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Time Line
for South-western Canada
Page 19 (1930 - 1939)

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1930Hope, BC: Driveable track completed to Allison Pass.
1930B.C.: V. Vasseur and P. Longeville set up a small sawmill at Destiny Bay, the first on the Kootenay Lake’s east shore.
1930Kitchener, BC: The last saw mill closes.
1930Galloway, BC: Postal bureau moved into Dumont’s company store.
1930Sand Creek, BC: New lumber-built school.
1930Lethbridge, AB: Addition to Galt Hospital completed. Old 1891 structure demolished.
1930East Kootenay, BC: B.C. Telephone Co. builds trunk line on Kikomun doab.
1930Rock Creek, BC: Kettle Valley Railway replaces wooden Howe truss bridge over Kettle nearby with steel truss.
1930Creston, BC: R.J. Long’s Creston Hotel burned.
1930Kimberley, BC: Kimberley ski club completes making a ski-run on North Star Mountain.
1930Corbin, BC: Workers organize the Corbin Miners’ Association and allied themselves with the Mine Workers Union of Canada.
1930Trail, BC: West Kootenay Power and Light moves from Rossland to new headquarters building.
1930Jan. 15Lethbridge, AB: Postmaster General approves City as an airmail point of call.
1930Jan. 19Okanagan Falls, BC: United Church building, moved down from Fairview Camp the previous year, is rededicated.
1930FebruaryNew Westminster, BC: George Owen Buchanan dies.
1930Feb. 16Sentinal, AB: East Kootenay Power’s grid interlinked with that of Calgary Power nearby.
1930Mar. 4Osoyoos, BC: Board of Trade organized.
1930Apr. 17Lethbridge, AB: Southern Alberta Air Lines puts on an airshow.
1930SpringChristina Lake, BC: Ole Johnson opens the Alpine Inn.
1930May 23Crow’s Nest, BC: The Post Office officially renames the railway settlement “Crowsnest.”
1930June 16U.S.A.: “Smoot-Hawley” tariff act implements a 75% surcharge on all coal imported from Canada.
1930June 19AB election: Brownlee’s UFA party re-elected in Alberta.
1930July 28Election, federal: R.B. Bennett leads Progressive Conservatives to power.
1930Aug. 4Wardner, BC: Arsonist destroys CNP Lumber’s No. 1 plant.
1930Aug. 13Coalmont, BC: “Black Wednesday”; 45 dead at Blakeburn mine nearby.
1930AutumnAB: 12,000 acres of sugar beets harvested for Utah-Idaho Sugar Company at Raymond.
1930Oct. 1Federal political: Ottawa surrenders control of natural resources to individual western provinces.
1930Oct. 1Lethbridge, AB: City buys Lethbridge Commercial Airways’ hangar at the airfield.
1930Nov. 2Lethbridge, AB: The first Alberta Air Tour visits the City.
1930Nov. 4Pincher Creek, AB: The first Alberta Air Tour visits the Town.
1930Nov. 15Princeton, BC: Granby Consolidated Mining and Smelting shuts down Copper Mountain operation nearby.
1930Dec. 5B.C.: The Kettle Valley Railway closes its Copper Mountain spur.
1931B.C.: Great forest fire on Anarchist Mountain destroys remains of Camp McKinney, BC.
1931Alfred Cornelius Flumerfelt, president of International Coal & Coke of Coleman, AB, dies.
1931Yahk, BC: Aerodrome completed.
1931Lethbridge, AB: Sisters of St. Martha complete new St. Michael’s Hospital.
1931B.C.: Kimberley Dynamiters formed to play in the B.C. Amateur Hockey Association.
1931AB: CPR cuts back passenger service south of Lethbridge.
1931AB: B.C. Sugar Refining Company buys Utah-Idaho Sugar Company’s plant at Raymond.
1931The BC Sugar Refining Company of Vancouver bought out Canadian Sugar Factories, Limited.
1931Blairmore, AB: Crow’s Nest Pass Golf and Country Club organized.
