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Time Line
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Page 20 (1939 - 1949)

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1939Hillcrest, AB: Hillcrest Collieries mine shut down.
1939Lumberton, BC: B.C. Spruce Mills Company shuts down its sawmill, leaving only the planer mill in operation.
1939B.C.: Peter “the Purger” Verigin dies: the Doukhobor debt bought by the B.C. government and assets leased back to the Community.
1939Osoyoos, BC: Rialto Hotel completed.
1939Jaffray, BC: Farmers’ Institute builds second hall.
1939Nelson, BC: Lord Nelson Hotel completed.
1939Burmis, AB: H.G. Allen of Calgary buys Burmis Lumber Company.
1939B.C.: S.R. Cummings and family built their resort at Akokli Creek on Kootenay Lake.
1939Brilliant, BC: Airstrip laid out as part of the Trans-Canada Airway.
1939Lethbridge, AB: RCMP donates “Barrack Square” to City.
1939Blairmore, AB: Sisters of St. Martha open their St. Alphonsus Convent in the Crowsnest RC Parish.
1939CNP Coal begins settleing mine managers on the future Sparwood, BC, townsite.
1939Eastern British Columbia rail line up Michel Creek valley in BC stripped of steel.
1939Wynndel, BC: Alf Farstad and Donald Burns bought up Wynndel Limits and Lumbering Company.
1939Hedley, BC: Two-storey elementary school completed.
1939JanuaryJ.J. Warren dies. Lorne Argyle Campbell takes over as president of West Kootenay Power.
1939Jan. 29Hedley, BC: Two die due to rockfall from Stemwinder Mountain.
1939FebruaryLethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Flying Training School, Limited, moved to new airport.
1939Feb. 12The Trail Smoke Eaters win the World Chmapionship in Zurich, Switzerland.
1939SpringAB: RAIN!
1939Apr.1Lethbridge, AB: Regular passenger service commenced out of new airport, “Kenyon Field.”
1939Apr. 29Fruitvale, BC: Wild fire rips through the Beaver Creek’s valley nearby.
1939June 3Federal political: Ottawa passes Prairie Farm Assistance Act. Crop insurance.
1939June 7Lethbridge, AB: The Department of Transport declares “Kenyon Field” officially open.
1939June 7Lethbridge, AB: “Kenyon Field” becomes an “international” port when Inland Airlines of Wyoming granted landing rights.
1939June 22Fruitvale, BC: St. Paul’s United Church building dedicated.
1939July 1Kimberley, BC: Mark Creek Store robbed.
1939SeptemberB.C.: GN’s Vancouver, Victoria & Eastern Railway strips its railbed between Hedley and Princeton.
1939Sep. 10Federal political: Canada declares war on Germany.
1939AutumnAB: Bountiful harvest.
1939AutumnAB: 21,500 acres of sugar beets harvested.
1939Sep. 23B.C.: The Waldo Stockbreeders Livestock Association formed. Ellis Sweet, president.
1939Nov. 2Federal political: Department of Transport forms the air Services Branch to establish an “airway,” a highway in the air, in Canadian airspace.
1939Dec. 2Hillcrest, AB: Hillcrest-Mohawk Collieries seals the Hillcrest mine.
1939Dec. 10Lethbridge, AB: City council decides to scrap the tramline system.
1939Dec. 17Federal political: Agreement signed in Ottawa creating the British Commonwealth Air Training Program.
1939Dec. 23Lethbridge, AB: Kenyon Field designated a military installation.
1940Federal political: National Registration Act. Resistance by Doukhobors.
1940Hope, BC: CPR renames “Pétain” yards nearby “Odlum.”
1940B.C.: Record year for shipping east shore apples from Kootenay Lake, BC.
1940Yahk, BC: Community hall completed.
1940Sand Creek, BC: “Sand Creek Superior School” closed.
1940Northwest Grain Dealers Association changes name to Northwest Line Elevators Assoc.
1940MarchLethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Flight Training School managed by Robert Wilkinson begins running the No. 5 Elementary Flying Training School at Kenyon Field.
1940Mar. 21AB election: Aberhart and Social Credit re-elected.
1940Mar. 31Osoyoos, BC: Osoyoos Mines of Canada, Limited, ceases mining on Kruger Mountain nearby.
1940Mar. 26Election, federal: Mackenzie’s Liberals returned to power.
1940Apr. 8Blakeburn, BC: At 1600 hours the last shift leaves Coalmont Collieries’ No. 5 mine. In total the company’s mines output over 2.1 million tons of coal.
1940June 15Blakeburn, BC: The postal bureau closes.
