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Page 23 (1974 - 2000)

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1974Cranbrook, BC: Terminal completed at East Kootenay Airport nearby.
1974Federal political: Office of Native Claims established to arbistrate land disputes, etc.
1974Lethbridge, AB: New library completed.
1974Jan. 1B.C.: Town of Castlegar absorbs the Village of Kinnaird.
1974Jan. 1Federal political: Maurice Jean Nadon appointed 17th Commissioner of the RCMP (to August 31, 1977).
1974Jan. 26Blairmore, AB: Senior Centre at old hospital opened.
1974Mar. 1Castlegar, BC: Incorporated as a City.
1974Lethbridge, AB: City sells power plant to Calgary Power.
1974JuneFernie, BC: New hospital opens.
1974July 1Princeton, BC: Frank Lees opens first stage of his Princeton Castle project.
1974July 2AB political: Ralph Gavin Steinhauer appointed lieutenant-governor (to October 18th, 1979).
1974July 4Labatt Breweries of British Columbia Limited acquired control of Interior Breweries Company.
1974July 8Federal election: Trudeau leads Liberals to re-election. Majority.
1975Fernie, BC: Memorial Hospital demolished.
1975Coleman, AB: Norcen Energy completes modernization of Coleman Collieries’ Vicary mine.
1975Lethbridge, AB: Parrish & Heimbecker buy out Ellison Milling Co.
1975Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Centre opens.
1975Kimberley, BC: The “Platzl,” the downtown pedestrian mall, completed.
1975Jan. 9Princeton, BC: CPR closes station.
1975Feb. 5Crowsnest Pass, AB: alarming earth tremor.
1975Feb. 7Lethbridge, AB: New 6th Avenue (Whoop-Up Drive) bridge dedicated.
1975Mar. 26AB election: E. Peter Lougheed and PCs returned.
1975June 20CP condemns the remainder of its Fairbanks-Morse fleet of locomotives.
1975Aug. 24MT: Libby Dam on upper Kootenay River dedicated. Corps of Army Engineers. Lake Koocanusa forming.
1975September Lower Kootenay River, BC: B.C. Hydro brings first generators at Kootenay Canal on line.
1975Nov. 10ON: The iron ore carrier Edmund Fitzgerald sinks in Lake Superior.
1975Dec. 22B.C. political: William Richards Bennett leads Social Credit to power.
1976Castlegar, BC: B.C. Hydro completes Kootenay Canal project nearby.
1976Bellevue, AB: sewerage system installed and water system extended to the suburb of Maple Leaf.
1976Lethbridge, AB: Old Carngie Library building re-opened as civic art gallery, now Southern Alberta Art Gallery (SAAG).
1976Lethbridge, AB: Old Galt Hospital designated a Provincial Historic Resource.
1976Jan. 1AB: Lethbridge Collieries, Ltd., disolved.
1976Mar. 1Lethbridge, AB: County of Lethbridge No. 26 Building opened.
1976Oct. 2B.C.: Crowsnest Highway’s Bonnington cut-off—Castlegar to 3B—officially opened.
1977 B.C.: the Michel-Natal site levelled and abandoned.
1977Blairmore, AB,: first stores in the Crowsnest Mall opened.
1977Bellevue, AB: new fire hall completed.
1977Galloway, BC: Galloway Lumber modernizes its operations.
1977Feb. 28Federal political: VIA Rail created.
1977JulyOliver, BC: Last train passes; the British Columbia Provincial Museum’s “Museum Train.”
1977Sep. 1Federal political: Robert Henry Simmonds appointed 18th Commissioner of the RCMP (to August 31, 1987).
1977Oct. 7Morrissey, Fernie and Michel Railway Company dissolved.
1977Dec. 16Kootenay Lake, BC: CP cancels Kootenay Water Transport Company tug contract and the Melinda Jane retires from barge service.
1978B.C.: Weyerhaeuser buys Okanagan Falls lumber mill.
1978Middleton, BC: Michel Valley school demolished.
1978AB: Historic Sites of Alberta assumes responsibility for the site of Lille.