1931Fernie, BC: Department of Transport built airstrip as part of the Trans-Canada Airway.
1931Yahk, BC: CP’s Tie and Timber Branch shuts down its sawmill.
1931Bull River, BC: Bull River Hotel burns. Rebuilt.
1931B.C.: Great forest fire in upper Michel Creek valley damages Eastern British Columbia Railway facilities.
1931Castlegar, BC: Alexander Zuckerberg arrives to teach.
1931Hedley, BC: Hedley Gold Mining Company Limited quits mining on Nickel Plate Mountain.
1931Hedley, BC: Hedley Mascot Gold Mines acquires the Mascot on Nickel Plate Mountain.
1931Gray Creek, BC: Road completed from Kuskonook on the east shore of Kootenay Lake.
1931Jan. 1B.C.: The Kettle Valley Railway becomes Kettle Valley Division of CPR.
1931Jan. 1B.C.: BC Southern tracks along western shore of BC’s Lake Kootenay opened.
1931Jan. 15Lethbridge, AB: Herbert Hollick-Kenyon of Canadian Airways lands his east-bound Fokker monoplane with mail aboard.
1931Jan. 16Lethbridge, AB: Harold Farrington of Canadian Airways lands his west-bound Boeing 40B-4 biplane with mail aboard.
1931Feb. 1Lethbridge, AB: Southern Alberta Air Lines pilot I.F. Thomson and passenger Don McKenzie die in crash.
1931Mar. 26Cranbrook, BC: Airfield opened.
1931AprilB.C.: Province leases Nasookin and converts it to a car ferry to run across BC’s Kootenay Lake between Balfour and the east shore.
1931Apr. 18Lethbridge, AB: Southern Alberta Air Lines sells its last airplane and winds up business.
1931Apr. 26Lethbridge, AB: Chinook Flying Services of Calgary opened a Lethbridge school with Joe Patton instructing.
1931Apr. 26WA: GN discontinues WGN service between Oroville and Molson. Hardware removed in 1932.
1931May 1Lethbridge, AB: Big May Day parade.
1931May 5AB political: William Legh [sic] Walsh appointed lieutenant-governor (to October 1st, 1936).
1931May 24Lethbridge, AB: Chinook Flying Services puts on an air show.
1931June 26-29Lethbridge, AB: All-Canadian Air Tour thrills the citizens.
1931JulyB.C.: Forest fires ravage BC’s Rocky Mountain Trench.
1931July 18BC political: J.W.F. Johnson commissioned as the lieutenant-governor.
1931July 19Lethbridge, AB: Trans Canada Air Pageant visits.
1931July 22Lethbridge, AB: George Graham Ross forms Rancher’s Air Line, Limited. Struck from the Register of Companies 1938/03/31.
1931AugustB.C.: Wild fire on the Elk River delta destroys the orchards of the “South Fork District.”
1931Aug. 1Federal political: Sir James Howden Macbrien, KCB, CMG, DSO, appointed eighth Commissioner of the RCMP (to March 5, 1938).
1931Aug. 15Lethbridge, AB: Canadian Airways leases the City-owned hangar at the aerodrôme.
1931Aug. 18Elko, BC: Elk River delta forest fire blows into town and consumes 22 buildings, mostly residences.
1931Aug. 20Lethbridge, AB: Canadian Airways makes the City a divisional point on its air way.
1931Sep. 10Wardner, BC: CNP Lumber ceases operations.
1931Sep. 29Estevan, SK: “Black Tuesday”; RCMP kill 3 protesting strikers.
1931OctoberLethbridge, AB: Federal concrete grain terminal opened.
1931NovemberLethbridge, AB: Canadian Airways stations two new Boeing mail planes, CF-AMP and CF-AMQ, at the Lethbridge field.
1931Nov. 10Macleod, AB: Henrietta Louise Muir Edwards dies.
1931Dec. 11Statute of Westminster (22, 23 Geo.V c. 4) declares that the Dominions in the British Empire are now legislatively autonomous. Canada asks that Britain retain power of amendment to British North America Act.