1940June 21National Resources Mobilization Act passed.
1940July 13Galloway, BC: M. Dumont Co. saw and planer mills burn. Rebuilt.
1940July 16CP wins permission to abandon its four miles of trackage between Okanagan Landing and Vernon, BC. Rails lifted by August.
1940Sep. 27Lethbridge, AB: Department of Transport leases the Kenyon Field.
1940DecemberCranbrook Sash and Door buys the Lumberton, BC, operation.
1940Dec. 18Macleod, AB: Air base officially opened for training British Commonwealth Air Training Program personnel.
1941B.C.: Great Northern suspends passenger service on the Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway.
1941Princeton, BC: A.R. Watkins begins short-lived dredging operations on the Similkameen River upstream from town.
1941Spokane International Railway re-organized out of receivership as the Spokane International Railroad.
1941AB: Canadian Gulf Oil Company identified a ridge in the Madison formation as a likely deposit of petroleum.
1941Bellevue, AB: Record year of production from West Canadian Collieries’ Bellevue mine.
1941Sanca, BC: Sanca Mines, Limited, closed Valparaiso mine.
1941Lethbridge, AB: Sewerage system extended to Stafford.
1941Cowley, AB: Alvin Murphy strings a power grid connected to East Kootenay Power at Sentinel, AB.
1941Mar. 11In addition to the fine levied by the International Joint Commission in 1932, Consolidated Mining and Smelting pays a further compensation to Washington farmers for polluting the air.
1941MayFrank, AB: The Kerr family and Bill Cole begin building the Turtle Mountain Playground.
1941June 20Lethbridge, AB: No. 5 Elementary Flying Training School sent to High River, AB.
1941Aug. 29B.C. political: Lieutenant-Colonel W.C. Woodward commissioned as the lieutenant-governor.
1941Sep. 15Lethbridge, AB: J.J. Hamilton Coal Company seals the old Sheran works.
1941OctoberLethbridge, AB: City power plant converted to burn natural gas. City #1 coal mine closed.
1941Oct. 21B.C. election: Pattullo and Liberals win re-election.
1941Nov. 8Lethbridge, AB: No. 8 Bombing and Gunnery School arrives on Kenyon Field.
1941Dec. 7Japanese attack Pearl Harbour.
1941Dec. 7Canada declares war on Japan.
1941Dec. 8U.S. declares war on Japan.
1941Dec. 8Japanese attack Canadian garrison on Hong Kong.
1941Dec. 9B.C. political: T.D. Pattullo resigns and succeeded by John Hart and Coalition government. (to December 29, 1947).
1941Dec. 11Germany declares war on the U.S.
1941Dec. 15Penticton, BC: New Kettle Valley Railway station.
1941Dec. 25Hong Kong falls to Japanese, Canadian garrison captured.
1942Fairview, BC: Kelowna Exploration Company, Limited, takes option on Fairview Amalgamated’s properties.
1942B.C.: Cranbrook Sash & Door sold the Lumberton townsite to W.H. Horner for salvage.
1942WA: Grand Coulee Dam completed.
1942Lethbridge, AB: Internment Camp No. 133 tied into City sewerage system.
1942B.C.: Province begins issuing permits to harvest Xmas trees on Crown land.
1942Sanca, BC: Sanca school closed. Students to Boswell.
1942Creston, BC: First “Blossom Festival.”
1942B.C.: Government buys CP’s old Bonnington and removes her stack and boiler for installation in the Kootenay Lake ferry, Nasookin.
1942JanuaryCowley, AB: Alberta Pacific grain elevator burns. Rebuilt by March.
1942Jan. 8Ottawa: The Conference on Japanese Matters convened.
1942Feb. 2Federal political: Canadian minister of National Defence, J.L. Ralston, classified all Japanese resident in Canada as “Enemy Aliens” and required that every male between ages eighteen and forty-five be removed 100 miles from the Coast by April 1st.
1942Feb. 24Federal political: Canadian minister of Justice, Louis St. Laurent, empowered to evacuate all Japanese to places of internment at least 100 miles inland.
1942Feb. 26Federal political: Round-up of ethnic Japanese begins in Canada.
1942AprilCoalhurst, AB: First contingent of Japanese internees assigned to southern Alberta arrive. In total, 2,250 placed in the region.
1942Apr. 20B.C.: Agreement to build the Brilliant Dam signed between Consolidated Mining and Smelting, CP and several levels of government.
1942MayB.C.: CNP Coal begins developing Elk River Collieries.
1942May 2AB: (May 10?) Floods inundate Blairemore and Coleman.
1942July 23Federal political: Canadian House of Commons approves Conscription.