1978AB: CPR abandons Cardston–Glenwood, and Kimball–Whiskey Gap lines.
1978Coleman, AB: Norcen Energy closes Coleman Collieries’ strip mine at Racehorse Creek nearby.
1978Trail, BC: Kootenay Hotel formerly Fritz Sick’s Kootenay Malting, Brewing and Distilling Company building, burned.
1978Phœnix Mountain, BC: Granby Mining Company ceases its crushing concentration operation.
1978B.C.: Shell Canada, Limited, buys remains of Crow’s Nest Industries.
1978Nelson, BC: Heritage Conservation Branch of the provincial Ministry of Recreation and Conservation begins to evaluate the heritage value of City’s core.
1978Sparwood, BC: The Titan 33-19, finished by GM Canada in 1974, arrives at Kaiser’s Harmer Ridge mine.
1978Feb. 11B.C.: Pacific Western Airlines’ Flight 314 crash-lands at East Kootenay Airport near Cranbrook.
1978Apr. 29Frank, AB. Frank Slide recognized as a National Historic Site.
1978Jun. 2Regina, SK: Edith Winifred Wilson (née Pope) dies. Thirty-six years a wife, nearly 30 years a mother. “A truly loving person.”
1978Jun. 21AB political: Vote on amalgamation held in the communities in Crowsnest Pass area.
1978July 20Okanagan Falls, BC: CP given permission to abandon Osoyoos Subdivision nearby. Rails removed the following summer.
1978Sep. 27Princeton, BC: Weyerhaeuser takes over Northwood Mills’ operation.
1978Oct. 1Crow’s Nest Industries Limited amalgamated into Shell Canada Limited as Crowsnest Forest Products, Limited.
1978Oct. 4Princeton, BC: Incorporated as a Town. David Brown, mayor.
1978Oct. 14Sparwood, BC: Hospital opened.
1978Dec. 1Lethbridge, AB: City annexes Hardieville.
1978Dec. 28Crows Nest Industries, Limited, and Crow’s Nest Pass Oil and Gas Company, Limited, amalgamate.
1978Dec. 29Friday.
1978Dec. 29Michel, BC: Hospital demolished by burning.
1979Castlegar, BC: B.C. Timber, part of B.C. Resources Investment Corporation, buys the Celanese Corporation’s pulp mill.
1979Crowsnest, AB: Norcen Energy closes Coleman Collieries’ Vicary mine.
1979Jan. 1The Town of Coleman, of Blairmore, the Village of Bellevue and of Frank, and Improvement District No. 5 were collected into the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass.
1979Jan. 1Coalhurst, AB: The Hamlet once again incorporated as a Village.
1979Jan. 26B.C.: CP given permission to abandon Carmi Subdivision between Midway and Penticton. Rails removed that summer.
1979Mar. 14AB political: Peter Lougheed and PCs returned to power.
1979May 10B.C. political: Bill Bennett and Social Credit returned to office in B.C.
1979May 22Federal election: Charles Joseph Clark leads Progressive Conservatives to minority power in Ottawa.
1979Aug. 8Kimberley, BC: A conflagration on North Star Hill manaces the City.
1979Oct. 18AB political: Francis Charles Lynch-Staunton appointed lieutenant-governor (to January 22nd 1985).
1979Oct. 19Lethbridge, AB: New terminal building at Kenyon Field dedicated.
1979Dec. 13Federal political: Joe Clark’s minority federal government loses non-confidence vote.
1980B.C.: Osoyoos Oxbow Fish and Wildlife Reserve established.
1980Elko, BC: B.C. Forestry Branch closes 1940s ranger station and concentrates staff in Cranbrook.
1980Tent Mountain, AB: Norcen Energy suspends operations at Coleman Collieries, Limited’s strip mine.
1980B.C. Hydro completes Seven Mile Dam on the Pend d’Oreille River.
1980Feb. 18Federal election: Trudeau leads Liberals to federal power in Ottawa.
1980SpringMountain Pine beetles arrive on southern Alberta’s “eastern slopes.”
1980July 12B.C.: Kaiser Resources Limited opened its new headquarters building on the Natal townsite.
