C.: N&FS trackage completed to Five Mile Point on the West Arm of Kootenay Lake.
1893Dec. 3N-WT: Dave Akers, erstwhile “owner” of Ft. Whoop-Up, killed on the Pot Hole by Thos. Lee Purcel.
1893Dec. 3N-WT: Completion of re-alignment and conversion of “Turkey Track” to standard gauge.
1893Dec. 19B.C.: Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway opens for business.
1894Nelson, B.C.: The Nelson and Fort Sheppard pushes trackage into “Bogustown.”
1894Nakusp, B.C.: The government of B.C. completes rail wharf.
1894I.R. 148A, N-WT.: Black Horses and his son, Chief Mountain, buy Heavy Gun’s coal mining operation on the St. Mary’s River.
1894Federal political: Indian Act amended to permit the apprehension of Native children for incarceration in residential schools.
1894Cascade, B.C.: George Kendall Stocker comes to live on his property.
1894Marysville, B.C.: Wm. Meacham stakes out a townsite on his property. (? See 1897)
1894B.C.: J.L. Coulthard and the Honourable Edgar Dewdney form an association to send James Riordan and Chas. Allison to examine Nickel Plate Mountain. Stake 3 claims.
1894Everett, WA: Puget Sound Reduction Company builds its smelter.
1894B.C.: Boundary City changes name to “Midway.”
1894Boundary City/Midway, B.C.: Ida McDonald opens the Boundary Creek School.
1894Lethbridge, N-WT: Chinook Cycle Club formed.
1894JanuaryMT: Montana smelters cancel orders for Galt coal.
1894Jan. 1N-WT: Calgary incorporated as a City.
1894Feb. 15Lethbridge, N-WT: AR&C lays off all 580 miners and offers to rehire 130 at a reduced wage. Some resistance.
1894Feb. 17B.C.: Arthur Burroughs Fenwick registers a 144-acre pre-emption which became the Wardner townsite.
1894Feb. 25Kaslo, B.C.: Central business district razed by fire.
1894SpringCamp McKinney, B.C.: The Cariboo Mining, Milling and Smelting Company begins operations.
1894MarchN-WT: South West Irrigation League formed.
1894Mar. 10Lethbridge, N-WT: Galt miners subdued.
1894Mar. 16Pilot Bay, B.C.: Kootenay Lake Reduction Company ships first cargo of Bluebell’s concentrate.
1894Mar. 21B.C. political: The Legislative Electorates and Elections Act which dividing the West Kootenay District into North and South Ridings is passed.
1894May 22B.C.: Gwendoline leaves Golden on maiden voyage and passes through the Canal Flats canal southbound a few days later.
1894May 28Fort Steele, BC: Gwendoline arrives.
1894JuneB.C.: Heavy snowfall and quick melt in late spring. Floods swamp much low lying land. At Nelson, a record high water mark of 30 feet above average was established on the West Arm.
1894JuneI.R. 148A, N-WT.: Four chiefs of the Kainai “Fish Eater” band swap 50 horses for 50 head of cattle, beginning the Kainai cattle industry.
1894June 3B.C.: the “Cyclone” on Kootenay Lake wrecked Kaslo and mauled Boswell’s new wharf. Much of Alberta and B.C. Exploration dyking on what is now “Creston Flats” was destroyed at around 4:00 in the afternoon.
1894June 3Tacoma, WA: Emil Sick born.
1894June 3Sunday.
1894July 7B.C. political: Theodore Davie returned as premier in 7th General election. James Baker retains East Kootenay, J.M. Kellie in North Kootenay, John Frederick Hume in South Kootenay.
1894July 7New Jersey: Kootenay Mining & Smelting Company registered, capitalized to $2.3 million.
1894July 23N-WT: 57-58 Victoria, Chapter 30, “The North-west Irrigation Act,” read into Law.
1894AugustMacleod, N-WT: Peter McLaren’s lumber mill destroyed by fire.
1894AugustI.R. 148A, N-WT: N-WMP effect massive arrests among Kainai for cattle killing.
1894Aug. 6B.C.: Kootenay Mining & Smelting Company re-registered: F.W. Herrick, president; R.P. Rithet, as vice president.
1894Aug. 24B.C.: C&KSN’s Columbia burns to the waterline near Waneta.
1894Sep. 5Calgary, AB: Col. James Farquharson Macleod dies.
1894Sep. 7N-WT: Order-in-Council No. 39 of 1894, “An Ordinance to Incorporate the Galt Hospital,” receives royal assent.
1894Sep. 23Sunday.
1894Oct. 19B.C.: W.F. Thompson publishes the first edition of Trail Creek News.
1894Oct. 28B.C.: Nakusp and Slocan Railway tracks reach Three Forks (above New Denver).
1894NovemberAlberta and B.C. Exploration Company and its partner, the Kootenay Valley Power and Development Company Limited, received B.C. patents for 7,700 acres on “Creston Flats.”
1894Dec. 21Federal Election: Mackenzie Bowell succeeds as Conservative prime minister of Canada.
1895 B.C.: William Fernie sells out of Crow’s Nest Pass Coal for $500,000.
1895Midway, B.C.: Provincial Police establish a post.
1895B.C.: Stage coach service commences between Trail Creek Landing and Rossland.
1895Grand Forks, B.C.: Granby River bridged.
1895B.C.: McGinty (North Star) Waggon Road completed from Mark Creek Crossing and the North Star Mine to North Star Landing on the Upper Kootenay River near Fort Steele.
1895East Kootenays, B.C.: Robert Henry Bohart buys property on Kootenay River at Big Sand Creek.
1895B.C.: Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway completes its facilities at Five Mile Point on Kootenay Lake.
