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Time Line
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Page 24 (2000 - 2010)

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2000Jan. 1A Saturday.
2000Feb. 10AB: Lois Elsa Hole becomes the 15th lieutenant-governor.
2000Mar. 25Federal political: The membership of the Reform Party of Canada votes to reconstitute their party as the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance Party of Canada.
2000Apr. 13Ottawa: Nisga’a Final Agreement receives Royal Assent.
2000MaySt. Eugene, BC: Ktunaxa-Kinbasket Tribal Council and Columbia Basin Trust open the golf course of the St. Eugene Mission Resort.
2000May 11BC: Nisga’a Final Agreement goes into effect.
2000July 1Nelson, BC: Maglio Industries launches the MV Osprey 2000 (1780 tonnes).
2000July 8Federal Political: Stockwell Day replaces E. Preston Manning as the leader of the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance Party of Canada.
2000Aug. 26B.C.: The MV Osprey 2000 enters service between Balfour and Kootenay Bay on Kootenay Lake, B.C. The MV Anscomb (700 tons) retired.
2000Sep. 2Federal Political: Giuliano Zaccardelli appointed 20th Commissioner of the RCMP (to Dec. 15, 2006).
2000Sep. 6AB political: Municipal District of Lethbridge erected.
2000Nov. 27Federal Election: Jean Chrétien leads the Liberals to another federal victory.
2001Canadian Hydro Developers complete installing a further 20 wind turbines on Cowley Ridge, AB.
2001AB: CP rips up the southern branch of the C&E from Fort Macleod back to High River.
2001Galloway, BC: Washington-based McFarland Cascade take over Canada Cedar Pole Preservers, Ltd.
2001Mar. 12Alberta election: Ralph Klein and Conservatives retain power in Alberta. Landslide.
2001Mar. 31Federal Political: The Softwood Lumber Agreement between Canada and the United States expires after its five-year life.
2001May 16B.C. election: Gordon M. Campbell and Liberal party wipe Ujjal Dosanjh’s NDP off the political map in B.C.
2001June 28B.C. political: Iona Campagnolo appointed lieutenant-governor of B.C.
2001July 17B.C.: Teck Corporation and COMINCO merge.
2001July 30Winnipeg, MB: Amalgamation of Agricore Co-operative and United Grain Growers announced.
2001AugustAmerican administration imposes a crippling tariff on all softwood lumber imported from Canada.
2001SeptemberPincher Station, AB: Sinnott wind plant put into operation by Cowley Ridge Wind Power, a subsidiary of Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc.
2001Sep. 1Utilicorp Networks Canada takes over TransAlta’s Transmission and Distribution business.
2001Sep. 15Fruitvale, BC: The Bryden family officially open their vinyard at Columbia Gardens.
2001Sep. 19Teck Cominco Limited officially named.
2001AutumnJaffray, BC: Evergreen Restaurant and service station burns. Motel subsequently closed.
2001Oct. 3Canadain Pacific Limited breaks itself into Canadian Pacific Railway, CP Ships, Fairmont Hotels, Fording Coal Limited, and PanCanadian Energy.
2001Oct. 16Devon Energy Corporation merges Anderson Exploration Limited and Northstar Energy Corporation to form Devon Canada Corporation.
2001Oct. 22West Kootenay Power becomes UtiliCorp Networks Canada.
2001Nov. 1The United Grain Growers and Agricore Co-operative merge to become Agricore United.
2001Dec. 21Kimberley, BC: Teck Cominco shuts down Sullivan mine on schedule.
2002MaySt. Eugene Mission, BC: The big barn built in 1913 as part of the Mission residential school opens as the club house of the St. Eugene Mission Resort.
2002May 31UtiliCorp Networks Canada becomes Aquila Networks Canada. UtiliCorp United of Kansas City, MO, now Aquila, Inc.
2002Jan. 21Canadian dollar bottoms out at US$61.79, with talk of “50-cent Looney” by the end of the year.
2002Mar. 20Federal political: Stephen Harper selected to replace Stockwell Day as the leader of the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance Party of Canada.
2002Aug. 12Tudor House Hotel in Cranbrook gutted by fire.