1931WinterB.C.: Heavy snows in the Cascades force closure of Kettle Valley Railway’s Coquihalla section.
1932B.C.: Doukhobors first massed nude protest march in the Kootenays. Begins at Thrums.
1932Fernie, BC: City rescued from default by Province.
1932Bull River, BC: school closed.
1932Sand Creek, BC: Addition to new school. Renamed “Sand Creek Superior School.”
1932The provinces of Alberta and BC merge their respective “Red Route” and “Black Route” into the No. 3, Interprovincial Highway.
1932Blairmore, AB: Colonel A.G. Peucheon’s McLaren Lumber Company ceases operations.
1932West Kootenay Power and Light finishes Corra Linn Dam and No. 4 power plant on Kootenay River.
1932Bromley Vale Collieries, Limited, begins operations on Bromley Creek near Princeton, BC.
1932Princeton, BC: Area coal miners organize themselves into a union.
1932Osoyoos, BC: Osoyoos Co-operative Fruit and Vegetable Growers organized itself under presidency of G.J. Fraser.
1932Corbin, BC: Corbin Collieries invests hugely in equipment.
1932Frank, AB: Interprovincial Highway No. 3 built through the debrise field of The Slide. Modern alignment of the Crowsnest Highway.
1932Fernie, BC: CNP Coal allows the Fernie, BC, coke ovens to go cold. Never fired again.
1932Michel, BC: CNP Coal opens new tipple.
1932Feb. 3Burmis, AB: School house burns. Replaced.
1932Feb. 23Blairmore, AB: Workers in West Canadian Collieries’ Greenhill mine walk out. Beginning of long strike.
1932Feb. 24Bellevue, AB: Workers in West Canadian Collieries’ Bellevue mine walk out.
1932Feb. 28The International Joint Commission fined Consolidated Mining and Smelting $350,000 and awarded it to Washington farmers in compensation for pollution damages.
1932Mar. 31AB: Canadian Airways cancels its Prairie Air Mail Service.
1932Apr. 1Alberta Provincial Police absorbed by the RCMP.
1932Apr. 1Manitoba Provincial Police absorbed by the RCMP.
1932June 11B.C. Registrar of Companies, H.G. Garrett, sends Notice of Intent to Dissolve to the British Columbia Copper Mining Company, Limited.
1932June 18Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park established.
1932June 29Application made to incorporate the Rossland Co-operative Transportation Society.
1932Aug. 1Calgary, AB: Co-operative Commonwealth Federation created.
1932Nov. 30AB: Southern Alberta Air Lines struck from the Register of Companies.
1933CP sells half interest in Spokane International to Union Pacific.
1933AB: Dentonia Mines, Limited, organized in Calgary to buy up Jewel Lake properties near Greenwood, BC.
1933Federal political: Ottawa introduced a transportation subsidy on Western coal delivered to the Lakehead.
1933Christina Lake, BC: Ms. Gustavson opens the Lagoon Pavilion.
1933Hedley, BC: Kelowna Exploration Company Limited, a subsidiary of J.W. Mercer’s South American Development Company, buys Nickel Plate mine.
1933Cowley, AB: Cowley School burns. Replaced.
1933AB: CPR suspends passenger service south of Lethbridge.
1933Seattle, WA: The Sicks move their brewing headquarters hither.
1933B.C.: Osoyoos Mines of Canada, Limited, evolves from the Northern Syndicate, Limited, and acquired claims on Kruger Mountain including the Lakeview, the Dividend and the Little Manx.
1933B.C.: Morning Star (Fairview) Gold Mines, Limited, organized in Vancouver to buy Morning Star mine at Fairview.
1933Sanca, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company leases Valparaiso group from Sanca Mines, Limited. Installed aerial tram and worked the property for a year.
1933JanuaryCoal Creek, BC: CNP Coal shuts down No. 1 and No. 2 South.
1933JanuaryB.C.: Province buys the Nasookin for $17,000.
1933FebruaryBlairmore, AB: Voters elect Wm. Knight and a “workers’ slate” to the Town’s council.