1895U.S.A.: Northern Pacific Railroad re-organized and adopts new name: Northern Pacific Railway.
1895WA: American Smelting and Refining Company buys out Tacoma Smelting and Refining Company. Shuts down in the mid-1980s?
1895B.C. political: Bureau of Mines Act passed.
1895B.C.: Robert Wood pays $5,000 for 200 acres of the Dillier Ranch in the Boundary Creek’s valley, built a store, subdivided the property and offered lots for sale in “Greenwood Camp.”
1895B.C.: The Rossland Light and Water Company formed; Patsy Clark and J.A. Finch, principals.
1895B.C.: John A. Finch of Spokane buys out Fa. Coccola’s and “Pielle’s” share of the St. Eugene group on Moyie Lake.
1895District of Alberta, N-WT: John Stoughton Dennis, the Department of the Interior’s chief inspector of surveys, roughs out the route of proposed irrigation canal in Lethbridge area.
1895Lethbridge, N-WT: Lethbridge Curling Club completes a two-sheet in-door rink.
1895CircaGrand Forks, B.C.: Hospital opened.
1895Jan. 1Federal political: Nelson, B.C. desgnated a Port of Entry.
1895Jan. 10B.C.: Townsite plan for Cascade City registered.
1895Jan. 15Federal political: Honourable J.G. Haggart appointed the federal Minister of Railways and Canals.
1895Jan. 24WA: D.C. Corbin, et al, incorporate the Columbia and Red Mountain Railway.
1895FebruaryB.C.: First edition of the Rossland Record: published (in Colville, WA) by Eber C. Smith.
1895Feb. 18The War Eagle Gold Mining Company registered in B.C. as a Foreign Company, capitalized to $500,000, headquartered at Rossland.
1895Feb. 25A Sunday.
1895Mar. 1B.C.: Post Office established in “Rossland.”
1895Mar. 2First edition of the Rossland Miner Weekly: published by John Houston of Nelson, BC.
1895Mar. 2B.C. political: Premier Theodore Davie resigns to become Chief Justice of B.C.
1895Mar. 4B.C. political: John Herbert Turner selected as conservative premier.
1895Mar. 21Kaslo, B.C.: Spokane destroyed by fire. Hull repaired and re-launched on August 1 as a barge.
1895May 3B.C.: K&S No. 1 scow launched (at Mirror Lake near Kaslo?).
1895May 8B.C.: Construction of the Kaslo and Slocan Railway begins at Kaslo on Kootenay Lake.
1895May 26Rossland, B.C.: First church service held. Conducted by Presbyterian Hugh. J. Robertson.
1895May 30Federal: Parliament declares the core of what became Waterton Park a protected area.
1895June 28Federal: 58-59 Victoria chapter 60 permits the Red Mountain Railway to connect at the Boundary to the Columbia and Red Mountain Railway in Washington state. Subjects the RMR to Ottawa’s authority.
1895June 28/29Russia: Doukhobor conscripts in the army mutiny.
1895JulyRossland, B.C.: F.A. Heinze visits on a tour of evaluation.
1895JulyB.C.: K&S No. 2 scow launched.
1895July 1Nakusp, B.C.: C&KSN launches the Nakusp (1083 tons). Burned 1897.
1895July 13Federal political: Honourable A.G. Blair appointed federal Minister of Railways and Canals.
1895July 16B.C.: The Center Star Mining and Smelting Company registered provincially; capitalized to $500,000, headquartered at Rossland: president, Patrick A. Largey.
1895July 16Rossland, B.C.: The Rossland Miners’ Union No. 38 formed; president, W.A. Crane.
1895AugustRossland, B.C.: W.A. Pratt began publishing The Rosslander.
1895Aug. 1Rossland, B.C.: D.B. Bogle buys the Rossland Miner from John Houston.
1895Aug. 28Rossland, B.C.: First service in the new Presbyterian Church on Nickel Plate Flat.
1895Sep. 12B.C.: Thomas Ellis buys the debt of the Haynes estate and forecloses on the Okanagan property.
1895Sep. 13Trail Creek Landing, BC.: Construction begins on Heinze’s smelter.
1895Sep. 25CP announces that the survey of its right-of-way through the Crow’s Nest Pass to Rossland, BC, were complete.
1895AutumnTrail Creek Landing, B.C.: Bowry Bridge completed across the creek.
1895AutumnTrail Creek Landing, B.C.: Volunteer fire brigade established.
1895Oct. 10The Alberta and B.C. Exploration Co. incorporates the International Trading Company Limited. The State of Idaho transferred to ITC as the Alberta.
1895Oct. 15B.C.: The Spokane Ore Company incorporated provincially with $5 million in allowed capital to mine the Crown Point properties near Rossland.
1895Oct. 19Saturday.
1895Oct. 19B.C.: W.F. Thompson publishes the first issue of the Trail Creek News.
1895Oct. 22Sandon, B.C.: First K&S work train arrives.
1895Nov. 20B.C.: The K&S open for business.
1895Dec. 3B.C.: C&KSN’s Kootenai grounded and broke in a shallows in Upper Arrow Lake.
1895Dec. 15Sandon, B.C.: Nakusp and Slocan Railway opened.
1895Dec. 17Monday.
1895Dec. 17Sandon, B.C.: K&S crews attack the rival N&S’s property and personnel at Sandon, BC.
1895Dec. 21B.C.: F.A. Heinze declares that he would seek a provincial charter to extend his Trail Creek Tramway westward to the Okanagan valley of BC.
1895DecemberPilot Bay, B.C.: Kootenay Mining & Smelting blows in the first of its proposed four furnaces in its smelter on Kootenay Lake.
1895Dec. 18Sandon, B.C.: K&S crews demolish N&S station.
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