1980SeptemberB.C. Resources Investment Corporation buys Kaiser Resources.
1980Dec. 9Princeton, BC: Princeton Secondary School opens.
1981Keremeos, BC: Growers’ Association closed its packing plant.
1981Castlegar, BC: The Town buys Zuckerberg Island as a civic park.
1981Kipp, AB: Construction of new CP rail yards commenced.
1981Blairmore, AB: Western Canada Coal’s manager’s amnsion, “Charbonnier House,” and the foreman’s cottage, “Green House,” are demolished to allow construction of the Provincial Building.
1981Rosebery, BC: CP retracts Nakusp and Slocan trackage from Denver Canyon station.
1981Yahk, BC: Private museum closes and most of the artefacts transferrd to Creston, BC.
1981AB: UNESCO designates Head-Smashed-In buffalo jump a World Heritage Site.
1981Cowley, AB: Johnson Brothers’ lumber mill shuts down.
1981Kimberley, BC: New library/museum building completed on the Platzl.
1981MarchFort Macleod, AB: Town Council requests that Alberta’s Ministry of Culture declare Main Street an Historic Area.
1981Sep. 26Saturday.
1981Sep. 26B.C.: The McPhee Bridge over the St. Mary’s River near Wycliffe on highway 95A, is opened.
1981NovemberCreston, BC: Crestbrook Forest Industries halts operations at the old Rodger’s saw mill. Only the veneer plant survives.
1982Sparwood, BC: Line Creek and Greenhills open-cast mines begun north of town.
1982Creston, BC: The CPR closes its station.
1982Creston, BC: The Creston Historical Society buys “the Stone House,” eventually converting it into a museum, archives repository.
1982Yahk, BC: Great Northern demolishes its station.
1982Assembly of First Nations supercedes the National Indian Brotherhood.
1982MarchKimberley, BC: Gerry Sorensen Way christened.
1982June 26AB: CPR train wreck near Lundbreck Falls.
1982Nov. 2AB election: Lougheed and PCs returned to power.
1982Nov. 18Nelson, BC: Westar Timber closes the last saw mill on the waterfront.
1982Dec. 28(See July 27th, 1983) B.C.: Crows Nest Industries Limited (formerly Crow’s Nest Pass Coal Company) dissolved.
1983Cranbrook, BC, builds replica of its demolished Post Office tower.
1983Crestbrook Forest Industries buys Crow’s Nest Industries from Shell Resources.
1983Blairmore, AB: The Crowsnest Pass Provincial Building completed.
1983Jaffray, BC: Jehovah’s Witnesses build new Kingdom Hall.
1983Lethbridge, AB: New YWCA completed.
1983Elko, BC: Regional District of East Kootenay drilled a community drinking-water well and laid a distribution system.
1983Cranbrook, BC: Central School decommissioned and sold to Crestbrook Forest Industries.
1983Apr. 30Coalhurst, AB: Former CP rail station burned as an emergency exercise.
1983May 5B.C. political: Bill Bennett and SoCreds returned to office.
1983June 30Osoyoos, BC: Incorporated as a Town.
1983July 14Blairmore, AB: Last session in the old Courthouse.
1983July 27(See Dec. 28th, 1982) B.C.: Crow’s Nest Industries Limited dissolved.
1983July 29B.C.: British Columbia Historical Association becomes British Columbia Historical Federation.
1983Sep. 10Passburg, AB: Dedication of the Leitch Collieries Interpretive Centre.
1983Sep. 16Kipp, AB: Rail yards completed.
1983Oct. 28Coleman, AB: Coleman Collieries Limited shuts down the last of its operations: the coal cleaning plant.
1984Castlegar, BC: 44th Field Engineer Squadron completes pedestrian suspension bridge to Zuckerberg Island.
1984Bellevue, AB: Wayside Chapel moved in from the abandoned site of Passburg.
1984Kimberley, BC: Narrow-gauged tourist railway completed.
1984Lethbridge, AB: Addition to Galt Museum complete.
1984Jan. 1Federal political: “Crow Rate” abolished by the federal government.
1984May 14AB: Alberta Ministry of Culture declared Fort Macleod’s core a Provincial Historic Area.