1942Aug. 17Salmo, BC: The federally owned Wartime Metals Corporation bought the Emerald mine nearby.
1942Aug. 19The Dieppe Raid: of 5,000 Canadian troops who landed, 907 killed, 1874 captured.
1942Sep. 26Princeton, BC: Fire consumes the works of the Princeton Tulameen Coal Company, Limited.
1942Oct. 17Elko, BC: The Waldo Stockbreeders Livestock Association holds its first livestock auction in their new corrals.
1942Oct. 17“Royal City,” AB: The Royal View—“Swedes’”—mine flooded. Abandoned within a month.
1942Oct. 28Official completion date of the Alaska Highway.
1942Nov. 28Lethbridge, AB: Internment Camp No. 133 opened.
1942Dec. 1Coal Creek, BC: CNP Coal closed the old Colliery.
1942Dec. 11Winnipeg. MB: Conservatives elect John Bracken as their leader and change the name of their party to the Progressive Conservative Party of canada.
1942Dec. 29James Wesley Wilson and Edith Winifred Pope wed at Edith’s parents’ (Edna Maria and Frederic Austin Pope) homestead; Haven, Alberta.
1943Selective Services Act implemented. Doukhobors resist.
1943Brilliant, BC: Jam factory burnt.
1943AB: C.S. Donaldson takes over management of Lethbridge Collieries, Ltd.
1943Vancouver, BC: Coalmont Collieries shuts down its head office, having sold off everything salvageable from its mining operations at Blakeburn and Coalmont.
1943B.C.: Coal Mountain mined by Frank O’Sullivan of Lethbridge for Consolidated Mining and Smelting for a year ending September 23rd, 1944.
1943Creston, BC: Alf Farstad and Donald Burns buy C.O. Rodgers sawmill.
1943Feb. 5The federal British Columbia Security Commission dissolved and administration of “Enemy Alien” internees falls to Department of Labour.
1943May 1Father P.N.J. de Coccola dies at 88 years.
1943May 23“Bible Bill” Aberhart dies.
1943May 31AB political: E.C. Manning succeeds William Aberhart as Social Credit premier of Alberta.
1943NovemberContinent-wide coal miners’ strike breaks out.
1943Nov. 13Fernie, BC: CNP Coal opens Elk River Collieries on Coal Creek nearby.
1943Dec. 4Princeton, BC: Granby Consolidated ceases mining coal.
1944Great Northern pays CP $4.5 million to escape annual payments for running-rights lease on Coquihalla Subsection.
1944Nelson, BC: City buys some of Cottonwood mouth land from CP and begins creating an airfield.
1944Great Northern completes acquisition of the Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway.
1944Kimberley, B.C.: MacDougall Hospital expanded with a clinic.
1944International Joint Commission established by Canada and the U.S. to address Columbia River concerns.
1944Coleman, AB: The Town buys its water and power utilities from International Coal & Coke.
1944West Canadian Collieries begins developing its Adanac mine on its Byron Creek property near Hillcrest, AB. Begins production ion 1945.
1944Mar. 29Kimberley, BC, incorporated as a City.
1944Apr. 29Princeton, BC: The Princeton Tulameen Coal Company quits mining.
1944JunePassburg, AB: The “big school” closes.
1944June 15SK election: T.C. Douglas leads CCF to power.
1944AugustBrilliant, BC: First two generators come on line at Consolidated Mining and Smelting’s dam. Operated by West Kootenay Power.
1944Aug. 8AB election: E.C. Manning and Social Credit re-elected in Alberta.
1944AutumnAB political: Province demands Lethbridge close its quasi-legal brothels.
1944Oct. 26Macleod, AB: British Commonwealth Air Training Program shuts down its base.
1944Dec. 1Lethbridge, AB: No. 8 Bombing and Gunnery School disbanded.
1944Dec. 29Osoyoos, BC: Kettle Valley Railway branch opened from Oliver.
1945Grand Forks, BC: Norris Lumber and Box Company changes hands: renamed Grand Forks Saw Mill Limited.
1945Fernie, BC: City regains its independence from provincial supervision.
1945Cranbrook, BC: CP completes the reconstruction of the station.
1945Fritz Sick dies.
1945Lethbridge, AB: Wm. H. Fairfield retires from the superintendency of the Dominion Experimental Station and farm.
1945Lethbridge, AB: Maria Elizabeth Van Haarlem dies.
1945Galloway, BC: Hellen Norris, aka “Ma Henderson, ” dies.
1945Bellevue, AB: West Canadian Collieries sells Bellevue Inn into private hands.