1933MarchCoal Creek, BC: CNP Coal shuts down No. 3 South.
1933May 1Federal political: Department of National Defence begins administering make-work camps (to June 30th, 1936).
1933May 23Federal political: Canadian National-Canadian Pacific Act requires the two railroads to co-operate in delivering rail service to Canadians.
1933June 1Macleod, AB: RCMP move their offices into Town from the old fort site. Fort site abandoned.
1933JulyRegina, SK: Co-operative Commonwealth Federation adopts the “Regina Manifesto” as its platform.
1933Nov. 2B.C. political: 18th General Election.
1933Nov. 15B.C. political: Thomas Dufferin Pattullo and Liberals succeed S.F. Tolmie and Conservatives.
1933Dec. 5U.S.A. political: Volstead Act repealed. Prohibition ends
1933Dec. 16Princeton, BC: Popular demonstration convinces provincial government to withdraw the most confrontational members of the Provincial Police and suppress the KKK.
1934Medicine Hat to Vancouver, 959 rail miles via Crowsnest Pass.
1934B.C.: C.V. Cady and Lumber and Pole Company take over M.L. Bruce Lumber Company operation in the Akokli Creek valley on the east shore of Kootenay Lake.
1934Princeton, BC: Riverside Motor Court opens.
1934Frank, AB: CPR “roundhouse” burns.
1934Lethbridge, AB: “Orange Line” of civic tram line downtown re-opened.
1934Galloway, BC: School built.
1934Frederick Ogilvie Loft, founder and guiding light of The League of Indians of Canada, dies.
1934Blairmore, AB: West Canadian Collieries completes a wet washery at the Greenhill mine.
1934B.C.: Boundary Creek Mining Company, Limited, commences dredging operations on Boundary Creek between Midway and Greenwood.
1934Salmo, BC: Surface plant of Iron Mountain mine nearby burned by forest fire.
1934Salmo, BC: J.R. Hunnex opens drugstore in his new building.
1934Sand Creek, BC: Senior classes cancelled at “Sand Creek Superior School.”
1934Corbin, BC: No. 6 mine catches fire and is sealed.
1934Jan. 1Creston, BC: West Kootenay Power began supplying the Village.
1934Jan. 31U.S.A. political: Treasury increases its buying price for gold by $15, to $35 per ounce.
1934FebruaryNelson, BC: Robert William Yuill dead.
1934FebruaryCoalhurst, AB: A subsidiary of Lethbridge Collieries, Coal Producers, Ltd., merges with Galt Coal and Cadillac Coal companies to form Royalties Oil & Share Corp. Ltd. to operate the Imperial mine.
1934Apr. 23Princeton, BC: Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway’s bridge flood damaged.
1934JulyCascade, BC: Much of town destroyed by fire.
1934Aug. 30Coalhurst, AB: Royalties Oil & Share Corp. Ltd. reaches an agreement with the One Big Union membership of the Imperial mine. Labour action averted.
1934SeptemberLethbridge, AB: CPR begins digging Galt No. 8.
1934Oct. 7AB political: R.G. Reid succeeds Brownlee as UFA premier.
1934Dec. 3AB: Crow’s Nest Pass Flying Club incorporated.
1934Dec. 19Coalhurst, AB: Fire wipes out much of CBD.
1934Dec. 26Lethbridge, AB: Galt No. 8 strikes coal.
1934EndColeman, AB: Consolidated Mining & Smelting owns controlling interest in International Coal & Coke.
1935Federal political: Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Act.
1935Lorne Argyle Campbell becomes president of International Coal and Coke, and McGillivray Creek C&C.
1935Creston, BC: The Midland Pacific Grain Corporation built a 60,000 bushel grain elevator. First one.
1935B.C.: Province erects roadblocks on highways to prevent dust-bowl immigration from Prairies.
1935Princeton, BC: Tulameen Coal Company folds.
1935Jaffray, BC: Payne’s Fox Farm goes out of business.
1935B.C.: CP abandons rails to Lynch Creek north of Grand Forks.
1935Greenwood, BC: Fire mauls core.