1984June 30Federal political: John Napier Turner succeeds Trudeau as Liberal prime minister of Canada.
1984July 26Lethbridge, AB: First train around the new rail re-alignment downtown.
1984Sep. 4Federal election: Martin Brian Mulroney leads Progressive Conservatives to power in Ottawa.
1984Oct. 19Walter Grant Notley, the sole NDP representative in the Alberta Legislature, dies in an air carash.
1985Castlegar, BC: Two original dormitories at the Doukhobor Museum torched.
1985Coleman, AB: The Crowsnest Historical Society acquired Coleman High School building for use as a museum.
1985Cowley, AB: Cowley Forest Products commences operations.
1985Lethbridge, AB: Replica of Fort Whoop-up opened in Indian Battle Park.
1985Jan. 22AB political: Wilma Helen Hunley appointed lieutenant-governor. (to March 11th, 1991).
1985Apr. 28Frank, AB: Frank Slide Interpretive Centre opened.
1985May 11Cranbrook, BC: Crestbrook Forest Industries moves its headquarters into the renovated Central School building, a Heritage site.
1985May 21Savanna, AB: Phillips Cable Company ceases operations in its plant.
1985June 28Federal political: Bill C-31, An Act to amend the Indian Act becomes law.
1985SummerB.C.: Wild fires ravage the Rocky Mountain Trench.
1985Aug. 8B.C.: Kootenay and Elk Railway Company struck from B.C.’s Register of Companies.
1985Sep. 23Lethbridge, AB: Indian Battle Park rededicated.
1985Nov. 1AB political: Donald Ross Getty replaces Lougheed as PC premier.
1986Cominco sells its share of the Line Creek operation in the Elk River valley to its parent, the CPR.
1986Blairmore, AB: Sleepee Teepee Motel demolished.
1986Blairmore, AB: Two year-long clean up of the Greenhill mine slack piles begins.
1986Blairmore, AB: CPR salvages its station building.
1986Feb. 28Westar Mining Limited (formerly the B.C. Coal Division of the B.C. Resources Investment Corporation) closes the Balmer North mine at Michel.
1986May 8Alberta Election: Don Getty and PCs returned to power.
1986JuneCominco offers West Kootenay Power for sale.
1986Aug. 6B.C. political: W.R. Bennett resigns as premier and replaced by Wilhelmus Nicholaas Theodore Maria Vander Zalm, Jr.
1986Sep. 2CP divests itself of its 52.5% holding in Cominco. Teck Corp., the buyer, sells 14.25 million shares to public for $13.50 ea.
1986Oct. 22B.C. political: Bill Vander Zalm leads Social Credit to re-election.
1987Cranbrook, BC: CP moves its regional headquarters from Nelson.
1987Castlegar, BC: City purchases CP station building for a museum.
1987Jaffray, BC: New Mormon chapel completed.
1987Fernie, BC: City acquired CP station and converts it to the “Arts Station.”
1987Kimberley, BC: Cominco closes the fertilizer plant.
1987Lethbridge, AB: Chinook Health Region administration occupies old CPR station.
1987Elko, BC: School closed. Students bussed to Jaffray since.
1987JulyB.C.: Utilities Commission condones Cominco’s sale of West Kootenay Power to Kansas City-based UtiliCorp (UtiliCorp Networks Canada) for $80 million.
1987July 10Cranbrook, BC: Elko’s train station settled onto new foundations at the Museum of Rail Travel.
1987SummerAB: Head-Smashed-In interpretative centre opened.
1987July 31Edmonton, AB: Tornadoes kill 27.
1987Aug. 17Hedley, BC: Premier Vander Zalm officates at the opening of the Mascot Gold Mining Company’s Nickel Plate open pit mine.
1987Aug. 28Blairmore, AB: Health Care Centre inaugurated.
1987Sep. 1Federal political: Normand David Inkster appointed 19th Commissioner of the RCMP (to June 24, 1994).
1987Oct. 19Black Monday on Stock Markets.
1987Nov. 1Winnipeg, MB: At its inaugural convention, the Reform Party of Canada elects E. Preston Manning as its first leader.