1945Frank, AB: Bill Kerr buys sole ownership of the Turtle Mountain Playground.
1945Mar. 1Galloway, BC: Mike and Maria Dumont sell sawmill to Jostad and Nelson who formed Galloway Lumber Company, Limited.
1945Mar. 2Victoria, BC: Emily Carr dead.
1945AprilBritish Columbia Public Utilities Commission created to begin constructing a unified provincial power grid.
1945Apr. 23Coalhurst, AB: Declared a “hamlet.”
1945May 8Victory Europe Day.
1945May 8Bull River, B.C.: Post office closed.
1945June 11Election, federal: Mackenzie’s Liberals returned to power.
1945Aug. 8Hope, BC: First report of fire—the “Big Burn”—up in the Sumallo Valley
1945Aug. 15Victory Japan Day.
1945Aug. 31After destroying 5,920 acres of fir, pine, spruce, cedar and balsam, the “Big Burn” is extinguished.
1945Oct. 21B.C. political: John Hart leads Liberal/Progressive Conservative Coalition to re-election.
1945Nov. 19Trail, BC: Selwyn Gwillym Blaylock dies.
1945Dec. 13Andrew McCulloch dead; buried in Penticton.
1945Dec. 31Oliver, BC: Incorporated as a Village.
1946Fairview Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada, Limited, takes over likeliest properties at Fairview, BC.
1946B.C.: Labour strike in the East Kootenay woods.
1946Salmo, BC: Consolidated Mining and Smelting returns attention to HB property nearby.
1946The CNP Coal’s Morrissey, Fernie and Michel Railway retires its a pair of 1913 2-8-0 Baldwins in favour of a 600-hp Baldwin DS4-4-600 diesel electric. First of the genre to work in B.C.
1946Grand Forks, BC: New airfield opened.
1946AB: Province introduced the 40-hour work week.
1946AB: Expansion of the St. Mary’s Irrigation District was begun.
1946“Royal City,” AB: The Lethbridge Social Credit Co-operative Mines Association officially closes the Lethbridge Gem mine. Likely not worked since 1942.
1946Blairmore, AB: West Canadian Collieries’ Greenhill mine hits record production of 759,000 tons.
1946AB: Coal mines in the province produced a record 8.8 million tons.
1946Sentinel, AB: East Kootenay Power refurbishes its coal-fired generating station.
1946Castlegar, BC: City of Nelson buys the Trans-Canada Airway field nearby.
1946Jan. 14Osoyoos, BC: Incorporates as a Village.
1946Jan. 23Sentinel, AB: An RCAF Dakota slams into Mt. Ptolemy nearby. Seven dead.
1946Feb. 28V.J. Creeden of Hedley Mascot Mines Limited presented an obituary for Duncan Woods, erstwhile owner of the Mascot Fraction at Hedley, BC.
1946May 14Federal political: Citizenship Act receives royal assent.
1946July 3Hedley, BC: Strike at Kelowna Exploration Company’s Nickel Plate operation begins. Last till December 11.
1946Aug. 6Kinnaird, BC: Incorporated as a village.
1946Aug. 29BC political: Colonel the Honourable C.A. Banks commissioned as the lieutenant-governor.
1946AugustHillcrest-Mohawk Collieries, Limited, takes over Tent Mountain stripping operation from the Fred Mannix & Co.
1946Sep. 25Hillcrest-Mohawk Collieries, Limited, ended its working season on Coal Mountain.
1946Sep. 26H.A. McKowan dies.
1946Oct. 30Castlegar, BC: Incorporated as a Village.
1946Oct. 30Salmo, BC: Incorporated as a Village.
1946Dec. 22Lethbridge, AB: Internment Camp No. 133 closed.
1946Dec. 31Slocan Lake, BC: CPR class M4g 3512 (2-8-0 Consolidation) and several cars falls off barge.
1947B.C. Provincial Commission of Inquiry in the activities of the Doukhobors, particularly the Sons of Freedom sect.
1947Sparwood, BC: Building lots first offered for purchase.
1947Christina Lake, BC: Lagoon Pavilion burns.
1947Lethbridge, AB: Runways at Kenyon Field lengthened.
1947Galloway, BC: Post Office closes its local bureau in Galloway Lumber offices and moves it across The Highway to the Midway Confectionary.
1947Sentinel, AB: the Huffman family begin building Glacier Cabins nearby on Crowsnest Lake. Now the Kozy Knest Kabins.
1947The M.V. Anscomb relieves the Nasookin on the East Shore-Balfour crossing of Kootenay Lake.
1947Creston, BC: Canyon Street widened to accommodate the Crowsnest Highway.