2002SeptemberCranbrook, BC: The Windsor Arms hotel downtown burns.
2002NovemberAB: Vision Quest WindElectric, and the ENMAX Corporation begin construction of their wind farm at McBride Lake, south-east of Fort Macleod.
2002NovemberCowley, AB.: Cowley Forest Products/Johnson Bros. succumbs to the effects of the Amerikan softwood embargo.
2002Dec. 4Teck Cominco and West Shore Terminals acquire Fording Inc.
2003Lethbridge, AB: Walking/cycling lane cantilevered from the downstream side of the Whoop-up Drive bridge.
2003Lethbridge, AB: City sells water tower on Magrath Boulevard. Soon converted into a restaurant.
2003FebruaryCowley, AB.: Cowley Forest Products/Johnson Bros. liquidated.
2003Feb 28Fording, Inc. converted into Fording Canadian Coal Trust in association with Teck Cominco Limited, Westshore Terminals Income Fund and Sherritt Coal Partnership II (a partnership of Sherritt International Corp. and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan).
2003May 20AB: Case of bovine spongiform encephalopathy reported in a cow slaughtered into the dog food stream. US Dept. of Agriculture closed the Boundary to import of Canadian beef, as do 34 other countries, including Japan and Mexico.
2003June 7Battleford, SK: The old North-West Territories’ Government House burns.
2003June 21Vision Quest WindElectric, and the ENMAX Corporation commission the last generator at their McBride Lake wind farm in Alberta.
2003Summer of FireB.C.: The weather is the driest on record and forests of trees killed by Mountain Pine beetle and Spruce Bark beetle.
2003July 17Anarchist Mountain, BC: Fire begins burning on above Osoyoos.
2003July 21Cranbrook, BC: The ancient wood-framed building lately housing The Ranch Bar and Grill downtown burns.
2003July 23AB: The Lost Creek fire erupts south of Hillcrest in the Crowsnest Pass area. Not contained until mid-August, forcing the evacuation of Hillcrest, Blairmore and surrounding homesteads.
2003late JulyKeremeos, BC: Fire threatening to move across the Boundary into Cathederal Park.
2003late AugustKelowna, BC: Okanagan Mountain Park fire moves into the City displacing 30,000 residents and destroying some 250 homes.
2003Sep. 5–7B.C.: Okanagan Mountain Park fire destroys 12 of the 18 Kettle Valley R/W trestles above Lake Okanagan. Two badly damaged.
2003Nov. 14Paul Edgar Philippe Martin elected leader of the Liberal Party.
2003Dec. 5The membership of the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance Party of Canada votes 95% in favour of uniting their party with the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada to form the Conservative Party of Canada.
2003Dec. 6The membership of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada votes 90% in favour of uniting their party with the Canadian Reform Conservative Alliance Party of Canada to form the Conservative Party of Canada.
2003Dec. 8The Conservative Party of Canada legaly constituted under the provisional leadership of Québec Senator John Lynch-Staunton.
2003Dec. 11Federal political: Jean Crétien resigns as Liberal prime Minister, replaced by Paul Martin, jr.
2004AB: Stoney Band of the Treaty 7 nations launches a lawsuit against Alberta and Canada to recover CAN$20 billion of monies from natural resources removed from their traditional hunting grounds since the signing of the Treaty in 1877.
2004Fort Steele Heritage Town, BC: Tembec Limited donates its two Canadian Locomotive Company DT-2 centre-cab engines.
2004Jan. 6U.S.A.: Dept. of Agriculture announces that DNA testing has determined that a cow in Washington state infected with bovine spongiform encephalopathy was born in Alberta.
2004Jan. 11Sunday.
2004Jan. 11Ainsworth Hot Springs, B.C.: 1115 hours: The retired M.V. Anscomb, awaiting conversion to an excursion craft at Woodbury Marina on Kootenay Lake, capsizes and sinks.
2004Jan. 12Federal political: The Canadian Alliance Party votes itself out of existence to become the Conservative Party of Canada.
2004Jan. 21Federal political: The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada holds its last caucus meeting.
2004Jan. 22Federal political: The Conservative Party of Canada holds its first caucus meeting under the interim leadership of Grant Hill.