1988Castlegar, BC: Traffic ferry discontinued.
1988Kaslo, BC: Moyie museum declared an National Historic Site.
1988B.C.: CP service between Grand Forks and Midway suspended.
1988B.C.: CP revenue service between Grand Forks and Castlegar suspended. Only mill switchers sent to Grand Forks thereafter.
1988Trail, BC: Teck Corporation heightened and modernized the smelter’s stacks, installing new scrubbers, filters.
1988Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Regional Hospital opens. Lethbridge Municipal soon demolished.
1988Jan. 2Federal political: Canada-United States Free Trade Implementaion Act passed by the Progressive Conservative government of Brian Mulroney.
1988June 17Friday.
1988June 17Princeton, BC: Cassiar Mines’ Similco division purchased Newmont Mining Corporation of Canada, Limited, for $15 million.
1988JulyCastlgar, BC: Airport terminal and tower opened, refurbished.
1988Nov. 4Yahk, BC: Transport Canada declares airstrip “surplus.”
1988Dec. 21B.C.: CP releases Interior Lake Services’ tug Iris G and service on Slocan Lake ends.
1989Nelson, BC: Burlington Northern ceases service, making Salmo the end of Nelson and Fort Sheppard line.
1989Mar. 20Alberta election: Don Getty and PCs returned to power.
1989May 12Friday
1989May 12Princeton, BC: Last train out of town; a work train westbound.
1989DecemberB.C.: South Okanagan Lands Irrigation District (SOLID) dissolved.
1990Creston, BC: CP tears out yards.
1990Bellevue, AB: Bellevue School demolished.
1990Lethbridge, AB: Molson’s sells Sick’s old brewery to developers.
1990June 21Federal political: National Transportation Agency grants CP permission to abandon the Kettle Valley Railway from Penticton to Spences Bridge.
1990JulyNelson, BC: Larry Johnson et al buy the old brewery buildings.
1990DecemberB.C.: Last CP train from Grand Forks to Castlegar.
1990Dec. 9Midway, BC: Last train leaves.
1991B.C.: CP pulls rails from Midway–Castlegar reach of the Columbia & Western R/W.
1991B.C.: CP pulls rails from Penticton–Spences Bridge reach of the Kettle Valley Railway.
1991Shell Resources sells Line Creek Mine in upper Elk to Manalta Coal Limited.
1991Hazell, AB: Hazell family sells its Summit Lime Works to Continental Lime Limited.
1991AB: Oldman River Dam completed and Reservoir begins to fill.
1991Kimberley, BC: Cominco begins explaining the process of decommissioning the Sullivan Mine.
1991Elko, BC: Army destroys the old Elk River Canyon bridge.
1991Lethbridge, AB: Derelict “House of Lethbridge” brewery razed.
1991Jan. 1Oliver, BC: Incorporated as a Town.
1991Jan. 12Elko, BC: Post office closes. Marg Fitzpatrick, post master.
1991Mar. 11AB political: Thomas Gordon Towers appointed lieutenant-governor (to April 17th, 1996).
1991JulyFort Macleod, AB: Crestbrook Forest Industries closed its Fort Plywood & Lumber operation.
1991July 12Creston, BC: Crestbrook Forest Industries shuts down the last operation on the old Rodger’s mill site. Salvaged immeditely.
1991Aug. 26B.C.: CPR crews work their way into Princeton pulling Kettle Valley Railway hardware.
1991Sep. 6Grand Forks, BC: Pope & Talbot and CanPar incorporate a numbered company to operate a shortline railway. Named the Grand Forks Railway in August of 1992.
1991Oct. 17BC election: Michael Harcourt leads New Democratic Party to power.
1991Oct. 29Grand Forks, BC: Yale Hotel burns.
1991NovemberPrinceton, BC: New World Mine Development Limited begins mining and marketing zeolite—fertilizer, deodorant, insulator.
1992Hedley, BC: Homestake Canada Inc. assumes control of all properties on Nickel Plate Mountain.
1992Pincher Creek, AB: Oldman River Dam dedicated and reservoir begins to fill.