1947B.C.: Up-grading of Kootenay Lake’s east shore road begins.
1947Galloway, BC: School closed.
1947Coleman, AB: International C&C begins stripping coal from its York Creek property.
1947B.C.: Canadian Pacific Airlines begins service between Vancouver and points in southern Interior.
1947Cranbrook, BC: Scheduled air service begins.
1947Federal political: The last of the ethnic Japanese finally released from detention.
1947B.C.: L.A. Campbell, president of West Kootenay Power, dies.
1947Consolidated Mining and Smelting buys West Kootenay Power’s durable assets except the Lower Bonnington dam and generating station. West Kootenay Power contracted to run Consolidated Mining and Smelting’s plants.
1947Jan. 1Canadian Citizenship Act proclaimed (See 1946/06/27). Citizens Canadian first, British subjects second.
1947Feb. 5Michel, BC: Crow’s Nest Pass Coal opens the Erickson strip mine nearby.
1947Feb. 13Thursday.
1947Feb. 13Leduc, AB: 1610 hours, in Mike Turta’s barley field nearby, Imperial Oil’s Leduc No. 1 well “blows in.”
1947Mar. 21Brookmere, BC: KVR three-stall enginehouse destroyed when boiler of #907 exploded. Enginehouse rebuilt as a four-stall structure.
1947Apr. 22Canadian Gulf Oil Company begins drilling Pincher Creek No. 1 in s-w Alberta.
1947May 7Leduc, AB: less than 2 miles away from Imperial Leduc No. 1, Leduc No. 2, under the direction of Aubrey Kerr, strikes oil.
1947May 14Federal political: Federal Chinese Immigration Act(s) repealed.
1947May 27Nelson, BC: First plane lands on lakefront airfield.
1947June 2For the record: International Coal and Coke Company of Coleman has 531 shareholders subscribing to 3 million of 3 million $1.00 shares.
1947June 2For the record: McGillivray Creek Coal and Coke of Coleman, Alberta, has 481 shareholders subscribing to 2,683,000 of 3 million $1.00 shares.
1947June 12Salmo, BC: Having paid nearly $1,000,000 for the Emerald property earlier in the year, Placer Development Limited’s wholly-owned Canadian Exploration Company (Canex) subsidiary began milling operations.
1947Sep. 8Lethbridge, AB: Last of the civic tram lines, the Blue Line, decommissioned and removal begins.
1947Nov. 7Atkinson Dredging Company, Limited, of Vancouver begins operations few miles above Princeton. Quit on November 8th, 1949.
1947Dec. 28Canadian Gulf Oil’s afore-noted Pincher Creek No. 1 blows in.
1947Dec. 29B.C. political: John Hart resigns as premier. Replaced by Byron Ingemar Johnson as coalition premier.
1948Highway No. 3 complete between Okanagan Falls, BC, and Princeton, BC.
1948B.C.: Villages of Castlegar and Kinnaird buy from the City of Nelson part ownership of Ralph West Airfield near Brilliant, BC.
1948Boswell, BC: School closes. Students to Crawford Bay.
1948Sanca, BC: Lots at “New Sanca” up for sale.
1948Galloway, BC: Galloway Lumber operations electrified by East Kooteany Power.
1948B.C.: Nasookin scrapped.
1948Lethbridge, AB: CP places “skunks”—gas/electric self-propelled cars—on the runs south to Coutts, Sterling, Cardston.
1948Lethbridge, AB: Instrument landing aids installed at Kenyon Field.
1948Cardston, AB: Kainai high school students permitted to attend Cardston High to get their grades 11 and 12.
1948Coleman, AB: International C&C begins a 2-year program of capital investment in its works.
1948Feb. 16Fire devastates downtown Coleman, AB.
1948SpringB.C.: Great floods.
1948MayAB: Floods inundate upper Crowsnest River valley.
1948May 10Penticton, BC: Incorporated as a City.
1948May 24Fernie, BC: High water on the Elk River flooded town.
1948May 24Kimberley, BC: High water on Mark Creek flooded town.
1948June 1Creston Flats, BC: Kootenay River breaches the dikes.
1948July 1Osoyoos, BC: First Cherry Festival.
1948July 23A Friday.
1948July 23Edmonton, AB: Donald Malcolm Wilson born in the Royal Alexandra.
1948Aug. 17AB election: E.C. Manning and Social Credit re-elected in Alberta.
1948Sep. 25Coal Mountain, AB: Hillcrest-Mohawk Collieries, Limited, suspends operations.
1948Nov. 15Federal political: Louis St. Laurent succeeds as Liberal prime minister.
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