2004Feb. 1AB: Amalgamation of the police services of Coaldale and Lethbridge as the Lethbridge Regional Police Service.
2004Mar. 20Federal political: Stephen Harper elected the leader of the Conservative Party of Canada.
2004Apr. 1B.C.: The Friends of Fort Steele Society take over the operations of Fort Steele Heritage Town.
2004June 28Federal election: Liberal minority government under Paul Martin elected in Canada.
2004SummerB.C.: Extreme fire danger in the forests which escaped the cleansing conflagrations of 2003.
2004Jul. 21WA: The Colville Confederated Tribes launch a lawsuit against Teck-Cominco to force the company to clean up a century’s worth of pollution in the Columbia River system downstream from Trail, BC.
2004Aug. 8Kuskonook, BC: Mudslides wipe out several buildings thanks in part to fire damage in the forests above in 2003.
2004Aug. 27Governments of Canada and BC announced a $13.5 million project to rebuild the Kettle Valley R/W trestles destroyed by fire in August, 2003.
2004Sep. 1WA: The state announced that it will join in the lawsuit against Teck-Cominco.
2004Sep. 4Cranbrook, BC: Grand opening of the The Canadian Museum of Rail Travel.
2004Oct. 20Nelson, BC: A luxurious Rocky Mountaineer RailTours train leaves for Golden, the first passenger train to depart Nelson since January of 1964.
2004Oct. 21Stand Off, AB.: Grand opening of the Saipoyi Community School on the Kainai Reserve.
2004Nov. 24Castlegar, BC: Mercer International agrees to buy the Celgar Pulp Company plant for US$210 million.
2005Jan. 6Edmonton, AB: Lieutenant-governor Lois Hole, the “Queen of Hugs,” dies in the Royal Alexandra.
2005Jan. 20AB political: Norman “Normie” L. Kwong installed as lieutenant-governor.
2005May 17BC Election: Gordon Campbell and the Liberals retain power.
2005Oct. 18Trail, BC: Northern Hawk Aviation suspends operations, depriving the City of its only scheduled carrier.
2005Oct. 28Midway, BC: Pope and Talbot Limited announces the closure of operation, thanks in part to the continuing American softwood lumber import duties, in part due to a lack of timber.
2005Sep. 27Federal Political: Michaëlle Jean installed as 27th governor-general of Canada.
2005Nov. 25Federal Political: The government of Canada pledges to spend some $5 billion to compensate First Nations people for abuse suffered at residential schools and to integrate Native economies into that of the Dominion.
2006AB.: CPR renews the entire length of its Crow’s Nest Line between Medicine Hat and the Municipality of Crowsnest.
2006Lethbridge, AB: Lethbridge Regional renamed “Chinook Regional” Hospital.
2006Jan. 23Federal election: Conservatives elected federally in Canada.
2006Feb. 6Federal political: The Conservative minority government of Steven Joseph Harper is sworn in at Ottawa.
2006Apr. 9Princeton, BC: the Princeton Hotel destroyed by fire. Built 1912.
2006Apr. 23Medicine Hat, AB.: Three members of the Richardson family found murdered in their home. The family's then 12-yr. old daughter, Jasmine, was convicted of three counts of murder in the first degree on July 9th, 2007, and on November 8th was sentenced to a maximum of 10 years, four in a psychiatric institution. Her boy friend, Jeremy Allan Steinke, 23 yrs. old at the time of the murders, was convicted of the three murders in the first-degree on December 5th, 2008 - automatic life with no parole eligibility for 25 yrs.
2006Oct. 23Lethbridge, AB: Addition to the Galt Museum opened.
2006May 17Kimberley, BC: Environmental consultant Doug Erickson, Teck-Cominco employee Bob Newcombe, and two rescue personel, Kim Weitzel and Shawn Currier, asphyxiated in a water-sampling hut at the abandoned Sullivan mine.
2006Sep. 12Ottawa: the minority Conservative government of Stephen Harper votes to accept the Canada-U.S. Softwood Lumber Agreement.
2006NovemberRegina, SK: The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool launches hostile take-over bid for Agricore United.