1935B.C.: Tribunal appointed to investigate Washington farmers’ extended claim against Consolidated Mining and Smelting for pollution from the Trail smelter.
1935Nelson, BC: Canada Zinc Company’s abandoned buildings demolished.
1935Hedley, BC: Kelowna Exploration Company Limited begins production at the Nickel Plate mine.
1935Jan. 6B.C.: CP suspends passenger service on Lake Okanagan: last regular sailing of the Sicamous. Hull repairs and superstructure modifications (‘Texas’ deck removed and aft part of ‘B’ deck). Relaunched in July.
1935Jan. 7Kelowna, BC: CPR begins train service on CN rails.
1935Jan. 22Corbin, BC: Coal miners begin strike.
1935Feb. 6Nelson, BC: John Frederick Hume dead.
1935Feb. 28WA: The Interstate Commerce Commission allows the GN to discontinue service between Curlew and Molson. Hardware removed by year’s end.
1935Mar. 14Lethbridge, AB: Galt No. 6 abandoned.
1935Apr. 17Nelson, BC: Opera House burns.
1935Apr. 26Lethbridge, AB: E.J. Boffa demonstrates aerial spraying from his WACO.
1935Apr. 1AB: CPR incorporates Lethbridge Collieries, Limited to hold and operate the mining assets of the former Alberta Railway & Irrigation Co., the Galt No. 8 mine and the Federal Mine at Lethbridge, Cadillac Coal Company Limited’s Standard mine at Shaughnessy, and the Royalties and Share Corporation Limited’s Imperial Mine at Coalhurst by the Coal Mining Branch of the Department of Natural Resources under the direction of Peter Lawrence Naismith.
1935Apr. 19Corbin, BC: “Black Wednesday.” A Caterpillar tractor used to break up demonstration by miners’ wives.
1935May 7WA: Corbin Coal Company announces in Spokane that the mines at Corbin, B.C., to be closed.
1935June 3Vancouver, BC: “On to Ottawa” trek begins.
1935June 7Lethbridge, AB: Aerial spraying demonstrated from Ford Tri-Motor, G-CARC.
1935July 1Monday.
1935July 1Regina, SK: “On to Ottawa” trek stopped. Riot in Market Square.
1935Aug. 22AB election: William Aberhart leads Social Credit party to power.
1935AutumnGranby Mining, Smelting and Power Company, Limited, of Vancouver and New York sells its Anyox operation to Consolidated Mining and Smelting.
1935Sep. 27CPR permitted to abandon its Kettle Valley Division’s North Fork Subdivision between Grand Forks and Archibald.
1935Oct. 14Federal election: W.L.M. King leads Liberals to power.
1935NovemberSanca, BC: school opened in an old cabin.
1935Nov. 22Macleod, AB: Town purchases a parcel of land upon which to build an airfield.
1935Dec. 6Spokane, WA: Peter Lund dead. (April 6?)
1935Dec. 9Coalhurst, AB.: Imperial mine blows out around 1615 hours: 16 dead, 3 injured.
1936West Kootenay Power and Light completes second 63 kV line to Princeton, BC, area (No. 43).
1936Midway, BC.: Midway Aerodrome completed.
1936Bull River, BC: School classes commence in the community hall.
1936Lumber and Pole Company flume in the Akokli Creek valley on the east shore of Kootenay Lake, BC, washed out. Logging operations end.
1936Creston, BC: The Alberta Wheat Pool erected a grain elevator.
1936Greenwood, BC: Major fire in downtown.
1936Burmis, AB: Cornelius Van Wyk forms Burmis Lumber Company and sets up operations nearby.
1936Coleman, AB: new brick-built high school opens downtown.
1936Alberta Forest Service established.
1936B.C.: Big fire in BC’s upper Elk River valley.
1936Jan. 20King George V dies. Succeeded by Edward VIII.
1936FebruaryB.C.: Crows Nest Southern applies for permission to cease operations.
1936FebruaryAB: Record cold snap in the Crowsnest Pass.
1936Apr. 29BC Political: E.W. Hamber commissioned as the lieutenant-governor.