1992Galloway, BC: Canada Cedar Pole Preservers built new plant.
1992May 1Michel Valley, BC: Westar Mining Limited suspends operations on Harmer Ridge open pit.
1992SummerB.C.: CPR pull the steel from the Nicola, Kamloops and Similkameen Coal and Railway Company right-of-way from Merritt to Spences Bridge.
1992AugustB.C.: Grand Forks Railway comes into being.
1992Aug 31B.C.: Westar Mining Limited granted protection under the Company Creditors Arrangement Act.
1992Dec. 1Manning Provincial Park, BC: Eastgate Lodge destroyed by fire.
1992Dec. 7Hope, BC: Town declared a District Municipality.
1992Dec. 12AB political: Ralph Philip Klein replaces Getty as PC premier.
1992Dec. 17Ottawa: North American Free Trade Agreement Implementaion Act passed by the Liberal government of Jean Chrétien.
1993AB: Kenotech Limited of San Francisco emplaces the first 25 wind turbines on Cowley Ridge.
1993June 15AB election: Klein and PCs returned.
1993June 25Federal political: Avril Phaedra Douglas (Kim) Campbell sworn in as prime minister replacing a retired Mulroney.
1993June 30B.C.: Lighthouse at Pilot Bay decommissioned by Federal government and trasferred to province.
1993July 6Blairmore, AB: Former Provincial Courthouse declared a Provincial Historic Site.
1993Sep. 10Castlegar, BC: Politic declaration of the reclamation of downtown.
1993Sep. 14Last train on CPR’s Slocan Branch line. Branch formally closed.
1993Oct. 25Federal election: Liberals win federal power under Joseph Jacques Jean Chrétien.
1993NovemberPrinceton, BC: Similco shut down again.
1994B.C. Political: Province creates the Columbia Power Corporation to administer hydro-generating assets in the Columbia basin.
1994AB: The Chinook Project and the Peigan Nation emplace a further 27 wind turbines on Cowley Ridge.
1994Elko, BC: Domestic natural gas service offered.
1994June 25Federal political: Joseph Philip Robert Murray appointed 20th Commissioner of the RCMP (to September 1, 2000).
1994July 23Castlegar, BC: Robson-Castlegar Bridge dedicated. Abutment stamped 2987-93.
1994OctoberEsso Resources Canada, Limited, sells Coal Mountain operation to Fording Coal Limited.
1995Blairmore, AB: School Foundation of Nippon buys the old Courthouse.
1995Mar. 27Osoyoos, BC: Rialto Hotel burns. Built 1938.
1995Apr. 21BC political: Garde B. Gardom appointed lieutenant-governor.
1995JuneFloods in the Elk River and Oldman River basins on both sides of the Divide in south-western Canada.
1995JuneFort Macleod, AB: C&E bridge over the Oldman wrecked.
1995JuneLethbridge, AB. Bridgeview Campground washed away.
1995June 6B.C.: Highmark of floods in the Michel Valley.
1995SummerTrail, BC: “Old Bridge” redecked with lignum vitae.
1995July 1Coalhurst, AB: Incorporated as a Town.
1995July 6B.C.: Columbia Basin Trust created.
1995Sep. 17Summerland, BC: Kettle Valley Steam Railway Heritage Society reopens Trout Creek Canyon Bridge near Summerland.
1995Sep. 22U.S.A.: Burlington Northern, and the Atcheson, Topeka and Santa Fe merged to become the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation.
1995DecemberLethbridge, AB: St. Michael’s Hospital closed and soon demolished.
1996B.C.: Columbia Power Corporation bought the Brilliant Dam on the Lower Kootenay River from UtiliCorp for $43 million.
1996Sparwood, BC: Town buys the “World’s Largest Dumptruck” for $1.00.
1996Feb. 22B.C. Political: Glen Clark replaces Harcourt as NDP premier.
1996Mar. 31Regina, SK: The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool completes its transition to a publicly-traded corporation.
1996Apr. 1The Softwood Lumber Agreement between the U.S. and Canada comes into effect (for five years).