2006Dec. 2AB Political: Edwd. Stelmach selected as the leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta, replacing Ralph Klein.
2006Dec. 6Federal Political: Giuliano Zaccardelli resigns as Commissioner of the RCMP.
2006Dec. 14AB Political: Edwd. Stelmach sworn in as Premier.
2006Dec. 15Federal Political: Beverley Ann Busson appointed 21st Commissioner of the RCMP (to July 16, 2007).
2007Winnipeg, MB: James Richardson International Limited of Winnipeg announced that it was buying Agricore United and would form Richardson Agricore Limited.
2007May 23Regina, SK: RCMP Heritage Centre museum is opened.
2007May 29The Saskatchewan Wheat Pool pays $1.8 billion for AgriCore United pending governmental approval.
2007June 15Upon receiving regulatory approval from the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench, the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool buys Winnipeg-based Agricore United for $20.50/common share, $24.00/preferred share, and will operate it as a subsidiary.
2007June 29Friday.
2007June 29Creston, BC: Around supper time: “plow wind” (?) crashes across the southern margins of town injuring ten, two seriously.
2007July 16Federal Political: William J. S. Elliott appointed Commissioner of the RCMP.
2007Aug. 30Regina, SK.: The new name for the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool / Agricore United combine is announced: Viterra
2007Sep. 20Canadian dollar reaches US$1.00.
2007Oct. 23Lethbridge, AB: Fire consumes the main factory of Triple M Housing, Limited, at Kenyon Field.
2007Sep. 4B.C. Political: Steven L. Point (Xwelixweltel in Stó:lö), former Chief of the Skowkale First Nation and chief commissioner of the British Columbia Treaty Commission, is appointed lieutenant-governor of B.C. Sworn in morning of Monday, October 1st.
2007Nov. 7Canadian dollar hits US$1.10, but quickly sinks back through par by January, 2008.
2008Jan. 19Alberta political: Alberta Alliance and Wildrose Party merge to form the Wildrose Alliance Party.
2008Mar. 13Federal political: Industry Canada approves “Viterra” as the corporate name of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool / Agricore United combine.
2008Sep. 29New York: Dow-Jones Industrial average begins a melting, losing nearly 3,000 points by the 10th of October.
2008Oct. 14Federal Election: Stephen Harper Conservatives minority government.
2008Nov. 15BC Political: Province-wide Civic and District elections held.
2008Dec. 1Federal political: Provoked by the Conservative cabinet’s threat to their funding, the Liberals, New Democrats and Bloc Québécois confirm plans to form a Coalition to bring down the Government in a vote of non-confidence at the next opportunity.
2008Dec. 4Federal political: Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper prevails upon Governor-General Michaëlle Jean to prorogue parliament, thus avoiding a non-confidence vote.
2008Dec. 6Afghanistan: The 100th member of the Canadian Expeditionary Force dies in theatre.
2008Dec. 28Fernie, BC: Eight of a group of 11 Sparwood-based snow-mobilers killed in an avalanche nearby.
2009Jan. 8Vancouver, BC: Teck-Cominco Limited announces the impending lay-off of 1400 mainly B.C. workers in its zinc, copper, exploration and coal mining segments.
2009Jan. 15Oliver, BC: Information from the Interior Health Authority indicates the trace of uranium in the Town’s two main water wells is very much too high. Same advisory issued to Faulkner, BC, too.
2009Jan. 27Regina, SK: Tuesday, 1510 hours; James Wesley Wilson (1919/12/05) dies. Bless your heart, Dad, and fare Ye well. We sure miss U.
2009May 12BC Election: Gordon Campbell’s Liberals win 49 of 89 seats with 45.8% of the popular vote.
2009June 17BC Economic: B.C. Hydro pays Teck $825 for a third ownership of the 493 megawatt Waneta Dam.
2009July 3BC Economic: The China Investment Corp. buys a 17.5% stake in Teck Resources Ltd. for $1.74 billion.
2009July 6BC Economic: Teck Resources Ltd expects to ship some 22 million tonnes of coal to market for the year ending April 1, 2010. Fiftenn per cent to arrive at The Coast on CNR steel via Kamloops interchange.
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