1936May 5Hedley, BC: Hedley Mascot Gold Mining Limited’s mill nearby begins operations.
1936May 30Coalhurst, AB: Lethbridge Collieries Limited declares the Imperial abandoned.
1936June 16Turner Valley, AB: First oil well blows in. Beginning of Alberta’s oil boom.
1936June 30Federal political: Department of National Defence ceases administering federal and provincial work-camps (from May 1, 1933).
1936Aug. 27Lethbridge, AB: Canadian Airways lands its new Lockheed 10A Electra, CF-BAF, on the old aerodrôme.
1936Sep. 20Corra Linn, BC: Train No. 11, Kootenay Express, derails at the power plant in Kootenay valley west of Nelson, BC.
1936Oct. 1AB political: Col. Philip Carteret Hill Primrose appointed lieutenant-governor. (to March 23rd, 1937).
1936Oct. 4Picture Butte, AB.: The B.C. Sugar Refining Company opens its second Alberta plant. (Bought up Utah-Idaho Sugar’s plant at Raymond in 1931)
1936NovemberTrail, BC: CP suspends passenger service Rossland.
1936NovemberGN suspends service on its Crow’s Nest Southern.
1936Nov. 2Federal political: The Department of Marine and the Department of Railways and Canals into the Department of Transport.
1936Dec. 1Coalhurst, AB: The Corporation of the Village of Coalhurst declares itself dissolved.
1936Dec. 10Edward VIII of England executes an Instrument of Abdication dated for the following day.
1936Dec. 12Albert Frederick Arthur George of the House of Windsor crowned George VI, King of the United Kingdom, Ireland, the British Dominions, and Emperor of India.
1936Dec. 21Montréal, PQ: Hayter Reed dies.
1937Princeton, BC: Pleasant Valley Mining shuts down.
1937Princeton, BC: Granby Consolidated Mining and Smelting begins coal mining operations nearby.
1937Sanca, BC: New school completed.
1937Bull River, BC: Old school torn down.
1937Jaffray, BC: Farmers’ Institute builds hall.
1937CNR suspends the operations of the Pentowna on BC’s Lake Okanagan.
1937Relief camp workers complete paving what is now Highway 3/95, 95 between Kingsgate on the Boundary and Fairmont Hotsprings.
1937B.C.: First year that Glenlily students bussed to Yahk.
1937B.C.: Moyie Gold Mines, Limited, this year works the Midway mine near Ryan in the Moyie valley.
1937B.C.: GN rips up its Crow’s Nest Southern rails.
1937Blairmore, AB: Communist Enoch Williams elected mayor.
1937Blairmore, AB: Tim Buck Boulevard re-named Victoria Avenue.
1937Lethbridge, AB: Galt No. 8 electrified. Capable of outputing 1100 tons per day.
1937Lethbridge, AB: City buys 730 acres on southern outskirts for an airport.
1937“Royal City,” AB: Lethbridge Social Credit Co-operative Mines Association re-opens the Chester coal mine.
1937Chapman Camp, BC: Community incorporated as a Village.
1937B.C.: Boundary Creek Placers Limited begins hydraulic monitor operations on Boundary Creek.
1937Princeton, BC: GN’s Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway abandons Yards to the Kettle Valley Railway.
1937B.C.: The Doukhobors’ commercial arm, the Christian Community of Universal Brotherhood, Limited, defaults on debts to the Bank of Commerce and decleares bankrupty.
1937Lockhart Creek, BC: Bob Yuill’s lodge on Kootenay Lake burns.
1937Jan. 27AB: Coalhurst School District merged into Lethbridge School Division #7.
1937MarchNatal, BC: Hospital opened.
1937Mar. 23AB political: John Campbell Bowen appointed lieutenant-governor (to February 1st, 1950).
1937Apr. 10Federal political: Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA) created as a subsidiary of Canadian National Railways.
1937May 16Princeton, BC: CP re-opens the Kettle Valley Railway’s old Copper Mountain spur.