1996Apr. 17AB political: Horace Andrew “Bud” Olson appointed lieutenant-governor (to February 10th, 2000).
1996May 28BC election: Glen Clark leads New Democratic Party to re-election.
1996JulyHedley, BC: Homestake Canada suspends mining in the Nickel Plate open pit mine.
1996AutumnPrinceton, BC: Similco suspends operations.
1996Oct. 9Hedley, BC: Concentration mill at the Nickel Plate mine ceases production.
1996Oct. 14Hedley, BC: Homestake Canada pours its last bar of Nickel Plate gold.
1997Federal political: Canadian National Railways privatized and name modified to “Canadian National Railway.”
1997B.C.: Olson overpass completed on Crowsnest Highway north of Hosmer.
1997Burmis, AB: Rinke and Sons Lumber Company ceases operations.
1997Mar. 11AB election: Ralph Klein and PCs returned to power.
1997Mar. 13Cranbrook, BC: City buys East Kootenay Airport.
1997June 1Kootenay Valley Railway created within CP by management and Employees of the line. Term to end Dec. 31, 2001.
1997June 2Federal election: Liberals again to power under Jean Chrétien.
1997SeptemberSparwood, BC: Municipality levels the last of the old Michel Crow’s Nest Pass Coal buildings.
1997Sep. 1Coleman, AB: Cameron Block burns. Built 1904.
1998B.C.: Stone Consolidated allowed the Castlegar pulp mill to slip into receivership.
1998Luscar Coal buys Manalta Coal.
1998Cranbrook, B.C.: Crestbrook saw mill ceases operation. Planer mill and kilns still working.
1998Frank, AB: Turtle Mountain Playground/Motor Inn demolished.
1998Kimberley, BC: Charlie Locke’s Resorts of the Canadian Rockies buys the Kimberley ski hill.
1998Feb.B.C.: International Reload Systems buys BNSF ex-Nelson and Fort Sheppard from Columbia Gardens to end of steel at Salmo. Headquarters at Fruitvale. One locomotive, a GP9.
1998May 13Princeton, BC: The Great Princeton Bank Robbery. A Cat 950F front-end loader used at 4:15 a.m. to remove the night-deposit box from the wall of the CIBC.
1998July 15B.C.: Nisga’a Land Agreement reached. First land rights negotiations begun by Tribe in 1887. With 1,930 square kilometres of the Naas River valley, 62 additional square kilometres of detached tribal lands, and $190 million in compensation, the Nisga’a will, if they ratify the Agreement, govern and police themselves.
1998July 31Manitoba Pool Elevators and the Alberta Wheat Pool merge to form Agricore Co-operative.
1998Oct. 8AB: Dead since the late 1970s, the “Burmis Tree” falls over.
1998Nov. 22B.C.: Omnitrax begins operation of the Okanagan Valley Railway. Uses ex-CN Vernon-Kelowna-Lumby trackage and CP’s Vernon-Sicamous.
1998Nov. 25AB: The “Burmis Tree” resurrected.
1999Kimberley, B.C.: Former CPR station condemned and pushed down. (? 2000)
1999Apr. 1Federal political: Nunavut Territory created in the N-WT.
1999Apr. 2Cranbrook, BC: Tembec Inc. acquired Crestbrook Forest Industries.
1999Apr. 27Crowsnest, AB: St. Cyrll’s RC Church in Bellevue and the Holy Spirit Church in Coleman closed.
1999MayColeman, AB.: Calgary real estate speculators buy Cameron School building.
1999MayBellevue, AB: Bellevue Arena demolished.
1999June 19Brocket, AB: St. Cyprian’s Anglican deconsecrated.
1999Aug. 4New Aiyansh, BC: Nisga’a chief Joseph Gosnell, premier Glen Clark, and Canadian Minister of Indian Affairs Jane Stewart initial the Nisga’a Land Agreement of 1998.
1999Aug. 5Interlake Agro joins Agricore.
1999NovemberGrand Forks, B.C.: Roxul, Incorporated, a division of Rockwool International, begins production of insulation materials.
1999Nov. 1Weyerhaeuser buys MacMillan-Bloedel Corporation.
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