1937JunePrinceton, BC: Granby Consolidated Mining and Smelting begins mining Copper Mountain yet again.
1937June 1B.C. political: T.D. Pattullo and Liberals re-elected.
1937SummerAB: A tease of rain falls during growing season.
1937July 31Lethbridge, AB: Department of Transport L-12A CF-CCT landed at the old aerodrôme on a tour of inspection.
1937Sep. 1Trans-Canada Air Lines first official flight.
1937Sep. 6Oliver, BC: Airstrip completed.
1937Sep. 30Board of Railway Commissioners grants the Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway permission to suspend service west of Hedley.
1937Oct. 12Lethbridge, AB: Trans-Canada Air Lines landed CF-TCB, an L-10A, at the old aerodrôme.
1937Oct. 25Michel, BC: New tipple begins to burn down.
1937Nov. 8Lethbridge, AB: Trans-Canada Air Lines leases the old aerodrôme for eight months.
1937Nov. 9Lethbridge, AB: Department of Transport L-12A CF-CCT landed at new airfield.
1937Nov. 21B.C.: Southern Okanagan Land Project begins selling building lots on its townsite of Osoyoos.
1937Dec. 13Lethbridge, AB: Trans-Canada Air Lines posts a cadre of air engineers.
1937Dec. 15Lethbridge, AB: Trans-Canada Air Lines landed CF-TCA, an L-10A, at the old aerodrôme on a tour of inspection.
1938Bumper crop year in south-western Alberta.
1938Michel, BC: Three maintenance men killed at CNP Coal’s idled mine.
1938B.C.: GN suspends passenger service out of Grand Forks.
1938Blairmore, AB: Crow’s Nest Pass Ski Club organized.
1938Passburg, AB: post office closed.
1938Lethbridge, AB: Flying Associates of Winnipeg opened a flying school under instructor A.J. Currie using CF-BLW, a Luscombe 8. Folded in May of 1939.
1938Floods on BC’s Creston flats.
1938Peak year for grain elevators: 5,758 licensed in western Canada.
1938Coleman, AB: Calgary Breweries buys the Grand Union Hotel.
1938Osoyoos Mines of Canada, Limited, pours its first gold brick from ore extracted from Kruger Mountain, BC, claims.
1938Cowley, AB: Department of Transport lays out a landing strip 10 miles north of town.
1938Feb. 15Lumberton, BC: B.C. Spruce Mills Company quit cutting timber.
1938Mar. 1Lethbridge, AB: Trans-Canada Air Lines delivers first mail to the City.
1938Mar. 6Federal political: Stuart Taylor Wood, C.M.G., appointed nineth Commissioner of the RCMP (to April 30, 1951).
1938SpringThe dykes gave way on BC’s Creston flats: 14,500 acres flooded.
1938AprilHillcrest Collieries, Limited, and Mohawk Bituminous Collieries amalgamate to form Hillcrest-Mohawk Collieries.
1938Jun. 19Vancouver, BC: Bloody Sunday: police end the occupation of the post office by the Relief Project Workers Union.
1938SummerB.C.: Forest fires in Cascades burn Kettle Valley Railway bridges and snow sheds.
1938Jul. 8Michel, BC: Three die in explosion “B” mine.
1938Aug. 15AB: Crow’s Nest Pass Flying Club struck from the Register of Companies.
1938Sep. 8Lethbridge, AB: Trans-Canada Air Lines landed CF-TCA, an L-10A, at the new airport.
1938Sep. 20Coal Creek, BC: Three killed and four injured in bump in CNP Coal’s No. 1 East.
1938Oct. 1Lethbridge, AB: Trans-Canada Airlines begins regular service out of the City’s new air field.
1938Oct. 8Lethbridge, AB: Department of Trasport licences the City’s new airport.
1938Nov. 11The International Joint Commission allows West Kootenay Power to raise the level of Kootenay Lake to feed the Corra Linn generationg station.
1938DecemberB.C.: British Columbia Public Utilities Commission created.
1938Dec. 25Trail, BC: Saint Anthony of Padua celebrated its first mass.
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